Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe discusses negative campaign ads

McAuliffe defends controversial campaign ads attacking Republican candidate Ed Gillespie.
5:44 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe discusses negative campaign ads
Virginia's governor Terry McAuliffe governor thanks so much for joining us tonight a bittersweet moment for annual what are you going right now. I'm excited I mean it's very important. Now while her work for me personally round win in I've worked togethers my lieutenant governor for four years. All the issues we worked on jobs economic development education funding. Ralphs minimized that so it's very important nights though not bittersweet I'm excited I mean I've been very happy I love my four years as governor. I'm just excited route will be taken over and it's hear me. As it did seventeen campaign events over the weekend when billion doors knocked on about the entire campaign on the democratic side new indoors lists four days last four days out. In a million people who watches exit polling data coming and what he's seen it and you told me you're optimistic why. Well if you look at the turnout for some Northern Virginia Arlington Alexandria Fairfax shattered all records it's never him before. Those are huge democratic areas tonight is gonna be abatement we're gonna sweep all three. And these numbers will pick up went out to delegate race Sammy numbers aren't what they our and its huge turn out but people are happy in Virginia. Records and I'll speak or say they're happy. A truck came in here as he ran a gutter campaign just a wee hours Virginians to repair the Virginia Democrats also ran negative ads also ransom had a lot of people call up in thirty. This race so ugly so fast towards the end. That would make it clear Ed Gillespie Ramey of the Nazis did the Sanctuary City ads they don't exist to Virginia ham were not allowed to all. He Winamp tragedy tried to get in their search and Ralph north and teach your children try to see who's in favor of sex offenders and news so disgraceful. There was one hand it was an outside Latino group I condemn their Ralph and then that they took it down and a liar wit wit the last be controlled by the torch bearer their throats bill. You're okay with that what. Over that what they're trying to say is that hatred and figures look let's be brought to this lightly state and but here's it could jobs record amount of economic aid to under four year's second lowest rate in the country today. They get back into it runs on the confederate monuments and Indian our exit. Exit polling data showing that reported voted in not to make up preliminary do you support the monuments up you think that's an effort and it. Mike snow and the personal YPD you have to compromise because he could top money these other issues. Y talk about things resistant to these other issues it's gonna be projected in big numbers tonight. Pressure put on you last that's 22. Lieutenant governor publicly portrait you felt from the Democratic Party. To win this race yet and so fort it was a Bellwether and we keep electing well I'm pretty competitive guys I didn't need a would have looked for pressure on me but. What about me or the party is about we're Virginia goes. We worked very hard the last four years and equipment. I don't know 120 here is socially divisive bills anti women anti gay anti environment it at the last thing were to sign those bills he said it's time. You can say the body Amazon and Google and FaceBook so this is about Virginia in the future Virginia. It's a line that's why I was so passionate and we were charged with your point. This will send a message tonight to the country. If the fear and hatred of Donald Trump in the last campaign we reject the net tonight. That's the message board you have breast Obama come out here for you guys. President president trump had been tweeting it robo call Ed Gillespie. How much of what you think the presence at in this race. Well it's also makes it says that 50% of the people voted one way because atop. At least 31% today. You'll pull out the other hand that was at fifty seats it was 31. People just unhappy and mean. You know he's the lowest approval ratings of any president the last and present why at that evening it is her disease her cousin Virginia health care. I've yet to send a letter out to 66000 children next month because they haven't reauthorize the chip program for children. Do yeah. Create jobs get healthcare fix health care but when it at least missiles that we he's like the crazy uncle Padilla you know listen units that you think you make you vulnerable. It's like maybe someone had a shot at beaten in four years is that person and you. Well I'm I want to finish your strong as governor I got through January 13. I'm not incriminating house that the teacher's eyes out but I'm not being governor but is McDonald's. Buys into anything. Is there is always time sweetened its acts will star families I mean like ozone day. And that's rejected here tonight. You want to raise money you help we can't ain't what it means I'll. Elliott had a great SoundBite I covered it from camp April of two years he said that race was about electricity that electability. You think it for years three years now it's gonna be about like this you know electability. I think he will not him record so I think all the bluster all those lives and they think he says and him being. It is all fact check that most of these exit were not true I think people want to believe that they wanted him hope. And I think in three years and I realized it was it was just exactly say it was offering what he was also so what we know completely fearless. A lot of people but yet no Xiamen that was one of the strengths which if you can't like that any yet the bully pulpit the president. When he gets a guy like president from. I don't know feared no accidentally your run against them dropped. As I say inventories in all the stuff that wasn't true now he's got a record he's been happily buy their records book is gone and health care in this country. Premiums and Virginia are now blown up 55%. Because he's taken away the loss subsidies. It's helpful to Virginia families he's can't be held accountable for the actions it is to it so I do believe it will politics it wants them. You know obviously got to relentless efforts of optic stated in my Alley brought some sort out onto it. People that employment as this which also got him accomplishments. Governor Terry McAuliffe supporters felt like he's possibly ready to run again we'll check back at W. Somewhat.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"McAuliffe defends controversial campaign ads attacking Republican candidate Ed Gillespie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51001869","title":"Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe discusses negative campaign ads ","url":"/Politics/video/va-gov-terry-mcauliffe-discusses-negative-campaign-ads-51001869"}