Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa

Hundreds of students gather in Des Moines for a weekend of campaigning and political dialogue.
7:47 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa
Hi man isn't annaly and I'm a senior type guy guys go from Chicago Illinois and today we're here. In Iowa Iowa to campaign for them to thousands Ohio caucus. Yes that Saddam sixteen Iowa caucus as several students from across state and more in. For more in college and I 400 I was standing. From different states and what they would like to experience Spanish and. Danny and I am an on they have sometimes killing high school Chicago and I senior apparently not. From England today yeah and we hope to hear it got his number it's. Coming up today I'm going. Baker and future action live Chris. It's as close as Interbank. You know. College buddies important idol. Announces Thursday I want to get out and that is as voting is important definitely your voice we'll make much difference. And can you tell me what me must about three. Months. But it lady. Lake and couldn't play yeah oh yeah I here. Here. Namely yeah. I hear area that would -- help you blame game you always carry across. Thank you because it's okay you're all like to thank you and it was a name and where you haven't yet it's. Think you can let me. Marijuana legalization the course record the Coachella valley. I come from which of my high school and I came here so I can hopefully learn how to make a difference campaign. Gain on there was politics very Judy T people burned for those of the different praise for those who have. The war along for freedom of religion for everything. Because we need to be out that we need to be active in our own politics is what we can actually get out of it. And let issue here they are slow blood test is the results are basically. Everything that deals with people I want to. This from easy wins out into the community and want. Part of freedom of religion it's not really its soul. It's not affect those borrowed season because they usually do is escape. And I also want racist it's enough viewers are matters I want to just be. They want to be common one on politics and when you lose guys you get something out of the government. Page and less seniority from the stairs. Lost to be nice and easy currency. And what you think about it challenge well I think every. The challenges are great way for young. It's a wrap up dramatically from different states is in. Maybe get experiences from different people and admit experience under her campaign certainly have a voice changed. The United States or maybe just change and I'll say it. And what's your name Laurie wrapped around book and turned a muscle head was decent. And what do you hope your candidates. Like issue is what it's all wheel out campaign for Bernie Sanders oh life. He says we've produces is now displaced Iraqis for everybody. Machine that's it was just one group. And few days not any event that will be dignity and another will be hoping campaign most of and it's so I'm hoping history. And another four behind Kennedy's right tycoon story. Basically any kind of suffering. And you we look at we are yeah. I'm it I'm okay. Gauging. Will be. Face like a committee of you then they'll be saying our what we think about the issue. The blessings. Not discrimination. Things that use our. And I'll be campaigning door and Marco Rubio. And Levine. Knocking on doors making phone calls making flyers and doing everything to help him and other candy and and others didn't. Help anything Fred Fred candidates. And we have our student. We're giving away from Tom Zachary from Chicago. And what do you hope to get permission. I hope you get and letters and so what I can do talent violent. I ever line do you have any. And I don't want nobody can. And what do you he's innocent your friends when he gets back district. Well that's pretty awesome taxing and that's politics and trying to make a difference might even just campaign can be very. Candy counties. It's. OK to have a voice in danger is located. Lincoln everything you can answer it one day things will be different things again green. And UN. Giant. Cannon late tonight and just make at least. Would be an analyst. It was done to helpless you heard you right there yeah reasonably should be literally sat through. And are burying us young people involved in politics today. I'm. That she wants their governments or take action. For better rates for a everyone's rights because we are you generation. That is becoming us more. Active in politics and especially with the new media that we have myself a iPad and its broadcasts so much more than than. So what do you think he could do to get younger people into politics. It's something that there are some things are relevant themselves there are some groups that we're fine race tomorrow man or. LG BTT rights or even freedom of religion or even costs anything. There's something. Maybe one of my. No one is a person without purpose we are out here it's actually my first. Okay. Anybody else. I think our sales that's a little list had to check in the that there isn't slaves were happy and then if you have a choice of holding their sentiments in living things NBA regular. He made handed that comes. And so these are sever all of the kids and there is more in a hum wins Alice Elliott. Clothing. The most romantic. Hello this is like most. People that in its campaign. And we'll be and campaigning against that yeah. And so when I hope to get this experience isn't knowledge and politics. And ways that we can grades younger people. And many of Indiana Lima things for watching. If you want to follow more of our kids even gone sweater and politics battalions and Thomas Kelly case.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Hundreds of students gather in Des Moines for a weekend of campaigning and political dialogue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36325715","title":"Mikva Challenge Students Arrive in Iowa ","url":"/Politics/video/mikva-challenge-students-arrive-iowa-36325715"}