McConnell rejects Schumer’s request for deal on witnesses

The Senate majority leader responded to the minority leader’s call for a deal on live witnesses before the impeachment trial begins.
5:52 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for McConnell rejects Schumer’s request for deal on witnesses
Also thing Jews who just that later this week and house Democrats are finally going to do what many of them. Have been foreshadowing. For three years now. And impeach president trawl. It appears at the most rushed. Leash Thoreau. And motion unfair. Impeachment inquiry in modern history. Is about the wind down after just twelve weeks. And that it's locked us work product. Will be dumped. Almost over here and I'll have much more to say to our colleagues on to the American people if and when the house and does movement. But as we speak today. House Democrats still have the option do the right thing for the country and avoid. Sudden this Cox news press. I often turn back and cook cannot deploy this constitutional revenue last resort. To deliver a pre determined partisan outcome. This morning about Brett by the smallest big. 21 very specific part. Over the week the democratic leader decided to short circuit the customer and collegial process. Led invasion ground work in a of a potential impeachment draw. The preferable. Who would have been an in person conversation. Wish nonetheless industrial hope to pursued. She. He chose to begin by writing me and eleven paragraph letter. On Sunday evening. And deliberate about what news media. And begin a cable television. A few hours later. The democratic leaders letter is an interest and document. From the very beginning. For example. In the second of its eleven paragraphs. Our colleague literally. Misquote the constitution. That there are actually a love. With our callers apparent confusion about some of the deeper questions. Welcome back to that and a moment. And at first our colleague letter. Appears to request that a potential impeachment trial. Adopt similar procedures. To the Clinton impeachment trial Bakken aren't united. Now I happen to and that's a good idea. The basic procedural framework of the Clinton impeachment trial service on another nation well. In my view. But the problem is that while the Democrat leader emotional issue he wanted the central clinic cloudy drop it looked like. Jane not in. He goes on to demand things that would break. With an eye opening night in tomorrow you want one obstacle resolution upfront instead of two. However minute. Or news. He wants to guarantee up front that the senate here from the very specific witnesses. Instead of letting the body of Iowa to witness issue after after. Opening arguments and senators question. Like back in 99 and not. A very tellingly none of growth in our caller from new York and completely helmets and emotion students Jessica is. Like the one he was happy to vote for him so all. As a new senator back in 99 and up. The senator is not to judge and jury. To hear a trial not a re run in tar. Background investigation. Because I agree partisan edge rush lawfully through it. The trajectory that the democratic leader apparently wants to Texas down. Gore before using them heard opening arguments. Could set and Biden are expressed. Or institution. If the senate volunteers ourselves to do house Democrats homework for them. We will only and thought about them atlas frame of dubious partisan impeachment in the future. And we will invite future out. The paralyzed future senate. With privilege impeachment. At will. This misunderstanding about constitutional rolls right through doctors felt they are raised earlier. The democratic leaders letter to made by the way at about what at a press literally misquoted the constitution. And senator Schumer wrote that we should actions quote the Senate's sole power of impeachment out of the constitution. Was integrity. And dignity. He attributed to the senate quote the sole power. Of impeachment. And well there's there's problems with president. That's the roller coasters give actually it enough. Lucia. Give it to the house. Article one section two says the House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. And found ambiguous submitted. If mark probably want to read about our responsibility here in the senate is returned to the next page. Article one section three. The senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachment. We don't grip impeachment. Over there are a shrug. We judge them.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The Senate majority leader responded to the minority leader’s call for a deal on live witnesses before the impeachment trial begins. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67777239","title":"McConnell rejects Schumer’s request for deal on witnesses","url":"/Politics/video/mcconnell-rejects-schumers-request-deal-witnesses-67777239"}