The Apple Pencil Unveiled

The Apple Pencil will be available beginning in November to pair with the newly announced iPad Pro.
3:07 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for The Apple Pencil Unveiled
Had pro so to enable new classes of applications. That required even greater precision. Ever possible before. A new level precision and accuracy. That requires some amazing innovation. So we're so happened introduced to another brand new accessory specifically for I cut pro. It looks like that. And it's cool. And so. And this apple pencil stuck with so much amazing new technology. We are great video to tell you all about it now. Touch the colts. He's the primary method of insurrection resign. Turn hunks what's possible when penalty tough. And who amount for you never see him with a iPad. We've designed the consumer. These began buying re engineering the types of systems of the display to many different. Finger and stylus input on the same plane. Which ultimately accuracy. When you're using the console the system scans twice as often and calling on him. Prone to capture more points in the singles. Highly responsive senses. Built into the tip eventful. We beyond a crow display. TT tech positions. Folks. Until. We fool's fate you compressed slightly to get to construe the press can't. Tickets and don't who have gained the strength. Signals emitted from two locations in the and Marines patient. To produce prove pushing district. It's you need to signature. Announce it to be used simultaneously. We fuel finger. And we've incredibly low latency. Because of responsiveness. To defuse the truth going to hold crewing instruments. Want to spend treat notes for those of you. A lightning can attest it's unique challenge but talking to Rick actually intelligent prey. Apple pencil his designs and look. And feel like a familiar so. Yet with his carefully engineered technology. Working with the most of phones and multi touch displays. He didn't if there's something extraordinary. Precision. That actually gives you deep in the team. To touch a single console. Okay.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The Apple Pencil will be available beginning in November to pair with the newly announced iPad Pro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"33634099","title":"The Apple Pencil Unveiled","url":"/Technology/video/apple-pencil-unveiled-33634099"}