Virginia lt. governor denies sexual assault allegations

Embattled Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax described the allegations as "hurtful" and "not true."
6:35 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for Virginia lt. governor denies sexual assault allegations
Over the past 48 hours to women have spoken on national television. About allegations they have made against me a sort of answered nearly fifteen and twenty years ago. These allegations if true would be incredibly series. Because they are not true however. They're incredibly hurtful to me and my family. And I reputation which I've spent a lifetime building. Probably that anyone willing to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Should be heard fairly and full. Taken seriously and treated respectfully. Is very important for truth to be established. And we're sexual assault has in fact occurred. For resources and assistance to provided to survivors. As a person accused are also deserve to be treated fairly seriously and respectfully. A just society requires fairness and due process. In that regard I do not believe the national television appearances or legislative hearings are the right vehicles to get at the true. Sensationalizing. Allegations. Does not make them true. Yet airing salacious allegations without any evidence does enormous damage. An effort to ensure that there is a fair serious and respectful process. I have taken two steps that I believe will help provide clarity. First as described below. I've voluntarily submitted to polygraph test by nationally respectable Libor for with regard to the allegations of each accuse. I passed each of those tests on the very first try. Today I'm provide the full report of the polygraph. Experts report to the public. Second. Also is described further below. My attorney has at my direction. Requested that the prosecutors in Boston Massachusetts. And in Durham, North Carolina. Launch an investigation. Of these allegations and I've offered my full cooperation. I will answer any and all questions. And I'm willing to do so under oath and under penalty of perjury. Many years ago when I was 25 years old and doctor Tyson was 28 years old. We had a consensual encounter. Years before that when I was 21 years old and in college. I had a consensual encounter with Meredith Watson. First let me speak the allegation by doctor Vanessa Tice. In 2004. During the summer while I was still a student in law school. I was on the staff of senator John Edwards of North Carolina. Who was then the democratic nominee for vice president of the United States. Are traveled with Senator Edwards to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. While doctor Tyson has stated definitively. That she met. In erected. And had a conversation with me in Boston on July 262004. The first day of the convention. In fact Senator Edwards and I will not in Boston on that date. We did not arrive to Boston from North Carolina until the following day. After I arrived. I met doctor Tyson in passing she was a volunteer at the convention. As young adults and students we spent time together talking. I invited her to my hotel room where we engaged completely consensual activity. I have heard doctor Tyson said. That I held her neck and physically forced her to engage in sexual contact. That is simply not true. What she alleges never happened. At no time did I force any contact. She's also says that she was visibly upset and crying that also is not true. At no time was she crying. Or did she express any concern reluctance or discomfort. Her demeanor never changed throughout the entire account. We engaged in fairly dancer after leaving the room. Doctor Tyson is said that after our encounter we had no further contact. That too is not true. In fact she reached out to me. More than once after the convention had ended and we spoke several times in the weeks after the convention. In fact at one point. Doctor Tyson left me a message. Asking me if she could visit me in New York City where I had returned to school at Columbia Law School. And even invited me to meet her mother. I did not respond. In our relationship did not continue. Through it all I had no reason to believe that she felt that our interaction in Boston was anything other than 100% consensual. As regards miss Watson. I numeric Watson when we were both in college at Duke University. We'd many mutual friends and saw each other often. While she and I had never previously had a physical or romantic relationship. We were friendly with each other. On one occasion late in my senior year in the year 2000. She initiated consensual encounter with me. I did not rape were sexually assault mayor Watson. I did not lock the door. I did not turn out the lights. I did not hold her down or use any physical force what solar. We were both willing participants. After that encounter I saw her on occasion when we were with mutual friends. At no time before during or after our encounter. If she ever say or do anything that suggests to me in any way that she believed that she thought anything that happened between us was something she had not wanted. Or that she was uncomfortable way. Miss Watson is alleged that we later had a conversation. About the encounter where I supposedly. Raise the fact that she previously accused a duke basketball player of rape in her. And they're four. I thought she would quote unquote be too afraid to report another assault. No version of that conversation ever occur. I knew that the allegations made against me were false from the moment I first heard them. That's why I deny them.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Embattled Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax described the allegations as \"hurtful\" and \"not true.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62141215","title":"Virginia lt. governor denies sexual assault allegations ","url":"/Politics/video/virginia-lt-governor-denies-sexual-assault-allegations-62141215"}