President Joe Biden’s 1st full day in office

President Joe Biden signs various executive orders to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
5:38 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for President Joe Biden’s 1st full day in office
President Biden is wasting no time getting to work announcing new efforts to fight the pandemic on its first full day in office. Biden was sworn in as the country's 46 president on the steps up to our nation's capital yesterday two weeks to the day after an angry mob attacked him. And vice president Kabul Harris took her own historical. Becoming the highest ranking woman in our nation's 244. Year existence and the first black American and Asian American to serve as vice president and and this moment was captured right before she was sworn in Harris get a fist pump and from former President Obama America's first. One and here's a look at some of today's front pages the word. Community is flashed across many of them and that was the resounding theme of Biden's inaugural address. Vowing to vote put his whole soul into uniting our country urging embassy. And promising action. And president Biden hitting the ground running signing an initial flurry of executive orders just moments ago as you might have seen ABC news political director Rick Klein is gonna join us now to. Suss this out Rick guys become our tradition partly to the congress is broken. President is governed by executive orders and when the next guy comes at a remote small and signs that want to so so what does Joseph Biden doing. As we saw moments ago and and yesterday as well what these executive order. Did Terri is covers a wide swath of of American governance. I starting with Covert nineteen this not this hundred day nationwide mass mandate on federal property and also interstate commerce like trains and buses and airplanes. In addition to that. Invoking the defect defense production act on coded vaccine production and a big orders on immigration protections for a so called. But doctor recipients is that the dreamers. Halting of the president's border wall rejoining the Paris climate accords rejoining the World Health Organization. Really needed runs the gamut of things that are people have urged president Biden to do when he's in office all of them are something that were echoed at some point in campaign promise this or not a lot of surprises but. It's still rather rather startling we realize how much influence a change of administration. Ideas on policy even without a single lifting up a pen from congress. And written one of the things he he brought up was masks which we've heard him talk about before he issued his 100 day challenge for everybody to Wear a mask. But he also addressed schools. In saying that he wants the Department of Education to give both clear direction and resource is. So that all schools and child care centers can open in this country I found that interesting because he talked about how politicizing masks have become but school openings. How become another hot button political issue and I wonder if approaching both of these topics at the same time might help him achieve that unity that he's after. I think Diane you're on to something particularly with regards to schools and there's an aspect of of schooling that's just critical. Critical child care and are critical learning for. Particularly lower income individuals people who don't have a lot of options it's something that is hits out portions of this country and more major ways than others I and I think a lot of people can relate to that end the idea that the federal government would have. Consistency in in what it's saying about schools and around mask I think that's something that a lot of Americans of either party would probably welcome. Rick desperate pass this Tupelo c.s expected to send. The article of impeachment against ex president trump. To the senate up this hour a day and outlook there's so many questions around the impeachment of the now private citizen Donald John trump junior. How how does is gonna play out do you think bought the biggest question is going to be what kind of defense Donald Trump wants to put on because if he decides it. To basically put on no defense this could happen pretty quickly maybe just a couple of days of a trial keep in mind as we talked about Terry had never the congress themselves or witnesses they'll really be that much evidence is the president's words the president's tweets. The video of flow of the rally and then all of that the striking images in the striking information about what happened at the. Attack itself. Now the president wants to put on a more fully formed defense then we're talking about something that's going to take more like weeks instead of days but the key thing here is Democrats control the clock they control when it gets sent to the senate. And because the senate now has fifty Democrats with the Kabul Harris being the tiebreaker. They control the rules of the road when it went with regard to this impeachment trial so they get to control of a bit but there's no doubt that it's gonna take away from the focus on the Biden agenda which forum for for this moment at least is in a bit of a sweet spot. That ends as soon as those impeachment articles are transmitted it's and is a senate trial begins. Ready with executive orders but ultimately if he wants that call the nineteen relief bill passed. And he wants his immigration plan passed he's gonna need congress on board at how does he go about getting bipartisan buy in on that yeah I think the key peep. The look here look at here are not the Republican leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. It's the middle I'll look at more moderate center their resolve look at frankly even some conservative senators like Mitt Romney who is. I'm gone off off from the of the Republican Party line at times there are individual pieces of all of these packages like protection for the dreamers easy to see. Are you get the overwhelming majority of Republicans to sign off on that how we know that president trump is the person that did that was the champion of those 2000 dollar direct payment checks Joseph Biden would like those to go out the door. Rather immediately so it's possible find some bipartisan compromise I think something you're gonna find a starting with leadership and I think it's it's always interesting to know what the leaders are going to do but when you look at what Biden he's coming into it is potentially a moment for moderates that you can see. The middle not just holding but beginning to attempt to shape some direction if Joseph Biden is able to add to get just that the slightest bit of buy in for Republicans. Think of that revenge of the moderates Eric Klein thanks very much for that.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"President Joe Biden signs various executive orders to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75415189","title":"President Joe Biden’s 1st full day in office","url":"/Politics/video/president-joe-bidens-1st-full-day-office-75415189"}