Apple Reveals Giant iPad Pro

The largest iPad available yet will be 12.9-inches across with 5.6 million pixels and 10 hours of battery life.
9:58 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Apple Reveals Giant iPad Pro
We asked ourselves. How can we take iPad. Even forger. Today. We tapped. The biggest news an iPad. Since the iPad. Okay. I am thrilled. To show it to you. But most capable and powerful iPad we ever created. It used fall bull of the amazing advanced technologies. And innovate. To tell you all about it I'd like to invite Phil Schiller op. Bill. A. The more. Morning everyone. Okay. He. Am so excited. About this incredible. New iPad pro it has a huge screen the biggest we've ever built in an IOS device. If you more power performance. In the IOS devices government either. Let's start with that display. Why they cannot not with the bigger display. With a larger display. What think about the iPad from the very beginning. It's a magical piece of glass you holding your hands you can touch the software can touch the web pages we serve we can touch the books we read we can touch the documents were created. They can do things that a Smartphone can't do because it doesn't have to pick your pocket. It's thin and light enough to hold all day long that it can do things that a notebook can't do. So the bigger screen on. Your TV shows and movies are more cinematic. The games we play a more Bersin and powerful. In an iPad is always a multi touch device so now the big rock cut pro you can have a full size software keyboard. You can type in your documents but it's very picky board. And keyboard can do many things like be an amazing musical instruments. Yeah somebody likes music we can do something on an iPad you can't do on a notebook. And the new multitasking features in IO its non. Slide over split you picture a picture were designed with its iPad pro in mind that make it so much more productive incapable. So how big is the screen in the iPad pro it's twelve point nine inches on that buyout. Why twelve point nine inches we're going to be tight little secret about its sides. Let's put next to it our previous largest like that's iPad heir to. If you look at the whip that the iPad pro. It is the same as the height of the iPad and take out high. We make up for by three ratio and not of an iPad big enough to run your full iPad air apps with more room side by side. It is an incredible display this 2732. By 2048 pixels. Do the map it's five point six million pixels. Far more than on any IOS device before it thought that's even more pixels and a fifteen inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It is a beautiful display. Your photos to look amazing on. Huge incredibly detailed. Rich colors you're documents will be in full size with laser sharp cuts. And I'll Pacific had watching movies on it is in rentable. It's an amazing experience. This is the most advanced display. We have ever built it took some incredible innovation and technology. For example. We use the technology that we created in the undocked with written by the display and its timing controller to drivable pixels quickly. We made it look beautiful. Not photo alignment technique which means it is great on access contrast ratio. It's made the best offside TFT immaterial which means we can light up the pixels quickly that uniform color and brightness. And for the first time in an apple display doesn't variable refresh rate. That means that if things aren't moving quickly on the display we can slow it down and save energy. This is an amazing display an insider something even more amazing the chip that powers it. This is the new. 64 bit chip. We've doubled then went commemorate we've doubled the reader might performance the flash storage. Is so bath. How fast is the news a NYNEX is one point eight times faster than 88 X it replaces this is just talk platform. The compare. What our team is done are two team is just on higher. Over the last five years the April performance in the 22 fold persecute depth. And graphics house or even after we've doubled the performance of Ralph Roberts over the it's. And over the last five years this is unbelievable route performed gone up 360. Tons. Biggest jump in this year alone. Because behind. Pass hardware with great software like an -- nine are metal libraries for writing beings and applications directly connect graphics chips. You get incredible performance. But here's another way to think of off balance iPad pro. It is faster than 80% of the portable PCs that Schultz of the last twelve months. That's. If you tell a rapid staff it's faster than 90% of them. So. When you run tests and applications that we all love to use the get incredibly proud for example. I won't be running imovie. And not cut throat Hoover's death pop pops performance with imovie can now edit. Three streams of four K video simultaneous. That's incredible performance. Let's go to enable new classes of applications for iPad for example check this out. This is auto 36 feet from auto. It's an incredibly powerful application. This image has 320000. Objects and its wire frame match. And you can zoom in and around it with buttery sixty frames a second smoothness something you can't do on a PC. And all that power comes with all day doubters like ten hours of battery life. So we've got an amazing display incredible performance. Great battery life. So. The plot with the latest the great sound system. And so for the first time ever an apple product we now have a four speaker audio system. And it automatically balances the left and the right depending on hunger for being the odd. It balances the frequencies between the top and the bottom dynamically create a beautiful stereo sound stage. And it puts out three times the audio volume of an iPad or to you really have to listen to it it's a means. And that's packed into a device that's incredibly thin and light. As dot Met Pro let's bring in yacht had air underneath it. You can see they're both amazingly. Got cut pro with just six point nine millimeters then got an air six point one. Very very well what about the weight of it we'll hear let's bring in the original first. Kind of fun. They're both just to run a one and a half pounds which is unbelievable because the iPad pro at the 78% larger screen area. An estimated sixty times. More graphics power. It is thin and light enough to hold all day and powerful enough to take everywhere. What you want to watch movies in the park. Very ended a film on location. This is an amazing.

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{"duration":"9:58","description":"The largest iPad available yet will be 12.9-inches across with 5.6 million pixels and 10 hours of battery life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"33634282","title":"Apple Reveals Giant iPad Pro","url":"/Technology/video/apple-reveals-giant-ipad-pro-33634282"}