Controversial Super Bowl Ads

A sneak peek at what commercials will and will not air during Sunday's big game.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Controversial Super Bowl Ads
This is a special room. That company or witness ABC news digital special report for millions of Americans -- the super bowl Sunday night the commercial breaks will be breaks and all -- whatever happens on the gridiron the subject of online chatter. Is sure to be split between the game and of course the ads this year though there is as much talk about the spots you will see. As the ones that you will not be seen since joining us now two people intimately familiar with suitable. At week's end -- And brand strategist Peter Shactman guys thanks -- with today happy eve of Super Bowl. So send -- -- -- with this Scarlett Johansson for soda stream probably -- that -- -- the most controversy the original version was rejected because it -- to Pepsi. A Super Bowl sponsor instead. They ended with this take -- look -- the final version. Like most actors my real job is saving the world start with -- water and Michael. Mix in the perfect flavor -- soda that's better for you and all of us -- shook her last months. Only actually make this message -- -- -- -- -- -- Sorry broken -- CE OK she -- History. OK so beyond taunting -- the bigger issue is. Where soda stream manufactures its products what's the crux of the debate well the problem from the perspective -- Oxfam which is another company that uses Roger Hanson as sort of their faces one of their -- brand representatives. Is that -- to streams manufacturing plant. Is in and Israeli settlement in the West Bank and those are considered illegal by international law and Oxfam is. You know up in arms about it on the other hand the plan doesn't pull it -- 500 Palestinians. On yet a third hand all the Palestinians have to get permits from the Israeli government to work they -- in what is. Technically their -- around and it's it's it's a huge -- I think for everybody involved. Johansson has cited very publicly with soda stream she stepped down as the Oxfam. Our representative and has said that she thinks -- the stream is doing ought to build a bridge between the Palestinian Israeli communities. -- Oxfam doesn't agree and -- -- of large movement you -- boycott any business that's based in those settlements. And and that and then I mean really this is that I think a lot of it was actress or to find out a little more -- the product. Which I think race is a great question the fact that people are really much more concerned yes we can be entertained and that's always -- Johansson but we do you wanna know. Where the products come for sure. Well keep in mind also that this ad went viral and sort of -- -- by reality. When the media start reporting on the fact that. It had this back story so that's one of the key reasons that Super Bowl is so powerful you know 50% of the ads that are made for the Super -- had never had any intention of launching. You know they make at godaddy is a master estimated at every year that they know it's too hot for TV they wait for it to get to submit it they wait for to be rejected they post online. And they get more views that -- and almost anything else. When the ads -- talked about on TV -- on FaceBook on Twitter in social sphere. They get almost more recognition and more brand awareness out of that and the UN the actual game but -- game -- It's the -- -- there's he had that we've been talking about for the past week right if I got you wanna play godaddy is a second but first similar to ask you about something that you wrote about the -- ad featuring a biracial family that sure certainly gain a lot of attention on this -- has now has a new -- up for the Super Bowl at the same family. Take a look at the spot. -- grace. You know our family has that in. Mountain. Pass right pretty soon. You have -- baby brother. -- actions. -- wrong. San wanna start with you how much is it as social statement colleges and marketing I don't know I mean I think a little bit 5050 -- it's adorable that sort of true -- little girl is somebody everyone -- everyone sort of enjoys watching. But there was such backlash against the original -- with this generational family that -- I feel like this is. You know. On the one hand it's it's an effort to capitalize on that sort of circling the wagons around the brand a couple years in early last year I guess when the first that -- It's it's a little more pointed I mean you know if -- really object to you know. If you really think human being should breed like show dogs you're going to be very upset that this. -- is about aid number child coming from this beautiful couple. I think you can take a step further I actually features a lot of credit for -- the snipers or not they got such a kind of -- -- Of course it's the same back lest they get when any advertisement like that. Plays it comes from certain sections of America that you expect this to come from. And of course the Huffington Post and and buzz feed -- to -- the top 25 most hateful racist tweets from the -- that you know. They knew exactly what they were doing and I give them a lot of credit for not. Creating a softer ad but standing by their -- -- you know what. We're -- air this and of course the flip side is that get a -- of exposure it kind of exposure has it it is it to because these companies have to walk a very very fine line because obviously they have to appeal to a mass audience but the same time -- -- to make sort of it's going to be tactful as going to be potentially viral. You do have to push some kind of about it and that's an excellent point because any I mean -- white supremacists are a vocal. But tiny -- minority everybody. Loves to have one opening jump up and -- -- to -- -- if you're talking about segment of society that's -- And and you're doing something -- of the gay marriage for instance even though it's. It's being -- -- more more states as law is still very vocal segment of society a large segment of society that doesn't agree with it. The racial -- racist segment of society is at war while it does still exist. It power wise to very very small segment no income -- -- -- about them against gay marriage it's very rare that people want to race itself to curious to do this if I think very Smart and get it gets people or your right and that your that you actually -- have a great points and we look and see how big are those groups or just how loud. Is that group in proportion size that -- when asked about Daniel defends the gun makers -- Banned altogether from the broadcast but I wanna take a look at the spot that the NFL turned out. And my family's safety. It's my highest priority. I am responsible for their protections. No one has the right to tell me having to defend. So like -- of the most effective tool for the job. Daniel defense defending your nation. Defending your home. Is -- they're yelling there's a lot going on that that breaking down here well I mean you know first and foremost it -- it is almost one I think it's it's brought to you by the standard ground on the state of Florida you know it's -- -- a frightening at. Being in New York you know it's a frightening -- -- we just don't we don't see that a regular basis but I think the problem with that ad is that over the past. Three months they've been how many school shooting coming university shootings a mall shooting you know it's once it's very difficult to break apart. Guns from shootings. You know good protection self protection if it's protecting the constitution we get that. But -- as the average consumer it's very very hard to differentiate. A gun for self protection and family protection -- the gun that killed twenty children and it's it's very difficult. And to get rejected. I have to say it does make sense that they wouldn't allow -- ad to run its way too controversial it doesn't poke fun anything it's not controversial because they're showing. Kate -- in it slinky swimsuit it's controversial because in the news two days ago people -- so. It's not something that simple I think wants to you and race. And it it does create a lot of controversy so I think it was over the right decision. For fox to to get rid of that sale as -- -- ask you about that because you can eat if in fact did -- defense actually create that -- knowing that -- probably was going to be a very low likelihood that actually would make air. But that it would get people talking about it. Absolutely they did I mean infect the NFL can have the evidence -- that they never even seen the ad that it was news to them that it had been rejected because it wasn't submitted they also said that yes of course who would reject this because we don't have anything in the kinds category that's on the list of rules that -- publishing are very long time. It also though -- kind of hits all of the high points for -- mean I'm I'm. From -- I'm I grew up -- guns. And I I think if you're really into guns this sort of hits everything that your interest in the guise of better and his wife is smoking hot he has an adorable new baby. It's this is it's tailor made for people who will be interested in the product so -- it is made to get attention -- and it's also speaking to the people. For whom to whom -- defense is trying to sell guns. And I understand what -- point about this -- is that the Super Bowl you know we live in the age in the age of YouTube now need to face that need to be able to share things. Ten years ago they would have created the sad it would have been turned down there would have been one story about it never would have gotten any place this ad is getting shared left and right. Under the -- up all I can't believe the liberals and TV would let -- -- you know ten years but there was no place to share that. So people might have talked about over the water cooler but you never would have seen it I never heard of -- defense before the story -- you know that becomes something else thanks to you -- the world of YouTube and FaceBook in which we live. -- one of the advertisers as we mentioned earlier that did actually dial it down That that's a pretty strong. He wrote a -- raunchy ads in the past bottles some effect accuse of being sexist or characters grows well. Questionable about the past -- -- -- active this year they have they have -- it done -- standards but but this is what we used to -- There are two sides to godaddy there's a sexy side represented by Barak -- and a Smart side victory to killer web site for your small business represented. By Walter -- All right so it goes on occasion and we we -- -- -- on the -- like kind of the punchline -- you're glad that we got there we -- appreciate though that the that the varied. We're all waiting for how -- line guy every guy in America hadn't had a shot they were in -- And it's not the point is it's not -- do and that's OK and a really good kids other costs. -- all right well we'll make calls -- -- David this is what they're doing this here take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- over the mandate animals playing the okay. It's can spend it. I give -- let you know love or hate godaddy mean -- CEO got a ton of in trouble a couple years ago firfer. Going shooting elephants you know they're not the most PC company in the world but. Let's face it they -- nobody you know if you talk to people that -- -- that you -- a regular person about domain name companies who doesn't know the -- doesn't work on this reliving they're gonna know the name godaddy. So that's their reputation and they do it really well -- him or hate and they do well. I think it's also true that this schtick was getting mold I mean this is like the third or fourth add -- aired were the only thing interesting and it was that they had an attractive -- sort of like. Glowering at the screen like that that would that's been their mode for a long time and I big switch it up and -- funny had -- I think this is this is just good creative what I like about. -- also yeah it does cater to business. It says hey you know what use us and people will come people's normal -- -- let's face it the point of using any companies that generate more revenue for your company. -- exactly sale also a matter of debate -- -- -- not to be seen this Sunday this. This is for enjoy the NFL thought better of it. What was the league's concerns about putting this and a. The you know I think it just toes the line on the tobacco products. Ban which is another mean actually I think that's that's not just the NFL -- everybody. But. -- then again they're very strict today and they have people kind of lined up around the block to pay that four million dollars for a 32 ads circulate this is may be. Just something that they felt was close enough that they didn't really have to take the risks of again. Is another went to consider as well this is the super -- this is the the game that is -- -- everywhere in the world including every single letter writer who writes the FTC and anything that gets you -- including keep in mind this is the is the game where Janet Jackson and her shirt -- in fact the tenth anniversary -- -- tenth anniversary of the -- right so we're watching TV. -- my -- but it happened won't somebody think. Think of the children the NFL's that you know what we're not touching this with a ten foot electronic. With ultimately an anniversary got a commemorative violent and our -- something good to recognize -- -- I have a little black -- little patch across. I thought I saw that on -- -- want to bring in -- gonna get Peter Bernard and a segment that it we will get a couple of minutes left so tired upward adjustment just cut the right time here so I -- talk about another -- that we're -- -- Because it won a contest sponsored by into the financial accounting company known for running out mint dot com this is for gold he bought innovative toy maker. Here's a look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If it's always been springboard out of that Hilton intended to get out of that and actually focused on -- product which is a good product -- a nine month old daughter home and I I wanna get this but virtually grows up. If this helps them do that if they learn their lesson -- -- you know not steal music. I think to benefit flat and looked back matter as it won the contest -- to get on there will introduce a whole segment of society to -- -- -- Sam's thoughts well. It's interesting because -- feeling this is a category I mean it's big trick -- they want to contest and didn't you know and up. I guess that means that they didn't pay out the four million from for the spot because I'm. They're not a category that traditionally does super well in the Super -- mean if -- if you're opening a movie soon or year old got a brand new car then you really want spots in the Super Bowl but some I feel like this is on May be a little less of an interest in category for that market only on the bragging rights are huge we have had in the super -- -- my goodness. I'm -- yes yes -- Brand ad guy's got to watch the game but he is fast forward I -- I know there's a bunch of guys on -- field. -- that the people -- not buy the cars on the field and and the advertisers and I always forget how many passes it takes to make par. I thought I assume that helped I don't I I think it's three point at the free throw you calculate. -- I say that -- which Wikipedia and a bitter chicken restaurant is an -- weeks and the -- Guys thanks so much have a -- we -- -- you guys. And of course probably is on the controversy swirling around Super Bowl Sunday ads -- spirit here at ABC news dot conference on Dan that's -- New York with -- digital special report.

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