New Human-Like Species Found in South African Cave

Researchers believe that the species, classified as Homo naledi, could have lived up to 3 million years ago.
2:19 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for New Human-Like Species Found in South African Cave
Deep inside this cave bodes that group feel how the very first humans evolved. Solid to scroll through a narrow tunnel into a chamber this is what they found hundreds of bone fragments. Hands feet legs and skulls from fifteen individuals. It's the largest ever finds of human like skeletons in Africa. Everywhere that my head lamp Shaun. I could see that there was blown. On the floor may not full blown but fragments of material but basically everywhere I looked and it was just was an incredible thing to see. The skeleton cherries they had a mix of human and ape like features. Scientists have named the species no laity which means stop. It seems to than letting people would carry that debt deep into this cave system. If that is the case it would be the first evidence of ritual behavior and a species. Possibly millions of years earlier than anyone had. Ever thought the human and don't let somebody has to tell the scientist leading the research which is being funded by the National Geographic Society. Tell me that in 25 years of studying unity humans he never seen anything like these remains. It could be a bridge between the australopithecus or primitive prominence and our genus. He could be an experiment what it troubles us is we need to be very cautious. About proclaiming everything we find. As being the direct ancestor of humans it's clear there are a lot of experiments going there. It was here in Africa the very first humans emerged. But I do its own just how that happened to change radically. It seems to Dublin lots of different kinds of human like creatures living here. Most of them went extinct but once survived an evolved. To become us. The scientists believe that there are many more species of human like creatures to be discovered. We may have only just scratched the surface. Of the rich and complex story of human he dilution. Pilot fish BBC news Johannesburg.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Researchers believe that the species, classified as Homo naledi, could have lived up to 3 million years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"33655743","title":"New Human-Like Species Found in South African Cave","url":"/Technology/video/human-like-species-homo-naledi-found-in-south-african-cave-33655743"}