Trump backtracks on vaping ban

President Donald Trump has backed off on the flavored vaping ban after learning the policy could hurt him among his political base and lead to job losses.
7:21 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Trump backtracks on vaping ban
To the White House now where president trump seems to have had. A change of heart on a possible ban for flavored. The president came out and said he was prepared to ban sales of the product because it concerns about safety and health of children tickle us. It has become a very big businesses I understand it like a giant business integration period. But we can't allow people to get sick we can't have our youth. He's so affected. Very concerns about youth now apparently on hold as the president. Is pulling back on a potential banner Jordan Phelps White House reporter has been on this story today Jordan your reporting tell me you. The president here is potentially changing course 'cause if political concerns what what are you hearing. Yet DeVon the president was expected to make this big announcement earlier this month and then he got cold feet the biggest concerns coming from his campaign manager Brad parts gal and others. He warns the president that this could actually hurt him among his base. There are also concerns that this could result in job losses 40000 Americans according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics are employed in this making industry. In concern that there could be real job losses if they crack down. On the Indra street that obviously DeVon that concern going up against First Lady maligned yet trump and his daughter. A bonk he'll have been campaigning in favor. Of making this change DeVon the White House insists this policy process is not dead they say it's still under consideration. But DeVon as we've been noting it was over two months ago that the president said this announcement was coming very soon. And here we are DeVon. And a familiar pattern Jordan we've seen the president get close to the line on health care talked about releasing the big plan. To help people. They get people covered in health care we've heard in. I talk about a gun safety proposal for schools that was coming he was poised to take action and this with the safety of children as avarice conveyed being. Part of a pattern of the president sort of backing off these proposals that may not go over well at his base. Yet DeVon it appears that perhaps they thing has gone to this graveyard of disposed of policies. Most recently DeVon as you noted we saw the president in the wake of those tragic Dayton in El Paso shootings called for. Bold and comprehensive. Reform to the nation's background check system. But DeVon and that has completely faded away and the White House's promise of rolling out a gun proposal. Has simply gone nowhere and his taken an absolute back burner DeVon it appears that this may be going to the same place. Right turn Phelps of the White House thank you so much for more on the president's reversal on this potential veep being. Flavor draping Dan join amber Rose Marie Robertson she's the chief science officer for the American Heart Association also joined by Alex Clark. I sealed the consumer advocates for smoke free alternatives an industry group that supports. These taping devices thank you both to join you for joining us reverence Marie I want to start with you you are a doctor you've looked at these tobacco free products. Armed as stroke by lay out first what what the science tells us about why this our product is so concerning. You know. It is very concerning and I'm in we were really quite heartened by the president her lady. Move to protect America's children from becoming addicted. You know about ten years ago who we can't order Innes who were using combustible cigarettes. That felt you know about 5%. That there was tremendous public health gains have been and certainly wiped out by the number kids who are now using I. That a combustible cigarette and so they're really in different risk product particularly. The new ones. And you know kids can't be their best. If their brains are exposed to nicotine nicotine really is and any Horton deterrent to proper brain development. And it makes kids who are likely to become addicted to other products sent to other drugs. Later in their lines. And there was also concerned about the safety some of the products particular the knock off. Products lately the CDC investigating several art show child and teen deaths from the product Alex I wanna bring UN. On this as an industry representatives watch. It explain why you don't find a band at least a temporary ban appropriate in this case. Nearly given the dangers that the CDC is investigating wouldn't that be prudent. Well first of all and here's speak on the industry has the consumer. Arm and one of the reasons that we're very concerned about partial ban temporary. Is that the company's products are being manufactured and sold on the black market and that's precisely. These students is looking he's an action with. Illicit CHC cartridges were responsible pausing. All the illnesses and in last month. And you've also done talked a little bit Alex about be it the potential for these. These these smoke free products to. To help adults who are addicted. Being get their nicotine fix and a healthier way. Absolutely Ed there's little doubt at this point parts are are vastly safer than boss Rocco. I am someone who switch to Britain after smoking for 21 here's I was frankly amazed at how easy it was make the switch completely. And millions of other people out there like me in an eastern. In. He noted that isn't. As an option about a warning yeah let's bring universe Maria on this a what age she should there be an age limit on on on these products and and wide band the flavor products as opposed to simply. Educate young people on their parents. Well be the effective nicotine on developing brains critical issue and so. In many places. Machinery to Brecher 21. Limit not words where at least it's step in the right direction. But I think it's important to save that. Apps and the Al her you know the outbreak is a terrible angry at 42 deaths and thousands of people expected. Act in ways that we sometimes can't treat even in our best intensive care units are on violators. And a lung transplants being done. It for the outbreak started. We were equally concerned about the long term effects that date being on children. So they do you know really we shouldn't try to work quite those to keep people are even more concerned because. Yeah and in this at the science is still a bit murky on this we know the CDC still continuing to study. The health effects of these new devices. But a lot up for debate the White House sort of hitting the pause button on this date gain van Alice Clark CEO. Of consumer advocates for smoke free alternatives thank you for joining us Rose Marie Robertson a chief science officer the American Heart Association think you guys for joining this conversation and ABC news live.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"President Donald Trump has backed off on the flavored vaping ban after learning the policy could hurt him among his political base and lead to job losses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67116879","title":"Trump backtracks on vaping ban","url":"/Politics/video/trump-backtracks-vaping-ban-67116879"}