Meet the Future of Robotics at CES

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews IBM's 'Watson', a robot with remarkable capability at CES.
6:50 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Meet the Future of Robotics at CES
Everyone I am Rebecca Jarvis I'm ABC news chief business technology and economics correspondent and I am coming to you live. From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas have a very special guest to introduce you to. Doctor Steve Abrams. He is a vice president at IBM Watson hello this is Ian nice to see it was well and that tell you more about this this is this yes there is this dark skies and Steve human walking me through what extent do you. Sure tell me more about what is personal is not just a mere. Not just an air. Now this is a digital mirror that we created in conjunction with the partners at Panasonic so here's the situation imagine that you're staying in a hotel. And you're getting ready to go around him warning is like some information about what's gonna happen what's happening in the world making what's the weather. So this can give you all kinds of informational updates in the news and sports information market information but as you know I BMO also whether company as we can get. Information on the weather here right here in Las Vegas and it displays the weather but this. Week asking the question at hand is this particular digital mirrors actually powered by IBM Watson. Watson is IBM's. Cognitive system which would call our armed augmented intelligence system that's really designs help people. On clobbered with computers better and make him much worst part of our lives and understands natural language you can reason can learn. And they can interact with us much more naturally than than traditional systems so for example if you wanted to find out what the weather is back. Back to New York we just touch it announced it. What's the weather in New York. So it's a little colder in new York and it is over here right now. But because it's wants and they can really carry on more of a prolonged conversation. And maintain the context so I'm going home on Sunday. I'm might want to know what's actually the weather going to be in New York on Sunday it remembers that we were talking about new York and talking about whether it's what you just say. What about on Sunday. And it jumps to give him what the weather reports going to be in. I don't think you're this or not but. Not only did it just tell us what the weather will be on January which is Sunday but it also told us that we are coming. And it what else can we ask you told me that there are some other things we can assure. Well so if you think about this is part of an infotainment system. It. Right. So I think about it as a digital concierge can answer typical questions about the property you're saying and again powered by IBM wants and they can. Really give you natural way of interacting me. Paul and information hotel submit you might might want to ask it's something simple like. What time is check out. And it has answered that it. I check it. Right to a hassle that kind of information that can also again because it's Watson carry on more for a prolonged conversations like an escape. I'm hungry. Justice take. Its. Service. And let's try a restaurant. Beckham in the best light years. Reservation just say the restaurant. Parents what's been preloaded with information about the property numbers and and I could just choose let's try. Granted a fag. Okay and again it was members that this is what we were talking about how many people. Eight people. We'll tell him. 9 o'clock. And then having to have silent within dating ran 2100%. Zero. Just give me your name you'll read them. President and have reservations and may bring your conversation with their fear exactly can we be thinking about this is that this is really the way that he wouldn't you know it systems like this. Future natural language interfaces deep understanding of view the context of the price of the conversation that we've been having. On interactions like this but through a number of channels in here throughout the Booth. You have examples where it's command control of the devices in the hotel room. Conference room automotive. You can see this today and live and applications that we've built with lots of our partners with a Ritz under armour and contract here. Fitness or we'll talk to get recommendations about you know what's the right insurance policy for human health care situation. How are we from seeing this integrated in everything. Where our lives our going to be interacting with machines along these lines all the time. I think this is going to be a very exciting couple years coming up because the technologies are here. Received demonstrated conferences like this there are you know consumer versions of these products are ready available so I think as we see the next 6121824. Months this system and become really pervasive and and we're gonna like it. It's gonna really be a big help. It's something you can ask can I ask it's tell me at Joseph the strike them. Tell me I'd go. Jim you're gonna house. And now. You know. But Chris. This doesn't yeah. It has agreed that you work horse maybe you work a little of that part. You have another thing to show me over. Yes yes sure. I'm over here we're talking a little bit about commander control I don't sweat to write for talk a little bit about command and control. I'm so one problem that I have a lush opening new hotel room is that I can never remember what channel ABC is on in the new hotel room. So I mentioned a little Smart speaker that's part of the hotel room I can just walk ups wouldn't go. KG BL. Watch ABC. Yeah it. Oh and it's can change the channel on the we have Tommy not exactly talking about the life and legacy bird dear friend over their departed. He controlled lights a controlled blinds. OK GBL. And closed the drapes. OK I have automation in the hotel room in the middle of that sort of command and control sort of things. From the embedded Watson technology and and products so we're working with partners and harmony GPL sonic and lots of other companies to make want to be really a pervasive platform for change in the way people interact with. But their environment look. Think you are showing us all thank you new technology. Best wishes to you and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of lots and perhaps in the very near future and thank you thank you. White guys easier.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews IBM's 'Watson', a robot with remarkable capability at CES.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"44609620","title":"Meet the Future of Robotics at CES","url":"/Technology/video/meet-future-robotics-ces-44609620"}