More drama unfolds around Virginia governor, attorney general and lieutenant governor

Virginia's lieutenant governor and attorney general face separate controversies amid pressure for Governor Ralph Northam to resign.
3:50 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for More drama unfolds around Virginia governor, attorney general and lieutenant governor
We are going to be covering another story right now I think he -- week in Virginia this is one of our top stories today. A bad week for Virginia for the top three government officials there who are all under fire. Facing political scandals and facing the pressure to resign we go now to Richmond Virginia and our chief national affairs correspondent Tom yum is Tom first it was the governor then a lieutenant governor and now the attorney general under fire. That's right you have three different scandals colliding here in Richmond Virginia. Just behind at the Statehouse and and what you see behind me these protesters are actually pro life demonstrators. They're here because this is where the busiest times of the legislative season right now it's budget day. So there's a lot of the port business that needs to be going on. All of this happening with that backdrop that governor Ralph Norton admitted he appeared in black face in 1984. Dressing up as Michael Jackson. Every single nearly every single Virginia politician called on him to resign. Then the lieutenant governor who was the next in line to succession. He gets accused of sexual assault from the case back in 2004. A professor from Scripps College a political science professor says at first she started a consensual sort of kissing relationship if you will with a lieutenant governor Fairfax but the lieutenant governor Fairfax. Forced oral sex on her Fairfax has denied these allegations calling it a political smear and then the attorney general. Also admitted yesterday that he appeared in black face in the 1980s when he dressed up as the rapper Curtis blow so. This is been taking so many twists and turns it's been absolutely wild. And part of the problem is is that the attorney general called on the governor resign. For a period in black face and yet she too was in the same thing. Virginia Democrats we've been chasing them all around the state house have nothing to say at this point. They wanted to govern orphan to resign he's actually a Democrat too but they've been sort of silent when it comes lieutenant governor Fairfax. And the same with the attorney general because it is city wanna wait and and then put out statements later. Another big problem is that if those three men resigned the next person line is a Republican he's the speaker of the house of delegates was it which is just behind me. So like I said lots of twists and turns the story changes every single day we don't know exactly where it's gonna go. But no one so far has resigned Natalie. Tomahawk are you are you get a sense of whether it's likely that they will resign and what is the public response to this we're hearing about a lot of protests and pressure being put on them. Well that there is a lot of pressure more caring attorney general you know sort of ran out of his office yesterday got a quick shot him running into his car. And in this morning you sort of zoom back into his office he is not released any new information today governor Fairfax. Has hired the same law firm that represented Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh. During his confirmation hearing which is. Very ironic because doctor. A Vanessa Tyson the woman who's accusing him has hired the same firm as doctor forward. That that that sort of the all of her legal work and was with her during that same time during the Kavanagh accusation as well. But Fairfax is is standing still he is he's trying to see if he can. Sort of withstand all of all all of this all these scandals surrounding him and in the ten and then that the governor governor nor thumb. What of his closest allies tells me that she's not gonna resign. So right now it's sort of a stalemate with all the scandal swirling and nobody sort of resigning but the calls are growing louder. From all Virginia really all over the country for some of these politicians to step down an Alley before saved Artie does and you guys at to wrap this up. I wanna say hello to a a journalism conference it's happening right now. In legal university into war lanes. There actually watching ABC news live right now they wanted to watch his report and watching the entire briefing room today for the first time so one assailant of them as a sort of back over to you. Harry thinking and we say hello to them as well and thinking Tom for filing all those twists and turns we know you'll stay on top of it in Richmond Virginia.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Virginia's lieutenant governor and attorney general face separate controversies amid pressure for Governor Ralph Northam to resign. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60917392","title":"More drama unfolds around Virginia governor, attorney general and lieutenant governor","url":"/Politics/video/drama-unfolds-virginia-governor-attorney-general-lieutenant-governor-60917392"}