Strait Talk Detroit: Law Professor Khaled Beydoun on Islamophobia and the Muslim Community's Election Dilemma

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with Khaled Beydoun, a professor of law at the University of Detroit Mercy.
4:51 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk Detroit: Law Professor Khaled Beydoun on Islamophobia and the Muslim Community's Election Dilemma
For continuing its hot ticket questions and comments coming on they took the arc and work them in as we go continuing I live in Detroit I'm joined now. By college BT and associate professor blog right here at the University of Detroit Mercy thanks for being here thanks for enemy. So look you cover a lot about the Muslim American community here you write a lot about them a lot Al-Jazeera time Washington Post others. I'm curious in this election cycle you can kinda give me set the stage or me. Where's the Muslim American community when it comes to politics right now America. Well first off you know voted for trump would be doing the unthinkable so that is in much. Of an option given is you know vehement support for these quote unquote Muslim man's Ford is obviously strongly Islam phobic rhetoric. And a strong xenophobia on the other side however Hillary Clinton I'd is. Not appealing option is well on she's been a staunch proponent of surveillance of Muslim communities. I'm obviously very hawkish with wars abroad sole Muslim Americans are kind of situated between this its clicks within his dilemma where. One option is obviously. Absurd and unthinkable. And on the other side is another is an option is also detrimental to most American interests and this is a lot of American at the very people of color a large I think. See both auctions is being. Week. So your hometown guy right I am you born and raised are your brain mostly in Dearborn and Detroit red. I'm sorry about the line. You have tough loss yesterday you Woodward about that equaled the each thank you repeated it. I'm a tough little bit but at their don't know a lot about Dearborn about the Arab American Muslim American community. If there's unique about the community here in the week that inner stacks. With Detroit for it at the only Detroit culture to units or something unique about that community here. Yeah I think so I think first of all its ruling or not to inflate Arabs with Muslims you know Arabs who are majority Muslims here in the city and metropolitan area. Com you know calm after a pretty sizable established black Muslim community. I'm in many of the many of the struggles many issues we faced our were previously faced by African American Muslims. I'm but I also think there is something distinctive about the metro Detroit area for Arab Americans and Muslims out large. It's because it's the most sizable Muslim American population are concentrated. Most of American population. We have a Muslim majority City Council had Tran make we have the only Arab American Museum in the city aides are worn so it's very much a cultural and political. And religious hub in many respects for up from Muslim Americans. And when you look at that the election moving forward what do you think of the issues accurately resonating with folks hearing now. Offer Muslim Americans obviously you don't opt this deployment of Islam phobia we see from trump using you know very violent and vehement rhetoric. Against Muslim Americans to you know mobilize these disaffected. Pour white voters. To vote against. Where this country's going becoming minority majority I very soon enough we seed obviously with. His rhetoric against Latinos has racist rhetoric towards African Americans as well. I think Muslim Americans are just part and parcel. This broad kind of vilification of people color alerts. I'm curious of course that it was looking at the headlines to last couple of days. Once again we're talking about another terrorist attack. And by another person. The Muslim faith. How are people here how does that resonate here how does that headlines have play out in the community here. You can federal fear right UUC capitalization on stereo type and this idea that just by virtue of somebody being Muslim or Middle Eastern that act collectively collateral the I'm implicates everybody who looks or believes in that way. You know even though obviously that isn't the case for white culprits of mass violence and terrorism. Statistics show that the vast majority 63%. Of mass shooting since 1982 of have been committed by white men. So others fear this anxiety. And justice perpetual idea that by virtue of being Browner most them are black that implicates the entire collective. And we have talked about this before and had left for you to share this a little bit we talk about Detroit as a city being kind of the cradle. Asked the African American experience a lot of ways but you think that there is some parallels to be drawn with the Arab American or Muslim American experience right Tony about that. Yet you know very much so I think it's important to note that again the greatest concentration Muslim Americans in metro Detroit the nation of Islam was established here in the city of Detroit. Pomp sizable black very diverse Muslim American population in addition to Arabs that call Detroit home so it is it is very much the hub of the most of American experience. You have to an alliance with the Broward I think when an attendant six this year and when a playoff game that's my that's my forecast. I I don't know what I think innovative. Look up. And I think that there are watch.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks with Khaled Beydoun, a professor of law at the University of Detroit Mercy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42208804","title":"Strait Talk Detroit: Law Professor Khaled Beydoun on Islamophobia and the Muslim Community's Election Dilemma","url":"/Politics/video/strait-talk-detroit-law-professor-khaled-beydoun-islamophobia-42208804"}