Embattled VA gov. and Lt. gov. discuss scandals and allegations in new interviews

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam breaks silence saying "I'm not going anywhere"; Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax faces possible impeachment after sexual assault claims.
5:50 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Embattled VA gov. and Lt. gov. discuss scandals and allegations in new interviews
To Virginia now where embattled governor Ralph northbound has given his first on camera interview since the scandal broke just over a week ago that racist photo in his your book. Governor north and says he is not resigning in fact he says he's best positioned to help Virginia he'll he's also explaining. How he's learning more about the State's history of slavery. And we let's go now to take a little bit of a look at that interview with CBS news here's the part that has most people talking this morning. Yes I haven't thought about resigning but but I've also thought about. What Virginia needs right now and I really think that I'm in a position where we're I can take Virginia to the next level and just ninety miles from here. In 1619. The first indentured servants from Africa. Landed on our shores and old point comfort what we call now Fort Monroe and while also known as slavery yet soon. And you know well we have made a lot of progress and in Virginia slavery has ended schools have been desegregated. We have ended the Jim Crow laws easier access to voting it is abundantly clear that we still have a lot of work to do. And Zachary Keyes joins us live now from Richmond the State Capitol Zachary great to see you you've been on this story from the start so. Give us the sense of reaction there at the capitol to the governor's interview. Well I think through the governor said it right there at the end of his comments we still have a lot of work to do right. I mean for the idea did somebody who is up against what he is up against. And has I would assume some folks around him kind of guiding him in trying to. To help them through this process. The idea that he would refer still. To slavery as indentured servants is is incredible and I think that it really touches on this disappointed com. He doesn't quite grasp the weight of necessarily what's going on here right. It certainly does seem that way he did just put out a statement as you know Zachary saying that he. Had been told to refer to them isn't featured servants by historian. This year's surge defending himself Gayle King correcting them yeah I was struck by his Washington Post poll. Which came out over the weekend first time are getting the sense of Virginia residents narrowly divided on whether he should stay here ago but. A majority of African American voters there think he should stay. DeVon let's keep in mind the governor is calling this his of racial reconciliation. To he's talking about how we he's reading books like Alex haley's roots and really. Really gaining a better understanding of the plate in the experience of black people not only in the state of Virginia but around the country. This pulled that you mention I think it really touches on the complexity. Of this issue. As you mentioned folks are split 47%. Say should stay. 47%. Say he's to go but when you look at the the black community did the black voters here there's actually a spike it's more about. 58% I had an opportunity to talk to a woman yesterday who kind of laid these issues out for me she said for her. Middle aged black woman who identifies the lesbian she says hey it's really important for me that north and states. First of all part of the experience in this country as it relates to black people is about educating and forgiving white people that is an experience that is an exercise that most people in this community can relate to but she said by pushing him out. We don't actually address the issues it doesn't actually get to the underlying issues of systematic racism and racism in our society and so hopefully if he's there we can address these issues and we got a whole descent the foyer to see some of these changes happen. Yeah and and complicating all of this of course is as the number of scandals beneath. Her north them not least of which isn't as surrounding lieutenant governor just in Fairfax. A whole I understand just gave an interview as well he faces two sexual assault allegations now. You give us the latest on on the talk about impeachment effort lieutenant governor Fairfax is every we we understood that it was some may be supposed to start today but there's been. Some sort of effort to delay that. Yes to a delicate out in Northern Virginia Patrick Cole made the call alarm on Friday had a press conference and essentially said. If Fairfax does not resign by Monday that he will introduce these proceedings to move forward with an impeachment would happen just over my left shoulder here. In the house with the interesting thing here in this was the headline all week and this is something that we went with him. In many others did too we never heard from anybody else we never heard anybody double down in cold sign. And those calls for impeachment we have heard from. Dupuis who certainly in the Democratic Party and Republican party for Fairfax to resign. But impeachment was an entirely different thing and now today. We're hearing from a delegate again put out a note this morning that that essentially he drafted some language she shared it with his colleagues and it became to the consensus that. There need to be more conversations as it relates to how to move forward with impeachment. As you mentioned this scandals around here in how we got here right it was about. This black face and in about a number of different. People in leadership connected to this black face and I think that. Kind of the elephant in the room is that the idea that it young or black man. Could. Be pushed out without due process again. He is up against serious serious charges that should not be minimized and anyway the racial stuff may be more of a racial herb moral issue. But the idea of the optics of this guy getting pushed out before a full investigation. I think rubbed some people certainly around your the wrong way. It's going to be another tumultuous week in Virginia's act Ricky shall be there the whole way Zachary great to to chat with you as always thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam breaks silence saying \"I'm not going anywhere\"; Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax faces possible impeachment after sexual assault claims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60996561","title":"Embattled VA gov. and Lt. gov. discuss scandals and allegations in new interviews","url":"/Politics/video/embattled-va-gov-lt-gov-discuss-scandals-allegations-60996561"}