Hillary Clinton Visits Barbara Walters on Her Final 'View'

The former Secretary of State jokes with Walters: "I am running... around the park."
6:33 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Visits Barbara Walters on Her Final 'View'
Here to help us celebrate -- -- -- rationale on the view please welcome. Hillary Clinton. Okay. How. I think it wouldn't you just like president -- Are we asking you what -- you doing next now that I would get to ask that right that it. So what are what -- kind of to have you. Hillary because you've been on Barbara's most fascinating people so that I have what I think what I -- it's fun to. I -- eyes and let you know you've -- on the air more than anybody else which is for Tom -- I believe that Barbara. Com and you're the only person to be at the top of her lists more than one time so can you please tell us. What do you remember most about Barbara well I want to start by by saying I can't believe this day has come and I can't believe it's for real brightly. I don't know what we're all gonna do. Without seeing you going one place or another asking questions we'd all like to ask. The fascinating list has always been and you know particular interest of mine and -- to be on it was any credit. Honor much fascinating and yeah you're right I feel like covering. -- I think you've been nonetheless fascinating list more than anyone and and you -- and we must fascinating. So shouldn't be fascinated okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi fascinating look at another Barbara is you know moving on to bigger and better things I'll call -- you have any advice for her. Well I've been thinking about this -- First of all take some time off. And the Israeli and -- decision -- -- Yeah take some time if you have a wealth of friends who adore you spend time with them can get a real vacation and I'd go out with my dogs my husband I take long walks is just let down and enjoyed prey like a week at least eight. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is -- -- rat but. Well I am running around the part yeah. I'm not -- the only. My god what kind of -- can't do you know yet because that we don't know if it's a boy if it's a girl she like and a a lot like President Clinton -- Yeah. -- I think this little person you know that kind of figure out what could Donna's I don't know what we don't have clearly right you what good integrated data -- -- -- -- My grandkids don't want the great grandkids become a whopping but all of my grandkids -- -- -- yeah yeah that haven't. There's a lot of options that -- going to be but mostly I'm just so excited I can understand which you just finished a book called hard choices choices yeah. Well this book is. -- mostly about my four years as secretary of state but it's also personal because you go through these experiences. Kind of carrying everything you are and everything you believe and so -- both made some hard choices and I've watched some hard choices being made. Obviously the decision to go after bin Laden I was just today at the noon 9/11 museums and I could feel a sense of just such emotion and gratitude that. We have this incredible. Testimony to the people not only to. Died but those who -- so heroic in saving so many hundreds of people and so looking -- decisions that are both very personal. And decisions that are more. You know broad based. I -- did connected to people's lives you know because everybody has her choices they have to make you know mean. Becoming a mother meg getting married staying married to getting a job keeping a job I mean there's a lot of hard choices that everyone of -- go through. And then nations have to make hard choices and how they make them and what their values are so I try to talk about both the personal in the you know I come around and come back on the show -- from -- I want you took my place at the -- I have a job by another a lot of people physically -- will -- as a country yeah. -- -- moderate country yeah. -- coming back yes absolutely because I I I want Americans. Especially. Having gone to the museum today to really. Really feel in our hearts. That the most important thing is how we treat each other again and how we think about the future and the future for word. Our children and future grandchildren. And that means we gotta be kinder and we have to be more compassionate and empathetic and put -- -- mindful thank you. And you know that's not the usual language that you. Use when you're talking about things like relations with Ukraine or -- -- or China or whatever. But it all starts. From home and just like cool you are personal starts from your heart since we have to carry that forward -- -- -- had to have. And no matter what form. The last time and we admire. And to me it's more than that -- which had a deep affection. And I thank you for coming on that wasn't surprised I know -- a little -- hard to surprise and I. Got a book coming out you can trigger audio book I think I'm -- top five choices then you can get an online. No matter what she does she will always to need to do much faster all my friends.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"The former Secretary of State jokes with Walters: \"I am running... around the park.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23747635","title":"Hillary Clinton Visits Barbara Walters on Her Final 'View'","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-visits-barbara-walters-final-view-23747635"}