Inside look at Apple's new store in Chicago

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis checks out Apple's brand new flagship store in the city.
7:18 | 10/20/17

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Transcript for Inside look at Apple's new store in Chicago
Everybody I'm Rebecca Jarvis the ABC news chief business technology and economics correspondent coming to live. Right now from Chicago this is the brand new apple Michigan avenue store apple opens the store. Up to the public. At 5 PM tonight but we have a sneak peek for you we've been inside the store we've got a chance to test that all of the interesting new technology that's inside they have some really fascinating things here we're gonna take you on a tour. But the surroundings because this is a really interesting spot for Chicago. And an interesting spot for apple to locate as you can probably see. Through the building which is entirely glass by the way glass all the way around it 360. You can see behind me that's the Chicago river over here and that's Michigan avenue behind there is this Chicago Tribune so this is a very. In porn spot for the city of Chicago. And now will be an important spot. For apple and its brand new store here on Michigan avenue apple Michigan avenue is the name of the store and it take you guys down Taylor done my camera woman is doing an amazing job and we're also trying to follow along with you for questions so if you do have questions were following put them in the comments section and we'll try to answer them. As we goal on. We see inside this store guy is literally the entire thing is blast 20000. Square feet. It is years upon years in the making in this is really apples. Re imagining of what resale store what that shopping experience can look and feel like and wonderment. Really interesting things here is now we walked only halfway down the store and you seem there you don't see any products. Have queen did this store there are no products how many stores can you think of where you literally walk in and you don't see products right away while they saying at apple that one of the reasons for that is they want this to be a place where people can come and spend time together in fact. They even built these stairs out on both sides so that they look identical outside to the way they look inside. And there's thinking behind Matt they tell me that it's because they want to be able to allow people. To hang out that they want this to be a place where people can spend times when he forced them and whether it's inside the store. Or spending time out here and why wouldn't you want to spend time I hear it's beautiful this is the Chicago river. There's Michigan avenue. So you get a real sense for the surroundings here it really is right in the heart of the city of Chicago I'm just gonna take a quick peek and see if anyone's written in any comments yet. I'm curious now I'm sure there are probably some cubs fans out there. I don't know I hope you're located A guys I know it's they know was a tough one last night. Irate let's see what are we have for questions. So this is 20000 square feet price tag estimated. Adds thirty million dollars. RA I don't see questions yet but feel redirect your questions in the comments section. So price say estimated at thirty million dollars Taylor can we see inside here is it easy to CN or is it isn't bad. Are right so the reason we're not inside at this point is that they are putting together right now all of the preparations for the big unveiled today which is at 5 PM when they opened their doors up. We you can see. In in that central section. That probably looks somewhat familiar to you it's the part where all of the products are on display but all around the edges of this Apple Store. Are different things that are interactive for people Wii game a number of these things a try for example. There's a section where you can learn to code and literally learn to code. How to make a robot move around we got to play with these robots yesterday when we were in the store with Angela our friends who is the woman behind this entire concept she's the former CEO burglary she came to apple about three years ago and this is years in the making this his term vision to really bring together people as not just. A store but a meeting place. And what things about retail for anybody who follows at retail in the whole shopping experience everyone. Understands that. The entire landscape a retail is changing. Today because stores are not exactly what they used to be an apple understands that they appreciate that more and more people now are shopping online so why would you go to a store. That's the question an apple is trying to answer that they're making this a spot. Where they believe people can come in and take classes there are classes that they offer here you can see a little bit behind the trees by the way. There are trees inside this store just like the trees outside. You can see this major screen here at the monitor an LCD monitor and on that monitor you can do everything from create a picture you can drop. Literally on a on iPad you couldn't created drying and it'll show up I'm not I did something where I created a song using beats on an iPad. And that'll show up on the screen as well and they have sound system where that'll show up as well. They teach a RT kids augmented reality classes which we had a chance to. To experience yesterday but the bottom line here is the mission of retail for the future and apple has been at the forefront of changing so many things in our lives. Literally things like this that have completely changed the way that we behave in the way that we interact with technology. And now they're trying to change this. The storefront because so many retailers are trying to figure out. How do we create a storefront that people want to spend time at that people want to come to you see up here. In here there's a waiting area. These steps here. That's the new genius bar that's where if you have a question. For somebody out apple you can come in and wait any CNN genius bar I don't know you guys can see it hopefully you can. But along and genius bar there are onions so that you can charge and I asked Angela aren't yesterday when we're walking through. The building. About those plug ins and she said you don't even have to necessarily have a question for our genius bar you could just come in off of Michigan avenue. And charger phone here if that's something that you needed to do. The main thing in Apple's mind is they want this to be a place for community and a place where people come together. And and one of the things. They probably know is that when you get a chance to test out products whether your kid carrier an adult. After you spend a little time with the product usually you enjoy it and you think about buying it so even if you're coming in just a given a test run. Try Molina find some interesting things here as a customer as well. So it's a very important thing for both apple but I also think that what what you're seeing here is that in general retail list changing. And retailers are having to get smarter in your seeing this all the time now with so many different retailers from. Wal-Mart Amazon they're all trying to change their business and trying to make it so that the customer the consumer wants to spend. I they're more time with their product suite there I just. Or that the customer experience is seriously elevated and that's what's happening here at apple here at apple Michigan avenue the brand new store it opens at 5 o'clock tonight we appreciate all of you for joining us today. And we'll keep you posted with all the latest on tech and business news thanks so much for following along I have a great day happy Friday.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis checks out Apple's brand new flagship store in the city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"50612718","title":"Inside look at Apple's new store in Chicago","url":"/Technology/video/inside-apples-store-chicago-50612718"}