Jersey City passes Airbnb regulations

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop discusses the new regulations on short-term rentals.
4:29 | 11/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jersey City passes Airbnb regulations
Movie not know yesterday's election results also included a setback for the very popular. Site era B&B if you used at if you've been aghast if you've been a host. You want to pay attention to this one Jersey City, New Jersey just outside New York City approved an ordinance. That imposes now some of the strangest regulations. On air B&B despite the company's aggressive four million dollar pushed back campaign ahead of the vote yesterday the new rules. Here's what they would do they put prohibit air B&B Reynolds. Offer more than 6090 years to owner is a president would band rent control properties those. Rent. Price controlled properties from being used for our air BB and will also impose a fee. For some operators this is a small town you might be Jersey City what's the big deal here but it will have a big impact the company of course. Going public and also trying to expand nationwide let's bring in now the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey mayor Stephen full up. Who was an advocate for these rules on air B&B and S sided with 69%. Voters in your city mr. mayor thanks so much for coming in so tell us what this means for your city that this now has been passed and these regulations were wrong place. Sir and this time would send you know basic feedback for a man committee of residents and that. That's common sense rules ran registration or an occupancy and that root them a lot of complaints and feedback program. Officials and that's safety issues and so that we think that. This is best practices and be fed ascended and repent food that overwhelmingly the public said that the rent regulations rules. Yeah Andy in that company does say you in a statement to us that cities from buffalo. To San Francisco to Boston to Seattle and managed. To pass conference a short term rent regulations without punishing tenants or cream red tape and owner's registration systems they're taking name. Impart at that permit fees are for folks who want to make a little money on the side with air being B what do you say to that is that. Punishing folks who just want to use their home two make a little cash. I disagree with anger and registration. And that's and transparency chewed the commune near rab member who. He's occupying who's losing here be abuses important. And I think registration provides a mechanism medicines and was driven to NASA it I think that's important. I'm and you know look at do you need the component about renting your home after many of whom he is upset about which were remembered and a lab. Is because this commercial operators that when dozens if not hundreds of units blew us the money Caribbean blue as short term hotels. And puts pressure and housing pencils and rental prices forever residents throughout Jersey City. And that's my roof there. And then you can look at them face an uncertain rep Sonya you move on to a good thing you do a background check and credit check all sorts of checks together add that blood Samantha. An apartment hasn't filled with the person next moves are proving ever attended every boot somebody different coming and they are so it's about safety and it's a bit. Kind of just common sense that ahead member. Nations the Al lot of these state companies as you say using air BMB is something the loop pole. Around hotel regulations and the like we see it in New York City a lot of other states. Q can you flush out a little bit more for folks who are unfamiliar with air B&B and save maybe they're libertarians who say hey wait a second this is more regulations here we go again trying to crack down. On on this self funded economy here what are some of the problems that your residents 69 percentages and residents. We're so concerned about. So so. Absolutely if you and occupy blooming and you're using it wouldn't need to supplement your income yesterday. And to pay your mortgage renting an apartment near Burbank where it in your home a bedroom I'm room yesterday restore them tomorrow. The biggest issue was Iran companies communion and batting fanned six homes and a black. Terminal there until the real test we're renting dozens or hundreds of lives and charging them on Libyan BS hotels unregulated. The map includes can. Housing market here so recruiting some battles but at the same time we have been deep. And perhaps setting a trend for other cities and states across the country as they look for ways to. To grapple with the problems that you've talked about their mr. mayor our futures say thank you so much for coming on ABC news life and good.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop discusses the new regulations on short-term rentals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66803474","title":"Jersey City passes Airbnb regulations","url":"/Politics/video/jersey-city-passes-airbnb-regulations-66803474"}