2019 Kentucky Derby preview

A look at the predictions and favorites of the 145th Kentucky Derby as 20 horses vie to win the first leg of the Triple Crown.
4:21 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for 2019 Kentucky Derby preview
All right guys grabbing kids Gabby white kids who had intermittent zillow. It's the Kentucky Derby it's tear twenty horses are going to be racing. This Saturday so. Yes that's sums up about everything I know about the derbies I want to bring an ESPN's. Marty Smith to break it down. Mighty high and do it right now. Absolutely fantastic. I hope you guys are doing well we finally. It's finally getting dry here it's been pouring rain all morning. And the skies have finally relented and we hope it's a little bit drier for the Kentucky oaks this evening here Churchill Downs. Absolutely and you just mentioned turns chills I want to ask you just remind people why it's so iconic in if there's any traditions associated with this race that we should know about. A. Kentucky Derby is an American sporting institution that in fact transcends its sport just like. This Super Bowl does in the NF fail or the Daytona or Indianapolis five hundreds do. An auto racing the masters in golf ex senator. They are American sporting institutions that you consume. Even if you aren't an avid fan that is absolutely the case with the Kentucky Derby. And it's an absolutely wonderful. Place to be certainly it's a wonderful event to take in and yes there are many unique traditions here starting today. The Kentucky oaks are today where the Phillies run and it's a massive breast cancer initiative here. Ladies Wear beautiful pink dresses beautiful pink hats and fascinate or gentlemen wearing pink eye on the pink shirt pocket square must choose or even think today. At show. That is a really cool initiative here and as you noted mint jewel lips tomorrow for the Kentucky Derby. Gorgeous hats and dresses everybody. Is debt to the nines and I will tell you that it is a who's who of celebrity every single. Gear here to Kentucky Derby is well just wonderful day. Here Churchill Downs. That's really cool and I want to I wanna talk about the horse and I don't know much about them but I was looking at the name there was a horse named maximum security. I saw another report is naming game winner. And then I saw that something happened with Omaha Beach can you explain. Yes Omaha Beach had to scratch he was the favorite coming in and he was his jockey was Mike Smith. Who led. Justified to the Triple Crown one year ago of course starting here. A Churchill Downs at the Kentucky Derby. And he had to scratch because I'm not gonna get two inside horse racing here but he had a respiratory condition that eliminated him from the race. And that didn't really opened up the field it was already a very open field and now it's even more so. Because. A he was the favorite coming in and be as two time Kentucky Derby winning trainer Todd Pletcher told me here yesterday. Everyone expected Omaha Beach to be the pace setter. With Mike Smith on board they were supposed to start from the twelfth hole and he said they were going to get out and go we're expecting muddy conditions. That tune played until mob beat his favor so it really did open up the field here for all of you bettors out there. Good luck. And many think im gonna win before we know who should who would you bet on and who should I be betting on. I'm going improbable. Morning line. He's a five to one right now and the reason I'm going with improbable is two fold. Hey he finished second to Omaha Beach in the Arkansas derby. And that was a very muddy rice again as we're like we're expecting here tomorrow and also had a great opportunity. To spend eight or ten minutes with Bob Baffert this morning Baffert of course a five time. Derby winning trainer including justify last year. And he said that improbable loves this racetrack. He said that he collides over this racetrack some people will tell you that improbable is justified junior that's extremely high praise trust me. But I'm going with improbable I'm going all my chips or go on and on improbable. And guess what Marty all of my chips are going on improbable because youth that it I thought up. I we appreciated so much have a fantastic time and take more pictures of your think she is I like that.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"A look at the predictions and favorites of the 145th Kentucky Derby as 20 horses vie to win the first leg of the Triple Crown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"62806742","title":"2019 Kentucky Derby preview","url":"/Sports/video/2019-kentucky-derby-preview-62806742"}