Fmr. HUD Sec. Julian Castro says he has 'strong, positive vision for the future'

The former mayor of San Antonio discusses how Democrats are working to fight for better health care.
5:00 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Fmr. HUD Sec. Julian Castro says he has 'strong, positive vision for the future'
And we were passed they got past them I dropped out of a Leon Castro former Hud secretary great to see you sir. Good idea I feel like one of these Monday Night Football announcers here is something we realize our lives were excited to be in your home state next month. Conference ABC I think it's in usable we see there. I believe so yeah like you know I think we had a great debate tonight a month ago in Miami I got a lot of people's radar screens people wondering O who is this guy. Tonight we saw that. Again that I have a strong positive vision for the future of the country that I can go when they're going toe to toe hold my own. And only one pull away from getting into your debate in Houston when people well we're looking forward to it. All right what you make the big health care debate that dominated 25 minutes from tonight's debate. Last night. Word you fall in that and he thinks some of the attacks. That we saw on the Medicare for all plan are fair. Look I mean these you know this is a big deal for the country of course it's fair to dissect. You know the differences in these these plans at the end of the day though I hope people remember. What we're up against is trumping the Republicans that are working every single day. In the courts they're working congress to try and take away healthcare from you and your family all of the Democrats that are out there are trying to make sure that you actually get better health care. That he will be there when you actually need it I believe that we should base that off of Medicare that we should strengthen Medicare for the people were on it. Make it available to everybody that wants it. If somebody has a private health insurance plan and they want to hold on to that I believe they should be able to do that but I don't believe that in this country anybody should ever go without the help getting. You see your pretty much on the same page as Joseph Biden may be minus some details on the margins on health care well I mean I would say I would describe my approach more as a private auction I would base it off of Medicare. And so. I believe we can do both of those things. I'm not the same as what the vice president has proposed. You know I think mines along the more progressive. But it does maintain both its is that. Scenario I wanted to drill down on the due to the point you're making about immigration is a Joseph Biden hasn't learned lessons of the class one of us learned lessons of the past one of us. Hasn't I'm juries about this does is talking in the context of decriminalizing border crossings clearly as you pointed out that's a that's a policy the president's used to separate dailies. But any Democrats elected wouldn't be doing that so what would the practical impact what what what difference does it make if it's criminal or if it's civil as an offense under democratic administration. The great point. The fact is that we can't leave it to chance I don't want to leave it to chance I don't wanna leave it to the the discretion or generosity of a future administration because look. We know that in the years to come they're going to be democratic administrations there's probably going to be another administration that wants to be rule like this from administration. And we've seen that if they have that tool if they have that law they're gonna use it. I don't want him to be able to use it that's why we need to repeal it and we can do that and still maintain border security. Make sure if somebody crosses the border they're still consequences they're still in the court system but we don't need to given that law that allows them. To incarcerate my grandparents and in separate them from the little children. I want to guarantee that doesn't happen again and Vice President Biden has bailed on this he should've learned the lessons of the hasn't and I hope that voters will recognize. Did you did you agree with senator don't serve mayor bill glossy secretary did. Joseph Biden needs to answer for those. Three million deportations that happened in the administration in which you served as well what happened tonight is that the vice president never. Never said what he was doing when he came to. Any of the things that happened over the course of those eight years. With regard to deportations and titles in Illinois that president should be kept right well I hope he'll address that all I know is that. We need to be bold we'd have our own strong positive vision of what we ought to do on immigration or health care or anything else. I have that my vision for the country is to be the smartest the healthiest that there are some the most prosperous nation on earth. You're running hunt you were running HHS but to the question to block zeal. Raised for the vice president did you ever ever conversation with the president while serving in the cabin or elsewhere say look I don't think this policy is a good one I think you're making a mistake your mister president. Look. Eight. Criticized some of the things the Obama administration was doing both when I was mayor of San Antonio and I had. Personal conversations private conversations with the folks during that time. You know the administration was getting better had gotten better on some of these issues by the time that I got there they had already done doc they'd already donned off by the deportations have gone way down. So you know I think that there was some improvement over the years. But I have said clearly look I learned the lessons of the I know that we can't go backward that's why I put forward a very bold immigration plan. That is different from what the trump administration is doing even from what some of the things you bomb administration's. Secretary who Lancaster is great to see you hope to see and Houston that next month and is thank you so much sir thank you.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The former mayor of San Antonio discusses how Democrats are working to fight for better health care. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719154","title":"Fmr. HUD Sec. Julian Castro says he has 'strong, positive vision for the future'","url":"/Politics/video/fmr-hud-sec-julian-castro-strong-positive-vision-64719154"}