Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Witnesses testify at Kavanaugh hearing day after documents' feud.
5:03 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Supreme Court confirmation hearing
We wanna turn to Washington now on the fiery confirmation hearings for Brett cap and op president trumps picked. For the Supreme Court let's bring in ABC's Terry Moran who covers the supreme court for us. Terry we've already had three days of these contentious hearings. Walk us through some of the key points here specifically some of the issues Democrats continue to bring out. Well quieter today because Brett Cavanaugh. The nominee is not here he's finished his questioning last night today's date for witnesses to come forward to say yea and today on weather should be confirmed. But you're right it has been the protesters. Popped up like hell whack a mole game throughout the audience that punctuated. Would have been very intense hours of questioning from right cap and a Democrat zeroing in. But really not getting much ground on what his views on. It's on civil rights on abortion and presidential powers specially might be. He has a very. Polished armor of evasiveness. And it and a very. Strong talent to not talk about specific cases they didn't really get much ground. They shifted ground a little bit. And said he's not being straight with the committee. That in fact and the American people that in fact as they reach into the tens of thousands of confidential documents. From his days in the Bush Administration. They found what they thought was a document they claim shows that he believes that Supreme Court can overrule Roe vs. Wade he disputed that. And they are also these cryptic questions they've been asking him. Again and again. As he had inappropriate conversations. About them all of world. Listen. I haven't had any inappropriate conversations about that investigation would anyone I'd never given anyone. Any hints forecast previews. Winks Noth and about. Might view as a judge or how would rule as a judge on on mad or anything related to that. So that's his outright denial and that means that today's really put up or shut up day for the Democrats especially senator Pamela Harris. Because she was the one who really bored in on that question. She says she's got very good reason for asking it. And we wait and see if she can produce a witness who will say I talked to Brett Cavanaugh about the Muller investigation here's what he said nothing yet. And Al wanna bring up a moment involving New Jersey senator Cory Booker threatening to release some of these confidential U males. And there was this whole back and forth this exchange and then in the end Republicans basically said that this is more of a show because those emails were already released. What happened there and in what was senator Booker trying to get act. Why was he was trying to get at all the Democrats are very frustrated by how much. The paper trail Brett Cavanaugh through many years of public service has been. Kept confidential not classified. But confidential for various reasons and there are various people that can. Claim confidentiality. Over certain documents at his government service. But a lot of them it seems. Will point loosely rendered secret essentially confidential and the Democrats. Decided that they wanted to make them public. For example that that one I mentioned about abortion that was. Kavanagh has comments on an email that he got when he was the White House secretary. Staff secretary under George W. Bush about an op Ed that somebody had written why is that not. Automatic Republican in that he did say something. Which the Democrats argue suggest. He's not a friend of Roe vs. Wade would Cory Booker was was doing was releasing them reading them before they have been cleared. By the committee chairman senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. In any given yesterday after they had been cleared. And he said I'm willing to be expelled from the senate he said somewhat comically items the case this is my I am Spartacus moment. Which when it turned out that in fact. The document he was brandishing at that point. Had already been cleared and he risked no expulsion from the senate although he had read from that document late the previous night before it was cleared so. He claims he he did take a risk it was all the kind of theatrics that we're getting out here a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing the moment. And the theatrics you mention is this all Terry at the end of the day just political exercise really is there is there any real chance that Kavanagh does not join the supreme. For. Very little chance where it because they had an opportunity to try to paint a picture of this man is unfit for the supreme court for any kind of reason and they. So far it seems based on what we're hearing from the senators who will decide his fate. Not only are they failed to pick up Republican votes which they need Democrats being in the minority. But there on the verge of losing moderate Democrats Joseph Manchin of West Virginia Heidi hi camp North Dakota have both said. They've seen nothing in these hearings to disqualify. Democrats enemy once final stand Terry Moran live for us thank you so much we appreciate your insight.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Witnesses testify at Kavanaugh hearing day after documents' feud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57675575","title":"Supreme Court confirmation hearing ","url":"/Politics/video/supreme-court-confirmation-hearing-57675575"}