Clemson wins college football championship

South Carolina beat Alabama for their second title in three years.
5:10 | 01/08/19

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Transcript for Clemson wins college football championship
You this catch the big game last night national champions and for college football. This is story can game actually because richer thrash me for clintons and their quarterback. One for their team beat Alabama. Sorry does certain members of our control from their side right now but am I happy because the quarterback has amazing hair Paula. Please tell me it. You next in the hair Paula has a gallon. I am Maggie woody gave it was this most of your really close game instead it was at 28 point blowout. Clans then any make saving his worst loss in Alabama. With all eyes on round four between Alabama and Clemson. At the 2019 college football championship. Clinton rain supremes. Rushing the defending champs in their third title match up in four years. It was those we pretty close but. Doubt there was but you know you don't play it it's not always play don't forgot play the game and tonight was our night. Wounds from. The right. But I do. Clinton's Trevor Lawrence becoming the first true freshman starting quarterback. To lead his team for the national championship since 1985. My faith you know. Haven't so moron he does know that about eleven zone or anywhere else no mafia does not incidents. Then nineteen year old capturing America's hearts with both his hair. And his fierce heart. Did you envision. This is the outbound. That would whistle individual we won't invest but they've ever been. They were admitted his cross over night listening Allen is there. Our guest saw me all the way diploma do billboard good. Inside the stadium the crowd didn't disappoint. But does this feel this is so great for the Clemson family I mean it's syndicates is not just about touchdowns and did not. Growing those players and they're good people had they won tonight and that's what it's all about. And we caught up with the ultimate super fan that I introduced you to yesterday at Alyeska and Nancy who spent twelve days camp out on this ESPN billboard. To get tickets to the gate the van up on this billboards since. December 27. God be with both India the former strangers though rivals now friends for life. So Alley as in Nancy. Living their best lives. They sat on the fifty headline for the game they went on the feel they also sat on the set of sports senator Nancy was Tweety just a couple of hours ago she said I'm off ESPN billboard. But I'm still a super fan and Maggie asked for traveler aren't I don't know do you see it but a lot of other people stay and they've been talking to Trevor about the comparisons between. Himself and sunshine the quarterback from that movie remember the titans sunshine played for Denzel Washington Travers says. I just prefer to be called Trevor but he obviously goes but the flout no pun intended there he's been growing his hair out. Since he was a freshman in high school hasn't at extends. But clouds and has his hair they have his arm over another two more years lets them eggs back to you making. Follow what he added it's not on I'll ask the hair I love him so much in the fact that he brought home the national championship for Clemson is amazing. If only not everyone in our control room agreed that mentions some members of our control room properly. Why it's. Gaming wave waving Yemeni activist way port Dave it is pulling I'm going on May be one hour of sleep because he's stayed up. To watch his team lose. And want good friends do when there friends team lose they put them up. On line and make sure that everyone sees their misery Logan who who now another wave now make part with your hands coming to love me in a bit. David. Yeah yeah. At its next Adam Beck and if you lose it out and about coming. Think of something crazy to make it do like dressed up as a Clemson Tigers something we'll talk about it we'll talk about a come up what it. David its funds from now one. Also I'm real quick we have she cooks during this photo and is well who does this person next. A lot of people online relent why the hammer Miller performing at the national championship last night looked. Fooling people he made an appearance last night in a great job might not actually but most people we're. Just talking about his outfit choice you know why it I think he looks fantastic and how much can Iraq and the jacket today to that feeling where it's again. IRA well I'm getting kicked off for talking so much about. David's misery and little waned over voting more excited to add up all day long but come back here with us. Briefing rooms at 3:30 eastern today you're going to want to check that especially without big speech coming up tonight. Will news prime is at 8 PM eastern. I can also download the app check us out there where everyone a lot just were always talking. Let that for the debriefs I'm Maggie have ugly day.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"South Carolina beat Alabama for their second title in three years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"60236210","title":"Clemson wins college football championship","url":"/Sports/video/clemson-tigers-win-college-football-championship-60236210"}