College football championship game

Alabama and Clemson face off for the title Monday night.
2:06 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for College football championship game
Speaking of wet weather looks like San Francisco the Bay Area Guinea get dad wrenched. As fans are just descended on the city now for the college football championship game tonight the game is set. Number one Clemson vs the Alabama Crimson Tide are Paula Ferris caught up with some fans a little bit earlier this morning here's what she. Cough she she had to say people. Hey did that angry here at Levis stay ADM. Clough seven Alabama are plagued by the national championship tonight they're playing for this trophy whose name will be on here at the end of the night as to be determined or. We're here leave ice skating I'm surprise there's some seats available tonight as. The travel concerns me I stadium just outside San Francisco it's more than 2400 miles from these other schools that is a big ask for these Tran. For these fan bases to travel so far on top of that you're thinking about tal Costa thicket about. Airfare but if you did to the stadium we found seats for as little as a 169 bucks the face value for that ticket was 470 diver if you wanna sit at the end is out. Have a 299 bucks is not about a than the seats that these cheerleaders and the mascots have all right big Al. And right cut and tiger they're gonna have great seats wanting we do not even though Alabama is favored to win. In this game I'm sorry and now Alabama's favor to end constant no facts here. We know that when these two teams play in the national championship it's always a nail biter the last two times they played. Separated by five points and four point that it went down to the wire so even though the seats might not be filled there's a lot of interest. A lot of people are to be watching this game. From how data and you guys what a give us a little cheer to say goodbye. Ed and then her mother to gain did not ESP and it Lackey stared. For that again 8 o'clock eastern time ESPN ID get it wrong lest they get pummeled on social media it is the number one Alabama Crimson Tide. Playing the number two Clemson. Tigers tonight ESPN AP MB there I'll be watching.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Alabama and Clemson face off for the title Monday night. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"60213549","title":"College football championship game ","url":"/Sports/video/college-football-championship-game-60213549"}