Joe Biden discusses President Donald Trump’s foreign policy

“We find ourselves in a position where we're more isolated in the world than we ever have been," Joe Biden said.
3:30 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden discusses President Donald Trump’s foreign policy
From Mark Hoffman center valley Pennsylvania conservative who voted for term in 2016. Welcome to Pennsylvania mr. vice president reback coma from prisoners SNL Scranton right depth. So. Peace is breaking out all over to world our troops are coming home. Serbia is talking to Kosovo. And the Arabs in is Israelis are talking peace which I believe is a modern day miracle what's going on. That's president Trump's foreign policy deserves some credit. A little my not a whole lot we find ourselves in the position where we're. More isolated the world wherever bad and our allies our. Our goal rule and harder you know America first has made America alone. You have Marines closer to having enough nuclear material to build a hint that a bomb North Korea has more bombs and missiles available to a we find ourselves for our NATO allies in publicly saying they can't countenance. Weren't situation as well where he and Far East we find ourselves in him in the end up in a western Pacific where we're isolated as well. You have Japan and yeah and South Korea at odds in Hong learned China is making moves so idea. You know I would see you we're find ourselves less secure than we've been I do compliment to president. On the deal with. With Israel recently. Farm but you know. If you take a look who we're not very well trusted around the world. When seventeen major nations of the world or ask who they trust more. Who's a better leader and the president came in behind both the national survey new national survey. Both behind prudent as well as. Sheikh. And look we put who's doing you know you have Americans bounties on American. Military's heads in Afghanistan. Then more people there now by the way then when I left when we left in Afghanistan. And we find ourselves in the situation where he spoke to prudent six times hadn't said a word real. And NATO is in the risk of beginning to crack because then don't doubt me down are concerned went around there you see what's happening in everything from belarus' to. Poland two. Two hungry. And the rise of totalitarian. Regimes in the world and as well as this president embraces all the thugs in the world. I mean he's best friends with the leader of North Korea sent a love letters he and he doesn't take on prudent anyway. And he he is just he's he's learned the art of the steal from the art of the deal by Xian China. So I I would respectfully suggest no there is no plan. No coherent plan for more pulse. You know we've always ruled. Read the most effective as a world leader in my humble opinion. Not just by the exercise of our power most powerful nation world. But the power of our example. That's what's led the rest of the world to follow us on almost everything. He's pulled out of almost every international organization. He gets laughed at when he goes to the known to literally not figuratively when he goes United Nations. I mean it's just not this not about. The president for say it's about the nation no lack of respect and shown to us.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"“We find ourselves in a position where we're more isolated in the world than we ever have been,\" Joe Biden said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73643592","title":"Joe Biden discusses President Donald Trump’s foreign policy","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-discusses-president-donald-trumps-foreign-policy-73643592"}