What to expect at Joe Biden’s inauguration

President-elect Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.
8:19 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for What to expect at Joe Biden’s inauguration
But that figure Joseph Biden is a guy wears his heart honestly even the president elect got emotional today as he headed to Washington reflecting on his long journey to the presidency and saying farewell to his hometown. Can Janet Joyce and James Joyce. Was said to have told a friend. That what is commonly comes it's time to pass. We need diocese said in dubbed one. Dublin were written on my hard. Well. Excuse emotion. But. When I die. Delaware and renew my heart. It's going to be very different presidency won't in the spring and ABC news political director Rick Klein and White House correspondent cure Phillips for more cure. For so what are we expecting from tomorrow's inauguration. Well first voluntary as a fellow Irish. Man Irish woman how about James Joyce semi during in the Irish how would jury how fantastic was that they're the best. Breaking gallop a lot of Irish poetry to quote from here on out probably in the next four years kotsay is this the one thing Terry and you covered. Obama is inauguration I know we're going back before trump but. Think about that inauguration and how historic that was and remember the streets Terry. You could not you cannot get a tab you could not get on a subway you walked for miles and miles and miles in the cold. Among just a throngs of people that showed up just just. Bombarded. Washington DC an outside areas to see that inauguration it was historic. Well Terry at the same thing here it's historic but the complete opposite the streets are desolate we got 20000 troops on the ground to make sure. That there is no violence in this'll be a peaceful transition. So I found that. I noticed that immediately what a stark difference right that was that that's the biggest difference that that I have seen when I thought about the porn on your ration that I have covered. But there is. A similarity here too that inauguration that I remembered during Al Obama's time. And that is this theme of unity you'll remember his speech it was all about unity and that's what we're gonna see tomorrow with Joseph Biden I'm I'm told that the theme of his speeches America the united and that's exactly what he's gonna focus on. He Ari started. Today by doing that tonight he's going to have this. Memorial service at the Lincoln Memorial there at the reflecting pool honoring. The hundreds of thousands of people that have died thus far during this pandemic he's asking cities across the country to light up their buildings to ring the church bells and is speaking at church as you know tomorrow. That's what he'll be doing be the good Catholic man that he is he'll be heading to church and he's asked leaders on both sides both. A democratic and Republican sides to joining him. And as we found out today that's exactly what's going to happen to admit you can see Kevin McCarthy Mitch McConnell along with Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. They will be going to saint Matthew's together and then comes the swearing in 1201 he becomes president United States. And they are then we will have the historic speech. Regarding America united and then after that hopefully deep clans Kobe cleaning of the White House and you'll move into his new digs Terry. At last get a job Adam on uniting the country and at Providence can be a lot of help to let's go to Rick. President of he still leaves the White House tomorrow and leave town without even seeing Joseph Biden it's going to be staying right across the street in Blair house instead of the traditional passing of the torch. From one president and other trips arranged a military send off form self tomorrow morning skipping the inauguration altogether he's. Also expect to release the final list of pardons and commutations of his presence there Rick. After considering pardons for himself and his children in the face criminal investigation we're now hearing that's unlikely. So how big a deal this going to be who expect to see on that list. But we're told upwards of a hundred pardons could be part of that list are expected sometime later tonight on the the very last evening of his presidency some of the work kind of curiosity some celebrities were told the rapper Lil Wayne using consideration. Sheldon Silver of former New York City assemblyman and kind of up. They attacked tabloid favorite over the years also on the list does a lot of lobbying behind the scenes about men and actually in front of the scenes for the tiger change. Joseph exotic. We're told that we're not expecting a lot of names with with close political connections the talk of people like Rudy Giuliani. A maybe pardons preemptively but the trump children or for trump himself are are off the table. Alba that is a large number and saw the net debt of outgoing president does this and I think it's this president will or stretch the boundaries in different ways by byte by virtue of are some of the people he's spending his time thinking about and the closing hours of his presidency. Not his family or himself as we here although you never know with Donald Trump so Kara I Joseph Biden. In his gold toe unite the country as an ambitious plan first first few days in office but he says that razor thin margin. Really in both the house and the senate to what's first on his agenda. Absolutely well I'm told it's going to be immigration and here's what's interesting Terry. Two longtime friends one even a childhood friend Ali back from elementary school. Both of them up for deputy secretary. Positions so although they're not buried yet they have been good sources for me full disclosure telling me what is on the president elect's mind what he will be working on it what's important to him so two things yes immigration the obvious we have been talking about that in depth and what they told me specifically. Is that pres elect Biden plans to move quickly. To undo one of trumps most cherished agenda items and that's introducing an immigration bill that would allow millions of immigrants without legal status to become permanent US citizens and give them the right to pursue citizenship. After an eight year wait they made it clear to me that. This administration. Wants. Immigrants to know that they are welcome in this country and he's going to do everything he can. Did to push that theme forward in addition they told me a number one priority stopping the construction of president trumps fifteen billion dollar. Are border wall. Well he has to get that done through congress both of those issues a Rick. Look ahead of the political train form including the president trump and his family. What kind of role do you think president trump from the outside is gonna happen how do you think it's going to be impact. The impact Biden's presidency. Well Terry if he continues to have the just widespread popularity inside the Republican Party are pull out with the Washington Post just last week showed 60% of Republicans can think that it trump pap is the one that should be continued. And now that's different once he's an ex president and end of the bully pulpit in the platform that he enjoys now is going to be diminished not just because he doesn't have. A Twitter or FaceBook or YouTube to communicate a but because he will be a former president and he won't have the same opportunity to communicate but you still be a major figure as well it is children in his sixties extended family and many of the celebrities that have been pouring by virtue of their connections that transport there will be many trumps out there. Some of them without lessening trump will continue to potentially dominate Republican politics but the Republican party's gonna have a series of decisions to make. About how it goes forward and beat the prospect of this impeachment trial is another potential. Kind of breaking point for Republicans I expect that the party is going to come out Kumble to further apart before they can come together there is talk about media a third party movement growing out of the embers of trump is a medium back a party or Freedom Party. Other truck is going to be a major figure I think they'll be events of the capital two weeks ago have diminished talk about his political prospects in 20/20 four he could be eliminated from consideration entirely buy it by punishment if he's convicted of impeachment in the senate. I it's also just possible that Republican voters especially the law and that the Republican Party essentially moves on but he's going to be a force and the fact that he's going to be in the conversation in those early hours and days of the Biden presidency I think just be that. It is going to be interesting to see that post presidency for Donald Trump Keira Phillips Rick Klein thanks very much. They start.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"President-elect Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75352866","title":"What to expect at Joe Biden’s inauguration","url":"/Politics/video/expect-joe-bidens-inauguration-75352866"}