House readies for busy week on impeachment

Democrats are quickly pushing impeachment through in the House as Republicans plan for a Senate trial in January.
11:41 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for House readies for busy week on impeachment
We are just days from that highly anticipated vote on the house floor. I'm here with our Capitol Hill team to break down exactly what we can expect from this week and what we know about a pending senate trial. And them will also take a look at that big story hour from ABC about Michael Bloomberg the four former New York City mayor and presidential candidate. Facing some serious allegations of sexism. In his company. A whole chair. Of denigrating women lawsuit say he is spot back over the years we're going to be joined by two of our lead reporters on that story. Plus more to com on whether congress is potentially gearing up. To make it significantly harder for young people to buy tobacco. Stick with us and that's a big story. As well like a set and join my two of my colleagues from our hill team Catherine folders and Ben Siegel who had been there every single day tracking the members of congress. So you guys start by just breaking down what can we expect in the next few days and when as a spoken. And that is so I think over the next. Few days tomorrow. That has been and I noted the rules committee. Is meeting for what could be many hours usual essentially a set of how the debate and the vote the full house vote on Wednesday. Will look like and then we have the full house vote on Wednesday so will be of on the two separate articles. An impeachment when mammoth and and that's right one thing is the big day. Almost 21 years to the day that President Clinton was impeached actually the house will vote to impeach president trump on these two charges. Tomorrow is basically the window dressing the rules committee essentially helps set the DF parameters of debate on the house floor will learn how long. The house will actually debate both of these articles on the 41 say tomorrow that is really the significance but Wednesday again is the big day. And we will see the president impeach for just the third time. The other thing though and I have been average just talk him out of here is that. We still need those house impeachment managers not managers in the house members of the house who will. Make in the case essentially for the house and the senate so we still on how to in Indonesia this year and anticipation for the senate trial also. And that could come this week two we're tracking and it ended up with a gap rates about earning it back. Some jockeying and yet these are hyping up this cinemanow like Democrats are vying for that spot. But first we expect on that house dog and we've we've been talking a lot about whether this sort of a foregone conclusion. You know they had to close he basically saying that a speaker she's prepared to lose a few members of our caucus is pretty much a done deal now are there any last minute fireworks that could still. Go off. Y think it's a done deal we know these two articles will pass that we don't know what the vote tally will be and I think the members to watch tomorrow or the Democrats 31 Democrats in the house are from districts that president trump carried. In 2016 more than half of them say they're gonna vote for both these articles. Still a good number about a dozen who have not said where they're gonna vote we expect at least one Democrat to vote against and that's Collin Peterson from Minnesota. Jeff Andrew was another Democrat who voted against impeachment earlier. He's gonna switch the Republican Party so now we have the small universe of Democrats to watch. Ahead of this vote on Wednesday to see where they're gonna go obviously president trump is a big presence in their district. Yeah great transition their bank to get the least liked and was one of minutes right democratic members that Enron was watching really closely she had slipped her district from red to belittle. Some swing district outside Detroit and Michigan. One of our campaign reporters Kristin Otto was that they are this morning when she held a town hall to explain her decision to vote for impeachment we're joined by Craig. A Chris tell little bit about what the scene was like today at her town hall. Mary Alice so the town halls a little while you know. When I got here early this morning there was a line outside the hall outside in the hallway from. Bomb where she was gonna have for town hall on one side works from supporters chanting four more years. The president's innocent on the other side for. Supporters of impeachment and you know at times the two did go at it she could. And spoke about impeachment when she said as she was voting and paper for impeachment you know. The trump section to go a little while. Really heckling her throughout the time inch at one point she even said you know. I'm gonna keep going and talk over you guys because I'm a little microphone so juice it was a scene inside. It even though it's quiet now where you are but I wouldn't hurt a little bit and that video that you shot on this morning here's some from some of those voters I think you talk to him let's listen. Oddly pleasant has committed and want. Abuse that power currently that impeachment is necessary because he just has no regard the offices and I'm over here accomplishments. Boots when he. Because that's what I believe the majority for constituents want it's what America needs. I think it's a sham and linens gonna bond terribly wrong. Yeah Republicans didn't get a chance bother. There witnesses. And we subpoena. Seo is basically one side I think that you won't come. This could favor the Republicans in the upcoming 20/20 election. And I think we're seeing the alliance of the Democratic Party. I want her son's story I wondered yeah. Write cancel we are glad that you're there she tracks some of that drama. Ben her vote is significant and Sloc it was one of the key members of the Democratic Party who actually. Force the issue of starting this impeachment inquiry into the Ukraine. Of events the -- president's relationship with Ukraine the withholding of some of that aid she wrote a key op Ed in the Washington Post with a number of other Democrats with national security backgrounds. To essentially pushed the caucus in the direction of impeachment. And also the dumbest idea Detroit suburbs that a slot can represented is really ground zero for many people of where the election will be won or lost and twenties funny so the fact that she's putting her Bette with the Democratic Party because she believes in and what they're doing and also politically she is as Kitchener horse of the party sort of shows what Democrats are thinking. Ahead of the election so it's very significant yet again went putting it Michigan. Definitely at the epicenter of 20/20 it. And the Electoral College vote with that it has accepted we know that the husband is gonna happen in just a few days into a home ready you can feel the attention move over to the senate. How to bring another one of our Capitol Hill colleague air reporters and colleagues at bear on the hill today Trish turner. Trysts and tell us a little bit about what we. Home in the senate trial will look like there's been a lot of back and forth about what the White House minds about what. Leader McConnell wants what do we know this senate trial Clinton. I mean any. There's a lot that we don't now have had detained but. We do believe that this is going to be a short and brief proceeding is to remind their 53 Republicans so on any given motion and mean they need. The majority leader McConnell needs 51 senators so we think it's gonna have been is that it'll be media two week affair ten days to weeks. The big question looming large over this trial is whether or not to have witnesses and that's of that 51 comes and because 47 Democrats we believe are gonna want to have some kind of witnesses. And so it only takes a handful all Republicans to come over and join the majority Mitch McConnell has a really. Difficult needle to thread. Here and enthusiast and somehow. You know conveyed in the White House that having witnesses is not a good idea we know that's already under way. Don't know what the president does it feel like we always Davis he's the wild card in any negotiation. And already we see leadership Emory in the democrats' side you know saying look we want to have nick Albanian women we want to have John Bolton. And it's interesting because back in 1999. You know very young senator Schumer had just come over to the senate side he had been in the House Judiciary Committee voted against. Impeaching Bill Clinton to become our brand said. You know I don't want any witnesses I don't want any witnesses and today he told us. You know that's not that's not counter to what he's saying right now he's advocating witnesses now because you know back in 99 they've heard all of this testimony in her you know in grand jury material to Ken Starr investigation so there's so much more her record that they had been that they don't have now. That's sad Republicans. Especially McConnell are really wary of opening this door to witnesses because they do not want to start dealing with witnesses like. Make more beanie the former national security advisor John Bolton. And so that that's kind of what we're really sure but we do believe it's gonna begin around January 6. It should hate Democrats saying that he's exactly those witnesses that could provide information to the president's. Thinking during all of this why exactly was there are holed up in finding write their argument that those are the witnesses that have the most information it's interesting. For you see they doesn't seem like there's going to be any give there. But looked taken a lot of heat not just on the witnesses are questioned witnesses but also on this idea of whether he is supposed to be an impartial juror. He said that he's gonna work hand in love with the White House defense. And Democrats say it's. That that's the path of foul. Yet that you know this is so hard I'm as in Mary Alice is there late partisan politicians this is an incredibly partisan environment. And and so here asking them to be jurors in a trial that we know is all that it's it's very political by its very nature impeachment is very political. So the idea that they're gonna be impartial jurors is dishonesty you know nonexistent some of them are trying to stick to that some of the members that we knowing the metal but there's all kinds of political calculation that's going on into this but I will say even people who controlled. The floor I'm for the Democrats back in 19991. Former Daschle aide Tom Daschle was the democratic leader in the senate back then he said they really tried hard to have a firewall between the democratic leader. And the white house council of course Bill Clinton in the White House as White House counsel office were acting as. The legal team that was defending the president so the federal firewall between the two and they never talked that doesn't mean other Clinton staffers didn't try to call into the democratic leader's office. But we have so it's really the Mitch McConnell. Statement was really on kind of a bit jarring to hear. But I've been an absence though and you know and and president charms Washington you know everything at the bit turned on its head. I'm everything is highly partisan and highly charged and and again I think you and King and I both did. Could easily agree there you know at this point there and there are there isn't a two thirds majority of the senate to convict. So allow them are saying you know let's just get this over with let's do this quickly and move on. I think a big difference is Trish mentioned from twenty years ago to today is that back. For the impeachment of Bill Clinton the Democrats and the Republicans came together and actually agreed. On how they would conduct a trial now you can't get these guys to agree on what to have for launch. And you can even get as Katherine knows you can't get the Republicans in the senate and the White House to be on the same page and they've sort of been. Trying to get on the same page but it's been a little the truck. They have a whole other McConnell and White House according nation whether it's at the White House counsel. Is fascinating easy but it also not particularly surprising it's really woodlands that is getting on the same page apparently from sources in the White House we. As spoken to at first the president it made his own legislative affairs director was on the hill saying on the record that he wants to have. This trial is live trial with all these witnesses and then that's still a public position that by the way and now. From people that we've talked to inside the White House scenes of the president might be. You coming to round up calling no witnesses but also remember that Schumer has asked for these witnesses at the White House blocked in the house the president also said. Maybe they should come forward where they could get a fair trial so there's all of this. You know what does the president want who does he want to represented that does he want the White House counsel will he have his outside attorneys it's all. It at least from the hope that he boomers begin to attend the whales seemed completely at the air which is not uncommon. Read it's not a not a common person not be able to pin down right it's exactly center. On something thank you both thank you to Trish turner and you'll be giving us all the updates and especially checking that marathon rules committee hearings. Tomorrow as we get ready for the bout think you know.

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