House vote on impeachment expected this week

Democrats and Republicans remain divided on impeachment as the House plans to vote before Christmas.
3:11 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for House vote on impeachment expected this week
OK we begin in Washington this week house Democrats moving forward on the impeachment proceedings for presidents from. And a new poll out today from NPR and PBS that shows Americans. Still remain divided over it with 47% saying they support in peach Ment. In 48%. Opposing it. So want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House and we have Catherine fathers and our DC bureau to update us all and where we are in this process and cap and I'll start with you. What can we expect this week. So and this week we can expect tomorrow. A bit of a procedural move ten to twelve hour long. Hearing her say in the house rules committee which will then at determine how these articles of impeachment. Will be debated on the fall house floor now on Wednesday we expect that fall house vote. Which will be two separate votes on each article. Impeachment and we are expecting that the passing those two things Kimberly is what we really can expect this week. Our rating caring and you know I wanna hear what the White House's response is because the Democrats are still running mate mull Laney and John Bolton to testify as well. It is an interesting plan put forward Bayh is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer saying that. Democrats want to bring forward some witnesses that did not testify during the house process. And that would include the acting chief of staff make Maldini the former national security advisor your John Bolton and some of their top aides. And they did not testify in the house because of course the White House was blocking them from doing so this is essentially the Democrats trying to say to Republicans let's negotiate let's try and talk about how this process can play out but. It's Republicans who control the process in the senate much like we saw the Democrats do in the house Bremer president trump has said though. He wouldn't mind he would a lot of it is nick Maloney testify even the secretary of state Mike Pompeo he wants a big splashy robust defense of him. In the senate. Take a solid degree assault though the president at one point that he would love to himself testify. It's also unlikely we see this parade of witnesses heading over and joining this senate impeachment trial. And Catherine in the mean to. I'm you have a freshman Democrat on Jefferson Andrew switching potentially switching to the Republican Party. A yes in this announcement definitely shows. The challenging calculus that some moderate house Democrats are facing when it comes to this vote especially those in these moderate these moderate Democrats have a significant amount of trump supporters in their districts are up. For re election some Democrats are worrying his vote could backfire on them in November. It's funny funny but this. Shift does this really make a difference Republicans are arguing yes it kinda that its terror and how the Democrats case for impeachment here over the Democrats. They're insistent that they have these votes for the Wednesday about Kimberly but dead. Folks we'll be watching out for are those that. Moderate Democrats the one other thing though to watch for this week is the house still needs to pick these house impeachment managers they're the ones we're going to present the house case. Against the president in the senate we could expect this to come this week as well. Are right we have Catherine falters right NRDC bureau and Karen Travers at the White House thank you guys for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Democrats and Republicans remain divided on impeachment as the House plans to vote before Christmas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67757215","title":"House vote on impeachment expected this week","url":"/Politics/video/house-vote-impeachment-expected-week-67757215"}