NASA’s Perseverance rover makes successful landing on Mars

Perseverance made a successful landing on Mars Thursday, a mission that was eight years in the making.
5:15 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for NASA’s Perseverance rover makes successful landing on Mars
This is the moment. It kept it yet. Put unconfirmed. And we see about not celebrated. Explain and there's a lot of emotion you're experiencing right here next to me what are you going. Hundreds and hundreds of people of spent the last eight years. Making this happen look at this. What are they going through right now to head. The new. They can make this happen and yet when it really does there's just nothing why can't I mean this could have been a different day it's a hard thing to go to Mars the less than half the missions are successful. And so to make this happen today. It's astonishing and yet we did know how to do it. I don't bring in Scott because Scott you know several of the people who worked on this mission union. This this Mars group quite well this moment right now and this year it's been such a difficult year in general for the country and for this teen. Can you talk to us about. What they have been through to get to this moment. It's been incredible effort kudos to all Obama. One of migrant students don't they graduated went down on indecent sending me. Information and not the skeleton team that they've been working where does count it and do. All this remote working that there's never been no group or not it's something this complex. So I think this is. What's everybody else but they also are third ma in social groups. Imagines the conflicting emotions all its. The KG of you guys you are at JPL where this all alone lying half came from. What. Is going on there high we just landed on marks and we heard Gabrielle. I don't know I think all of that were just yes and a half half we were just the excitable we heard touchdown touchdown. You know I do I'm struck by the name. Perseverance right because the scientists I spoke to here who were involved in this project and making this happen like SeaWorld drawing attention to Japanese have remember that name for perseverance because this launched in July 20/20. This launch in the midst of the covad nineteen pandemic. Perseverance such a fitting name and the scientists here. That's not lost on them they did that's why it's such an important mission for them to give people hope. And and there we see them again slapping an end just having it at any time. Because this mission of this mission was eight years in the making they've been working just so hard to make this. Around three Anke using the first images are coming ended her I think that's the first image that's what their cheer an about. And what would ABC radio saint mark's part to. But the Vancouver that. I personally never received more than feel like I'm isn't. Anything I think obviously I think climate delayed because we're seeing this old. Floyd and I heard you Hakeem can make scout went into you was talking about the name perseverance what this group has gone for. Through to gay here today to see those first pictures of lives today what what what caused that reaction. You almost think and all the way back to the beginning of mass and everything bad. Has gone all in and all the people who have sacrificed for space exploration and here we are now put in our fifth wool over all bars and our first helicopter. It is truly. Distort what what they did this they will be history right and we will be even former law. Scott Hubbard. We've landed on Mars perseverance is touched down and it's sending back images seen what's next why is this so monumental. Actually. Well because it's beginning. Two major things and this is it to her mission now. What he and it's getting your instruments surrounding never beens of the service bars or that what Britain fingerprints of flight. And it begins the Mars and return to campaign in Iraq and and those of us who bend in the Mars community and we don't what to do this for fifty years so this is that this is huge. I think the right now and it any science degree and importance of what's going to lose the next eight years. I think candidate isn't asking could tell what we seeing there on the screen so. It was hard to tell but I think what this is is an image from one of the orphans. Bombed spacecraft that are orbiting Mars. From either be made under them large for Mars or. Tomorrow the moon and Mars are trying to sort of and so it took a picture of perseverance on the surface is what I think but we're still on a way to get permission. And then perseverance. Even didn't immediate future will start trying to take images and sending instead a wake up in the right way it's 103 time consuming process so we can't take its own pictures yet. But tell one of that one of the people said Dan when a show you are landing zone actually the Tampa. It's all very exciting just a reminder perseverance. Has landed touched down on Mars this mission that. This started back in July Ingraham. He's making a monumental. I sat here.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Perseverance made a successful landing on Mars Thursday, a mission that was eight years in the making.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"75980504","title":"NASA’s Perseverance rover makes successful landing on Mars","url":"/Technology/video/nasas-perseverance-rover-makes-successful-landing-mars-75980504"}