Pebble Smartwatch: First Look

Pebble's long anticipated smart watch is ready to ship. We get a first look.
3:00 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pebble Smartwatch: First Look
Oh yeah. Can condemn it and instant and an instant and last year the Hubble Smart -- announced on kick starter and within days that it raised over ten million dollars and -- 85000. Watches. The company to promise a September ship date and was unable to meet its deadline. Now the team says the -- is ready to go. We saw the massive. Support -- that are we knew that we had the opportunity to run to take to take apple to the mainstream. And so well we spent a little bit longer working on Pendleton -- expected. We feel that the time that we spent was invested in making the hardware -- rock solid. As both the suffered so we want to make sure that the the court what was great. And that you know that that meant that we that we -- flu but later than he had expected to -- gonna start shipping to -- backers on the 23 January and the moment they rip open their box. They appealed to get started -- connected to their iPhone or android Smartphones do you feel to receive emails -- -- tolerated he. You can be able to control your music -- thing on your phone. From your watch. You're gonna release -- -- That lets you customize things from your phone you'll be able to do more things -- -- that coming out. So they asked him to come out at the exact same time as -- to install the -- from the island Astoria -- markets. And says that that apple facilitate the communication between your phone and -- watch. The hardware is also really different than anything else that's out there because this screen the -- goes off that's really -- outdoors right. Yeah so we actually -- using. Ultra modern computers display. It looks amazing and -- some -- it's perfect for taking you when you -- -- runner hiking biking is like. -- -- It's also great it has as an athlete that's turned on just by tapping the watch. Suitcase here even like flip it to you can do little but -- -- back. Whereas -- -- very next our job -- justice continue mass production and make as many couples as possible and people that are lining up to get them.

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{"id":18170695,"title":"Pebble Smartwatch: First Look","duration":"3:00","description":"Pebble's long anticipated smart watch is ready to ship. We get a first look.","url":"/Technology/video/pebble-smartwatch-18170695","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}