Jon Karl Reacts to the VP Debate

ABC News' Jon Karl talks about the candidates' performances and the audience's reactions.
4:25 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Jon Karl Reacts to the VP Debate
I think we have our colleague Jon Karl who was in the room where it happened joining us live now from our farm bill excuse me John. You defensive how things went down in that roommate and your take on what happened over the last ninety minutes there. My sense it was a very strong debate for my parents. I thought that. He came out he did a lot that Donald Trump was unable to do. Calmly and lay out a vision for what for what he believes Tim Kaine came in obviously. Aggressively. Trying to press the case it did it did Donald Trump is simply unacceptable to tie. Mike Pence or force might parents to defend trumps most controversial statements. I thought it was striking how aggressively. Tim Kaine came into this repeatedly interrupting Mike parents are pressing the case is if he were the candidate that was on the ticket that was behind. It was desperate to get his arguments and desperate to score points when in fact as we discussed before the debate started its Hillary Clinton it's it's Clinton came as the momentum. It was like parents that the pressure try to change that dynamic. It seemed flipped I mean here we are much cooler Mike Pence a much hotter Tim Kaine a pressing the case in a very aggressive while. You'd think you'd think John. That you know what one of the things that Els he's been saying is that. It may be the case that the body language from pence to nine was. More attractive. But that once the fact checking happens. That actually things that that me re down to cain's benefit you think that the dynamic that could stick it in over the next couple days. Absolutely. There were fact checkers are going to have a field day with Mike Pence amid the one that. That that stuck out to me was when. Cain pointed out that might parents said that Vladimir Putin. Is a better leader than Barack Obama. That is something that he did say and Mike Pence denied that he said it so it's one thing when he's denying things that Donald Trump is said but it was extra thinking. When pence was denying his own words this is on tape. And it wasn't that long ago it was September 8 it was on CNN and wall see that in the days coming up there were number. Oh points in this debate obviously. Where parents denied the trumpets at something. We trumpet fact adds that something virtually exactly. As as he was tonight so I think that in the days ahead that will be a factor here but you're watching with a paid overall. Mike Pence seemed like a pretty reasonable guy you that it one point gave Barack Obama credit for something to catch that moment. He said you know you gave. Brock Obama credit for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. He asked several times he complimented Tim Kaine it was a totally different dynamic than what we saw in the last debate where it was trump. It was constantly an erupting in and casting you know insults. This case that the reap the roles seemed to be up for the most part reversed. It's not just me curious about a moment that happened during debate number and hear from what the audience was building. If he was frustrated from either listen to Mike Pence talk about race relations and implicit bias as if he's being denied access and instant would have. Kremlin sources reform. And I think we've brutality and you know with our thinking if a black man to hear someone of leadership to sort of dismissed as most of implicit bias. With that I'm tense moment in the crowd for the audience response. At all. It you know frankly it's hard to sales he that the audience was completely silent during that exchange. That was. And exchange you can just you can tell. The people were listening to intensely. Because that that that the two. What we're dealing obviously with the a a a very important issue and an issue where there were obvious disagreements but they weren't jumping over each other there were allowing each other to kind of make the case so it's hard to say what was in the minds of these people that were completely silent during that. But a very enters the moment in this debate. And and obviously. An entirely different ways of looking at the issue. Again thank you very much really appreciated.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl talks about the candidates' performances and the audience's reactions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575747","title":"Jon Karl Reacts to the VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/jon-karl-reacts-vp-debate-42575747"}