George H.W. Bush and his socks

A look at Bush's history with unique socks.
1:51 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush and his socks
I think your stocks are little ten mean not there I wouldn't laid back. Wouldn't fundamental. Funny at least 88 or threaten. United here. Former president George Herbert Walker Bush a certified sock frenetic. Ask you want to try out their most exuberant socks and so many answered the call babies. Dogs. Digging into the sock drawer of the staff at George W bush presidential library and even a Democrat Nancy Pelosi. By the way the birthday boy or a pair of Superman. 91 year old former president George H. W. Bush took to the mind. An area C a third the first pitch at the Houston Astros game Barbara Bush by his side. You'll notice he not only wore the team Jersey everyone does that but take a look he also wore those Nancy Astros brewers stocks for everyone to see. At a pair of former presidents brought together by love of family. And look socks where President Bill Clinton leading image Sunday and visit with president HW bush in Houston. The 43 president has been too caught up over kids grandkids all times in new and that local stocks. President Clinton presenting President Bush would dog can be pat Ayers stuff the first time in his got a kick out of the 92 year old foot fashion. CarMax when he thirteen budget and can tweeting using earned after today. Stock swap today President Bush's signature Sox honoring his wife's passion for literacy. And this image tonight former presidents George H. W. Bush has helped former President Bill Clinton in Kennebunkport. President Bush and luckily I had a freshly laundered pair of Bill Clinton socks there traditions. Continues.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"A look at Bush's history with unique socks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59606883","title":"George H.W. Bush and his socks","url":"/Politics/video/george-hw-bush-socks-59606883"}