What makes the super blue blood moon unique?

ABC News' Clayton Sandell gets an astronomy lesson in Denver.
6:10 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for What makes the super blue blood moon unique?
But since you were a few weeks dark and sound inside your home that's the we might. Mixture of all good here. It's seesawed you're back to Iraq here is so little bit. Numb only go. We'll go this but yeah and I don't think they can introducing new field. Come around. Yeah Comerica Indianapolis got lightning in the death. Have of course yeah. It's it's very. And if they're really. Since we're from them they're really it's come down a little bit with the so yeah yeah I can do that yet yeah so. If so there was. Yes I 10109876543. The rain and maybe. Mainly on the plane. News of the day we'll settle start. Yeah yeah I think that's fine I think we can keep it. So bill. What are gonna go to news pulls in about. Five minutes or so anyway we are all coming to set the scene here it's literally darkness here in the conference happening in these a couple of decades of U. Got here really early in the interest people we saw half and then and then I'll come around and all. All media is you know somewhere in here and introduce you and repent for this we can talk long we'd he learned about collection. Then the whole thing off couldn't be him senator. There plus facts are that we would quickly. Anatomy in line. I can't call her famous here. I don't think so but I. We're every Raphael for the spurs and I don't mean I don't hear now it's just business and placed on tickets and is it just me or they can is anchored just you. It's nodding head. There. Because it. Usually pointed inward into. Again it's place and though we are alive from Denver. At the bluff lake nature center here for the super. Blue blood moon and eclipse it is about 34 degrees here when I last checked so it's very chilly but as you can see we've got plenty. Hard core astronomy fans here who have come out they had about. 300 or so people sign up zero participate here today and rookie. You could see so the city like to Denver beyond me here were actually up on the top of a very high. Cliff about a hundred feet here and you can see. Maybe Tony can zoom in you can see the moon is. Starting to disappeared actually turned a little bit red. At about 550 is when it enters the the full shadow of the year appeared and I don't know if you could tell but it is actually already starting to turn a little bit red in if you come this way would be only just introduce you to some folks who work. Here very very early. Here they are that the all right good morning guys. Wanted to introduce you guys. Emerson. And read brother and sister here and Ryan their debt good morning guys or. So tell me you guys were some of the first people we saw here this morning coming up to see this eclipse. How excited are you to see it. Canadian plains and we have caffeine can. Yeah. And yeah and what's it been like watching this here this morning it's slow in the moon's been going away. Here paying. I like the. What do you think read more how cool is this many yeah. What do you like about it. But guys really couldn you have read this fund now Ryan you brought up this morning wants an important commodity. Some relief has worked. Did you guys are you really good citizens but learn about all the different phases of the moon at school her future does. It was good never want to come out here so we got all excited about those that hit that community got 5 o'clock in the morning. Shared her maybe Hillary anything from C that's. As good experience and it. They have fun they did not time later he. Little nap for a direct. Thank you guys enjoy the eclipse the ten our thanks for chatting with us I hope I should. I guys so one guy wanted to introduce you to I'm a big fan of here. See where is there is a it is filled plates because me known as. The bad astronomer on Twitter he also writes for scifi dot com and its best wide at water and a strong affluent and asked why employed dot com arts the bad astronomy column. So it's been tough on. We've been watching the moon slowly disappear this morning. Yeah it's been a lot of fun watching actually I live about an hour north and here so coming down in the car. Every couple of minutes like me glance out the windows C a little bit more than moon getting eaten up everywhere where are we right now and in the face for almost we are mirror and disclosed are still being total now we're starting to see a little bit of the red and an hour ago go full read it yup pretty pretty soon and live literally a couple of minutes ago we were talking yesterday it tell me a little bit about why we get this red color was just deep red color. This is one of my favorite parts about the lunar eclipse. And what's happening is the moon is orbiting the earth and it's moving into the or shadow mean here it is always blocking the sun from some. Vantage point in space. It just so happens that the moon is moving into that. So once once it's fully in the or shadow and the mood light itself is very dim the only light that's hitting the mood is getting filtered through the Earth's atmosphere. So if you're standing on the moon and looking up you're seeing the earth and blocking assignment and your sadness here is gonna be lit in a reading all around our planet. Will if you think about the geometry that means that anybody standing in that ring easy we've seen the sun rising. Or the sun setting right and so what you're seeing is all of the sun rises and all of the sun sets. On the earth. At the same time. Checked on them that's right and so it and the ring looks Redd just like when the sun is setting it looks thread and that red light is what's lighting up the moon and that's why turns the squadron. Incredible now we that we should explain why this is such a big deal we've got three things all coming together which. You're saying I'm not that uncommon in themselves but we got going on here. Each releasing happens relatively common issues that we take all three of them put him together it's not that often and the three things are well personal. A lunar eclipse and those happen. A couple of times year on average something like that so it's not. Uncommon but just doesn't happen every day right also this is happening when the moon happens to be at the point in its orbit closest to earth if it's called Perry G. Because the moon orbits the earth on an ellipsis and sometimes it's farther away and sometimes closer. And we're about a day after that so. It happens every damn one out of every ten times something like that's so again it's more rare right. And and the third thing is that this is what we call a bloom and Tim nick and break it just means the second full moon in a calendar month. So takes mood about 27 days ago around the earth. And so in January we had a full moon right after new years so now today on the 31 were getting another full movies was a bloom. But I spent a long time since all three of those things happened at the same time that's right I've been looking around and the last time I can see that this happened. Pretty much like this configuration was a 150 years ago some of civil war era desperate time and Jonathan Klein president James Robin trains. Long long time. And so this rare. And it's interesting too because a solar eclipse we we saw that in August back in August. What you had to be in a very specific place and stayed at a very specific time this article sums like an eclipse for the rest of us yeah. With a with a solar eclipse the moon is casting its shadow on the years and now shadows relatively narrow. If you're not in that shadow you don't see you don't sit at your mile outside that shadows in the north or south yet you do you lose an out. So you have to be in a specific place at a specific time. The beauty of a lunar eclipse is that it's the Earth's shadow on the moon so if you can see the moon you can see the eclipse. Myth of the moon doesn't care. Which part of the earth is facing it or not it just cares that it's behind the earth and blocking the son. So it it just so happens that. The United States is more or less facing the mood we get to see in at least break before sunrise. There's another eclipse in July and were facing the wrong way we're actually gonna be a during the day address put ice in the sun not to lose we lose it. But then next year again in January. There'll be even better when wearing the lunar eclipse last all night so frost in the United States we get a perfect view. But for this one pretty much everybody in all fifty states gets a little gets at least some of this a club stature but but you gotta be out west to really see the best yet the way it works as it's happening out in space what's happening all at one time so where you are in your time zone. Depends on whether you're gonna see it or not it's on the East Coast eclipse has just started when the moon was setting. This guy was getting light we're here two hours to the west and in Denver skies still dark although it's. And we're just getting totality. Right now from what I can seek out and if the moon will set. Right around the time totality ends up just I've never seen that might be pretty neat the sun making light of the mountains and look at that beautiful eclipsed moon right behind we'll see. That we've talked about a lot colors the blue blood red blue and the bloom. You are talking about something called the black hood. Which is a state next this is this isn't a new term to mean any balloon is just a nickname that really do for it is it is registered right now. I'm and a Blackmon and he is just a nickname for a month without a formal. And that kinda has to happen this time kind we uniform and early January 27 days later here we are and other Foreman in January 31. February only Harris Tony days right and so we're not gonna see another full moon. Until March 1 I think so February does not have a full moon and it matches the nickname that as a Blackman of Blackman OK great. Curious if we were standing there and on the moon what where we'd be saying. You'd be seeing a solar eclipse. The if you are standing on the moon you'd be dead. Let's get that established right away so your base area spacesuit I think and you're you're looking at and as eclipse starts what you're actually seeing is the son in the sky and the earth is starting to move in front of the moon. And when the earth just starts blocking excuse me I said that argument here at this blocking the side. When that just starts to happen. Where you're standing you'll see get a little bit darker not a lot has the sun is still a lot right it's only a little bit being blocked. From the earth we would see that as a partial eclipse the moon is starting to do. And then as the earth blocks more and more of the sonic gets darker darker and then weren't you where you're standing here is completely blocks the sun. That's a total solar cliffs and what we would see here is sort of that blood red. Lunar landscape there which is what we're seeing now. That's excellent OK so we got totality in about full to tell you about a half an hour right now and that it'll set. Before it comes out of fatality for us yeah to tally less a little over an hour of the order and our Bettina isn't exactly one terrific. Phil played them plus the bad astronomer thank you very much for joining us you can catch Phil on Twitter bad astronomer right that is hammered out astronomers and and outside by dot com writes about destructive cults. We've got all these folks out here. Waiting and thank you for joining us we will be back in a little while. They kept. Who. Yeah that's right no. It's. One C a 345678910. And you didn't like it. Let's hope I'm thirty seconds. Live in thirty seconds I'm. Rick yeah. Next thing. I'm can lower than I am onboard the USS hornet in the San Francisco made of the late payments aircraft carrier and there are hundreds of people out here to see this tried fact that. Many Manhattan chili. Spent the night. On the aircraft carrier in the very they can wake up with the crew and witnessed this superb blue blood at noon and evening walk with me over here new. He's signaled they've seen an idea on the aircraft carrier hang it. I am wasn't so much fun stops doing God's son he's on the mend and I'm comfortable. Yeah. Hunger group com yeah. And then daddy and it seems to replace those movies I think spooky. Who get my. What about a wakeup call I'm an Greg Ireland. We who get big loud siren mentioned. That was fun than climax is added says this whole experience that I definitely. The bottom of the year of your kids and the best attitude all the morning you guys have been fantastic he had fragments and in. There is my favorite question. Did you like via clips or are. The beloved men part of it tighter and blood and blood in part so. What would rallying in the sky right now from ramat in the Pacific times that. We're in totality suing news. It is very pop green clad in not your favorite part let you liked the offense better right. It's tough call big momma and daddy as tiebreaker in something like the red bird red yeah. Oh yeah. And hair and how are you guys enjoyed thank you so much if you come don't breaking conceived. And this is. Tells Doug that he and the action on the society of crowding high. You know he's making coffee let me come to Cleveland making cockney Enron and you are now learning and in general grant I think I mean breakfast of champions facing because that Rodman yes. I'm that this isn't really fun for everybody to come with the Mattel company can see. Scene and then I like you've never seen before. And remember the looked at the right yes. And you have been saying and so. Free UC something like Denis Lindsay advanced chemical citing what this means you 150 years. And making it's as sonic Simon I don't know that I probably once it is against. Savoring her moment Yasser articles. They used it and I and in Taj herded her third grader Louis bill. Right here Angela unaccounted there's a little down my husband and a little damp. The north Paul totally cool as the Los obviously from the deck of an aircraft carrier. I can't say that I have avenues. That's really go Canada I had that's amazing and so frail watching this. Independent. You know lunar eclipse and it happens she. The Superman is from the house and but for them to solve coincided I don't have the stress fact telling them what man. That's as. Super exciting yeah apart. My third part is actually having the oldest people you know yeah literacy you know time deceive people are very excited look either the telescope. Discovering something new for first time on their own. And I really a you can see their curiosity is dying there's this really. It's really amazing to actually be a part. Yes it really that the company's radio totally. Absolutely I believe what's been really instinct for me to see is very different kind of people that we have a heart Milan did little can't live on communion and has really brought together. All kinds of tax. Silently around Mosul and we have. Kids over here and people have who's being the club forward 2030 years and Akamai and it bigots as excited as we have. And Nash out of the sky here stands. The wind and a teacher asked my hair business news change hands after using know about 99. Pat Buchanan and then walk over the sale of that. And and in and you see you my friend here Steve she says he had in the necessarily it's. And employee. Years radiators and see how so hot biscuits sit patented priorities. Include adding you gotta Carla. I got up early ass and has a more incentives absolutely worth it yes it. Yeah it was great everyone's out here the weather's gorgeous. We're still have Clinton and Daryn down and I'm not gonna really all the IMAX 150 years I could come down now that's good for you and every is okay Miette. So again we are watching this seems verbally London Atlanta aboard the USS hornet in the differences that may be. I'm can we weren't afraid opinion. That went out on my Good Morning America it's can. This event next time he really. Oh. Oh. Oh. We. Okay. And I. All I. Okay. The. Okay. It. I ladies and gentlemen we're back here Republicans are referring to this beautiful. Full moon. Blue moon the clips that we're seeing here it's a very very dark collar and we're almost. Two minute clips here. Any second now we're gonna be a minute clips of this eclipse though. We're halfway through the humble part of the clips halfway through the eclipse here and there observatory. Patrick witty have to say about what it looks like. In the city services. Running out to be in a talker than. Current opposite such as I've seen. And we're in the deepest part the it's shadow on the number of this is the maximum. That will see of this eclipse and then. Yeah the mid eclipse with the sees some mall brightening. Confidence but enjoy this view which is. The best view of the clips that we could fifa now. You know we here at minute clips Denny's let us now. The folks out our front line. Are gathering more and more people keep showing up and they just gave a cheer to celebrate this moment. And now we'll slowly watched the moon brain. This is a stark is it's going to be for the whole night. You'll notice that it barely visible to many in diameter as part in the lower part of the menace the little brighter that's the part that's further out of the shadow. And as the moon. Reverses the Earth's shadow will notice the colors will change you can start to break back now. As we approach done here in Los Angeles. So thank you for joining us on this beautiful. Night here in Los Angeles and our viewers throughout the world who period chewing the cement. And we're gonna go back to some music here. And let you enjoy the eclipse. A welcome to gain now my stream view it's. Just want to mention just to the who laughed. Run about the seven and clout position. There's a bright star and that's just without its two. Be covered by the moon has the moon all of its run roughly to a 200 miles per. And but just a few minutes away from that event which is known as our contention. Which is when the moon moves in front of me pat Brown's. And will cnet's stall. Slow disappeared from view has the moon moves in front of it so. So it should be just few minutes so. We'll just go ahead and watch and watch it go out. Thank you very much.

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