Dr. Bernice King speaks at John Lewis’ funeral

King is the youngest daughter of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
7:21 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Bernice King speaks at John Lewis’ funeral
While we know that death is the great equalizer, we all recognize that each person's experience with it is different, and so I want to extend condolences to you, the siblings of John Lewis and the entire -- That's the daughter of martin Luther king. On behalf of the entire king family, including my aunt Christine, my dad's only living sibling who would have been here with us today but for covid, but rest assured, she is viewing us on television as we speak. Let us pray. Great and mighty god, creator of us all and sustainer of all things, we invoke you on this morning. We welcome you, holy spirit into this place. We humbly look to you in this hour for wisdom and strength and comfort as we celebrate the homegoing of your son and servant, congressman John Robert Lewis. Please, dear father, comfort this family and grant them a piece of god that passes all understanding. Surround them with your love. In the words of your servant, martin Luther king Jr. Who reminded us that death is not a period that ends this great sentence of life, but a comma which punctuates it to a lofty and higher significance, help us, oh god, to grasp that truth and see the magnitude of this moment, not merely as the death of a great soul, but as a divine message that says to each and every one of us on this Earth, be still and know that I am god. Hear me and heed my message in this hour that love even for an enemy is the only way to transform this world into a true brother and sisterhood. We thank you, god, for the life and legacy of congressman John Lewis who showed us this more excellent way of life. We thank you for honoring us with his presence and allowing our lives to intersect with his life. Be with his family. Be with those who struggle with him in that movement, and know that he continues to live on, in and through each and every one of them and each and every one of us. We praise you, oh, god for this nonviolent warrior who fought for true peace which daddy taught us is not merely the absence of tension, but the presence of justice. As we honor the life of congressman John Lewis, who shed blood on that Edmund Pettus bridge, that we might have the right to vote. Grant that we never again take that right for granted, and that we exercise it no matter what, and that we never again tamper with that right, overtaking this hour, our congress that they might restore voting rights protections in our nation. As we honor the life of this nonviolent warrior who embodied the very spirit of Christ and showed us we have the power to resist evil and vitriol with the force of love and truth. We are eternally grateful, oh god that we lived among us for four score years and demonstrated on that bridge that physical force is no match for soul force. Grant us the capacity to follow his example to fight injustice without bitterness and hostility, but with a righteous indignation. Oh, god as Elijah asked for, and Elijah's anointing as he transition, let a portion of what John Lewis' life was about fall on us in this hour so that we can continue to get in good trouble. Anoint us with the double portion in this generation to get into good trouble until there is radical reform in policing in our nation. Anoint us a double portion to get into good trouble until voter suppression is no longer apart of our body politic. Anoint us with the double portion to get into trouble until there is an equitable wage. Anoint us to get into good trouble until all labor is treated with dignity. Grant us oh father to get us into good trouble until the school, the prison pipeline is nonexistent and every child gets an equitable education. Dear god, grant us to get into good trouble until white supremacy around the world is uprooted in all of our policies and everyday practices no longer reflect white supremacy. Grant us a double portion, god, to get into good trouble until this nation truly becomes a compassionate nation because as daddy reminded us ultimately a great nation is a compassionate grant us, god, a double portion of anointing to get into good trouble until black bodies are no longer a threat in this world, and black lives have equitable representation, power and influence in every arena. Grant us finally, father god, that a double portion to get into good trouble until love becomes the way we live, the way we lead, the way we legislate, and until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. Thank you, oh god for this great man who lived among us who now joins the great cloud of freedom fighters, and lord we thank you for his life and his legacy, and we will continue to get into good trouble as long as you grant us the breadth to do so. It is the majestic in the mighty name Jesus the Christ that I do pray, and all of the people of god said together, amen. All: Amen. Dr. Bernice king invoking her father Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. On the causes of John Lewis' life.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"King is the youngest daughter of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72078267","title":"Dr. Bernice King speaks at John Lewis’ funeral","url":"/Politics/video/dr-bernice-king-speaks-john-lewis-funeral-72078267"}