Michigan Right-to-Work Legislation Passes Amid Protests

Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign a right-to-work bill that labor groups strongly oppose.
1:55 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Right-to-Work Legislation Passes Amid Protests
Michigan's legislature has dealt a painful blow to organized labor passing a controversial right to work bill. As thousands of protesters jammed the State Capitol many of them auto workers and machinists. The bill -- the -- one step closer to becoming the newest state with right to work laws. ABC's TJ Winick has the latest. Michigan's Republican controlled state legislature approved the controversial right to work bill today by a vote of 58 to 51 the bill is passed. State police will be ready just in case things get out of hand eight people were arrested just last week trying to storm into the state senate. At issue is right to work which if signed into law would end decades of the clothes shop. And allow people to opt out of joining the union at their workplace the governor has flip flopped on the issue. Saying it was labor and Democrats who hit first trying to pass prop two in November -- would have put collective bargaining rights and to the state constitution. Voters turned it down. Made the point to him to say if you go forward with us you're gonna create -- Com environment involving labor issues that this could rise to the level where I might not be on the keep it -- my agenda and unfortunately that's what's happened. Metro Detroit Democrats in congress met privately with the governor asking him to delay the divisive issue. He won't he has the responsibility. Is our leader. -- avoiding this kind of a cliff on Monday before several hundred UAW workers President Obama we get into the brewing fight. This so called right to work luck they're gonna do with the economic -- very -- politics. -- -- -- They're giving you the right to work for less money. In what would be a further blow to organized labor Michigan would become the 24 right to work state in the US. TJ Winick ABC news. New York.

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{"id":17936453,"title":"Michigan Right-to-Work Legislation Passes Amid Protests","duration":"1:55","description":"Gov. Rick Snyder is expected to sign a right-to-work bill that labor groups strongly oppose.","url":"/Politics/video/michigan-work-legislation-passes-amid-protests-17936453","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}