Limes may be lemons

Electric scooters rented out by Lime are being decommissioned because of mechanical issues.
0:54 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Limes may be lemons
In today's tech bikes some a line electric scooters may be lemon. Sign is taking some of its electric scooters out of service because they couldn't break apart while in use that may have contributed to two deaths. Other line scooters were recalled last month because a fire risk. And the world's biggest online shopping day shattered records. Singles days China's version of Cyber Monday online retailer Alan baba racked up. Nearly 31 billion dollars in sales for comparison. Last year Cyber Monday sales in the US top six billion dollars for all of digital sales. Well thousands of British workers may soon be implanted with microchips to boost security but it's raising concerns about privacy but. Company says it's in talks with several legal and financial firms in the UK to provide microchips that would allow persons open doors. An access offices with the wave of the hand those your tech bytes.

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{"id":59135493,"title":"Limes may be lemons","duration":"0:54","description":"Electric scooters rented out by Lime are being decommissioned because of mechanical issues.","url":"/Technology/video/lime-electric-scooters-lemons-59135493","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}