Hackers Hit Gaming Systems

Cyber-group "Lizard Squad" Taking Credit for Microsoft XBOX and Sony PlayStation outages.
3:55 | 12/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hackers Hit Gaming Systems
Hackers strike again gamers just getting back online after a group known as and lizards squad takes credit. For outages on Xbox line and PlayStation consoles. And the interview we scheduled this film is expected to make more than two million dollars at box offices nationwide this weekend. The movie that almost never was premiering in a limited number of theaters just 300 of them. After cyber attacks on Sony had most mega movie chains taking that title off their mar keys. Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York for the latest on these new hacks and that controversial movie release we're joined now by ABC's and that Miller from Los Angeles high and it. Hi Caroline Nancy said the platforms attacked with a Xbox and PlayStation apparently users have problems signing on the by the way. This may not be the same group that cost Sony to pull the film. In the first place. It's actually date Kate I think because they hate us. By Christmas Eve it was online and on demand until it was knocked out again. Both Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation network were disrupted with outages Christmas Day and overnight the hacking group of wizards squad has taken credit the outages. They did what happens every day there's a thing called denial of service security analyst Brad Garrett says that's were hacker overwhelms the servers at a particular location see it can't get online with Xbox or PlayStation. He says the FBI doesn't have enough information depended on the north Koreans but someone could be working with them. The uniqueness of how the commander's written this now where including access to certain passwords. Would suggest that it had they had inside help. You want us to assassinate. The leader of North Korea. The new Seth Rogen film as a spoof featuring the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jung last week following growing threats of hackers to carry out a nine elevenths style attack on theaters Sony pulled the interview but back pedaled. The film was suddenly offered on demand by Christmas Eve and in some 300 theaters Christmas Day. Thus far the interviews delivered nearly a million dollars in its opening day and become the best seller on Google play in YouTube movies patrons see it as a stand for free speech. It's very heroic. And night the movie needs to be seen as very important as American citizens we have a right to go see the movie. The group that says is behind that Haq is the same one that claims responsibility for knocking out the Vatican's website they say they'll stop the attack on Sony and Microsoft as soon as users call attention to the hack. On Twitter. In Los Angeles Emmett Miller ABC news Carol back to you and it what Sony's response to this latest attack. Sony's being pretty tight lipped about it they're not willing to say is the north Koreans and are not willing to give credit to one or another group they want to investigate and know more about it for they actually open amounts. And you mentioned some other possible hack attempts by this group lizards liking it can you go through some of those again. Well the latest one at least for Sony as far as they know is that the lizard squad claimed responsibility for an attack on them earlier this year. As you know these denial of service attacks this is basically why they tell you not to open up things in your computer that you don't know. Hacker sends out all sorts of little bots and those bots then can occupy your computer if he opened it up you don't know it's there but when they do that to millions of computers. At one moment they can direct all those spots to attack a web site web site becomes overloaded then if you're trying to get on that website your trying to utilize it. He can't sign onto that's basically what it is. Anyone of a number of people can claim responsibility for it but left investigate further before give you definitive answer by tomorrow. And it thank you so much for a slap in Los Angeles she can keep up with this story in real time but downloading ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive updates on the go. And Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Cyber-group \"Lizard Squad\" Taking Credit for Microsoft XBOX and Sony PlayStation outages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"27842363","title":"Hackers Hit Gaming Systems","url":"/Technology/video/hackers-hit-gaming-systems-27842363"}