Trump Doral hotel will host the G-7 Summit

John Hudak of the Brookings Institute discusses why hosting the G-7 Summit at President Trump's resort is a problem.
4:18 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Trump Doral hotel will host the G-7 Summit
Now in the midst of all this there was his image and at the beginning. This decision by the White House to hold the next G-7 summit of world leaders act. The president's own resort the at trump Doral international right outside of Miami this is. This is caused as you can imagine a lot of hue and cry they're there it is it's an 800 acre resort the president himself made a pitch at the last at the last G-7 summit. And joining us now John who deck from the Brooking institute. He wrote a book called presidential pork and that is essentially what people are calling this should the president be able to award himself. A very large government contract for this. It's summit that's coming. Absolutely not we have constitutional protections against the president profiting from foreign countries and it creates not only basic. Violations of ethics but truly rising to the standards of impeachable offenses. I think beyond all of that the optics are so terrible for this president especially this week. But he's you know throwing caution to the winds and moving forward anyway this. But this is series. Does the nets government's been a pattern right. Absolutely this is a president who cares not about ethics or traditions or democratic norms or the constitution itself. What he wants is to benefit himself and his family and his children who were employed by the organization that will benefit from the G-7. And cares not about what other people do or what other people think that he does he's just an a for the month. Now John he says. I know White House said Michael Rennie said presses are gonna profit not a dime of profit will go to the president or his family. And he says he doesn't mean he's losing money being present United States how do you answer that. You know I think that's tough to imagine that the president is going to charge the Secret Service members were going to stay of their foreign leaders were going to stay there the security details of those foreign leaders. The press. And everyone else at cost and understanding what apps cost means that a luxury resort this kind of hard to understand as well. The president's gonna make a lot of money out of this. It resort that last year lost money or at least its revenue reduced and so. It looks terrible for the president and I think it it probably is as terrible as it looks. Do you think of any other president who has benefited from the office we had rich presidents before George Washington was very rich sure we've we've had rich presidents and presidents certainly benefit from the office after they leave through book deals through speaking engagements a variety of things. But to have a property. Good to have a set of properties the U then not only benefit from right this isn't like. A foreign government spending and a couple of nights at the trump hotel. This is the president of the United States requiring. The six other largest economies in the world to pay his organization money it's appalling to most Americans. What can be done about it so let's say there are Americans who do feel that this is beyond. The law beyond what the president should be allowed to do what's the recourse there's a couple of steps that a couple of bits of recourse here the first is two fold in a monuments clause impeachment. Article in claimants clause that part of the constitution says. From federal officials government officials cant except what any foreign payments it made it front any payment from a foreign government for title of nobility etc. And still in office while in office that's right and so being able to add that there's another article of impeachment into the inquiry that's an option. That said this is actually going to happen likely. After the impeachment process happens so I think there would be a question. As to whether they could sort of pre impeach him or impeach him in advance for this. But the other recourse is for the Democratic Party to run on this in 20/20 in an effort to. An issue do you think it'll strike voters that home for voters that the president is. It's in this hotel would not be full in June in Miami and it's going to be chock full paying and paying guests. I think it makes it harder for to make a political argument against the Biden's it's harder to argue that another family is trading on their name. With the president continues so you. Promote his brands from well it's more than that right if you're an out of work auto worker in Ohio and you're saying how my gonna put food on the table for my family. And then you see the president doing this it's hard to go to the ballot box and vote for Newton was a bold move that's that's future John thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"John Hudak of the Brookings Institute discusses why hosting the G-7 Summit at President Trump's resort is a problem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66379866","title":"Trump Doral hotel will host the G-7 Summit","url":"/Politics/video/trump-doral-hotel-host-summit-66379866"}