CES shows off new technology for your car

Ford announces C-V2X and expects to add it to all new vehicles by 2022.
2:35 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for CES shows off new technology for your car
We're here at CES any for a demonstration and cellular vehicle for everything technology but here with Brennan. Cooking times a little bit more about what that technology means. It's we have an inner section of the head where. Vehicles are equipped with CB to expect analogy they're going to negotiate. And who has the right away at that intersection. So that technology basically. Carr is seeking to chat and threatening to Rackley so instead of people coming up to the intersection in deciding who gets to gophers of the vehicles are gonna decide who Jessica numbers yes and I have a lot of recycled steel cars on science. You can see. I have them play in. There. Who has the rhetoric so motorcycle as degree right now is it a motorcycle proceed through the intersection. And then the next few vehicles have a degree so they can proceed through six. And our vehicle has to wait until it clears and now we have victory hot isn't ruled that we're of their muscle cars we're gonna turn left and right. We have communication in the vehicle where we didn't look at. The turn signal from so the turn signal is broadcast into the vehicle so that we can decide which direction the vehicle on time ago. Some is next to use case coming up here we're gonna cut come up to the intersection. Good now all the vehicles are going to issue. Abide by. You reds or victory who got here's a first we have. We have victory. Body as agreeing. And a motorcycle his blew through the intersection in CF sabres head of display there he had a warning on the dash. Yet bridge big red blinking lights on the dash. That warned him that there there was a vehicle approaching him he would be cautious so. Even at stammer wasn't. Completely. Able to see that motorcycle world than the vehicle warned him that that motorcycle was coming mostly because it operates and board that acts. That's great I'm in so many situations like that red car just. You know blow I don't know where I'd fly later at a stop sign. I might not necessarily need to address the blade if I had this technology is only knows because they. Negotiate with each other. Who is the right away it. So you're saying that this technology. We don't necessarily need traffic lights. If every car had to ask that you matter you're pretty old than after. That's a feature to look forward to and hopefully we will be able to see.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Ford announces C-V2X and expects to add it to all new vehicles by 2022.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60315846","title":"CES shows off new technology for your car","url":"/Technology/video/ces-shows-off-technology-car-60315846"}