Sen. Marsha Blackburn: 'If there are irregularities, let’s document them'

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn discusses President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud and irregularities as the final votes are counted, and talks about the new wave of GOP women elected to Congress.
8:55 | 11/06/20

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Transcript for Sen. Marsha Blackburn: 'If there are irregularities, let’s document them'
At least not Republican women will serve in the next congress with several more still possible as the votes are counted. We're joined now by Republican senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee author of the new book the mind of a conservative woman thanks so much for joining us senator. Thank you Glenn she so let's start of the presidential race the president came before cameras this evening and made some. Baseless accusations of voter fraud and claims of the election is being stolen I spoke last night with a your Republican colleague congressman. Adam can singer who question the president's claim since Election Day. And after the president spoke tonight he tweeted this we want every vote counted yes every legal vote of course but if you have a legit concerns about fraud present evidence and taken to court stop spreading debunked misinformation. This is getting insane. Debunked misinformation. She said so do you support the president's claims and is it the appropriate. Would you say that it's appropriate for the president to make these kinds of accusations and cast doubt on the vote count without providing any evidence of wrongdoing. Lindsay I'm one of that is the citizens. He then served on the local election commission I did that before I was in elected office. And I can tell you from my experience. And that people want to be able to trust. The system they want to make certain there's integrity in the system. That canning needs to be done in of the Erie transparent. Fashion. In and there harder. Instances. Where there had been irregularities. In that is need to be documented I heard someone earlier today saying it would. Thank you tried to vote in person and it. These are his release individuals need to come forward and tell their story each and seek every course I think it's important. To rail line is he dead. Elections are not run at the federal level that they are run at the local level. And it is sure neighbors and friends in bed go win they are and work the polls and we have to make certain that every legal violent. Is count didn't. And and as you would now use you said you have to experience or some public officials in these states run by both Democrats and Republicans they say they're working around the clock to ensure that each and every legal cast your vote is counted. And much of this is this count is being done transparent transparently with bipartisan monitors and even live streaming video for the public to watch is there any basis would you say to doubt the integrity of this counting process. I eat a of what I think he says and that if they are our irregularities. Blessed to document them. With every night she counted every legal vote to can counted. And the process going through I fully believe that president trump hasn't passed a victory. And net president trump who will we hand. And we will see what the rest dubbed that canning in the states that are still and a outstanding of what that polls. I fully believe in that ad of the campaign and the work does the president his stunning the previous. Shoring gears and it. Of course the work that we have done in the US senate. But time so we of works it diligently. To make certain is that we were addressing the needs of the American people. Codes and fulfilling guy on the obligation. We have with the federal bench is so I I think the president if every illegal but it is counted. The process is followed transparency. Is provided. I think that the president will end up planning. So if if that is your belief then why would you be just ask you the so that I had I give a hypothesis at this point that why would the president. Create this kind of confusion and and do you think that it's possible that he's doing it to try to sow doubt in the election. In the event that he loses. I'm not going to patent and gave me. Two to try to speak on behalf the president that would be completely inappropriate. And hey you know what I thought we were going to talk about some of these great conservative away men. To land these are races and I didn't saddled. And that a wonderful. Sash done and looked forward to talking with you about that because I do think. And then it tells her much of the story. And that you were just talking about there wasn't a bully away. And you have these wonderful conservative women who are going to be coming to the US house. And I do sing and dead in congress lawman stand burger today on the Democrat called the summed it up very well. As to the reason why. Today underperform to end summit that is house races. Yes and that is the plan we have my next question actually is about this this new class of women but of course I mean is that many Americans just heard the president come outside felt like we did need to get you on record responding of course to get to these claims that the president was making I think that that was a fair line of questioning I would not be doing my job as a journalist. If I did not ask those questions what do want to mention again as you were talking about the growing class of Republican women who will join you in the new congress Democrats have had greater numbers of women in congress and your party for years so what is your party do right this year to bring more conservative women to congress and what do you think still needs to be done in order to improve gender diversity of your party. One of the things I think is so very important is to hand that diversity of viewpoint. And it seems and then these women. It did to write this cycle. Is that they talked about the issues that are important to women. They talked a lot now. Safe communities. And an economic security and school choice. And that they spoke out against the amazement and defund the police. Doug Trish progressive it is and then socialism. Every woman that I know wants the very best. For her children they want to danced for everyone's children. They want opportunity. And a doors that are going to be opened for these children. And I think these candidates that one Allison Hansen in Maine C Mason Stephanie vice. All of these are women. Represented. What most women aren't looking for most women are not to lose. And she the last edge as. The house is tilted the judiciary in you see that India election results. Most women arm more solidly. Toward that middle whether they have the it whether they're voting for Democrats or Republicans. So I do think it was a message that these women carried forward in their campaigns. People listened they heard these candidates and I it is going deserved the house well ma'am. Yes indeed we do need to re corps recruit more women. Both in the senate. And the house and I hope that energy that these new candidates. From new members of the house and brought to these races were teary over and it we will see even more women stepped up and run in 20/20 two. I just. The last question for you with the confirmation of Amy coming Barrett just curious if you think that if Roe vs. Wade is overturned would that help or hurt attracting more women to the party. We knew he talked with people as they go through their confirmation. I don't think you're going DCI eight Kush. To a overturn Roe vs. Wade. I do think quietly came to light in the hearings Lindsay once people realize that some of outward. Colleagues on the left chose intellectual isolation. As opposed to choosing viewpoint diversity. And getting to know as judge mere. And diversity can be as strange. And I I think it it would be a welcome point of view if some of them would sit down and have a conversation. With some of us who are on the right it may be have a different view point. K and we could all learn from that this nation. And our freedom has been well served to Barron broke last respectful bipartisan debate. And I've got to tell you I think a lot of Americans. Would like to see us return to that. Senator Blackburn we thank you so much your time and a reminder again for viewers the mind of a conservative woman is available now wherever books are sold.

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{"duration":"8:55","description":"GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn discusses President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud and irregularities as the final votes are counted, and talks about the new wave of GOP women elected to Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74052551","title":"Sen. Marsha Blackburn: 'If there are irregularities, let’s document them'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-marsha-blackburn-irregularities-lets-document-74052551"}