Royale introduces the first foldable phone at CES 2019

The hybrid device, a mix between a phone and a tablet, can unfold into a massive 7.8-inch touchscreen display.
4:29 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Royale introduces the first foldable phone at CES 2019
Let's not back to CES. Now we're here yesterday as well and I don't let any chance to add gadgets reaction your aren't there press he'd been there all week and he did say you're showing us something that I love because. I break my phone all the time and I'm wondering if there's a Halloween not break my phony mortgage you have full mobile phones right thing. We do Wear here. At the royal boots I see you as where we have on displaying the world's first full mobile phone and here with William strand who's gonna act demo it forest event. The so million taken away our right and what we have here is the flex pie full mobile phone from royal and it does look like tablet win in the world. OK need. They act with a tablet. And then make your call make a call my mom had a month yeah. And we're not go away very handy we're seeing you know Samsung announced a flexible phone recently as well what is royal doing Wednesday ahead of. Royal does only flexible technology equipment that's how we started and that is all we do. Our factories dedicated to flexible display in flexible sensor technology. And that is all we're going to do it. This is all you guys do and it what are there any technical issues you bet they're still working out with the flexible vote. Will you when you have a new technology like this has never been done before. Everything is new I mean how do the electronics. Do that then how does that hinged work and so we're developing all of that as well yet. And can ask why why are full double display is so important in our future. I've pulled mobile tech. Knology have flexible technology allows us to take large. Devices in. And make them small so the displays what you're seeing here is we're taking a tablet size display. And we're making it more mobile. Electronics and technology has done a wonderful job of miniature rising staff so we can go. Being mobile and go places. Royal flexible display technology is giving us back the size you know who used to have but we can retain that mobility. You have another hour reality there are you though the way we do this is we can either. Pulled the the end displays or else. We can't allow Roland aren't there this is a completely keyboard. Maggie is loving that hit him yet you don't just take that keeping your pocket in Paris central. Where rebels as well right absolutely not you're gonna look beloved events now this is going to be fun he had not just on phones and and keyboards. There purses there are sure it's. Larry I think. Didn't have time Williams has been aware wonderful. Don't get desperate yeah. Dealing peaceful double wearable. All right so what you're seeing here is another application for flexible display technology. And although it looks really you'd OK I'm walking into a party on the life of the party picnic but what this really is. Is the start of a totally new categories. Electronics in them the fusion of clothing. And displays and so right now Okoye this is justice art. You're putting him and hurt out. We're putting in on parents and unit we're not to the point where we can a couple of food in the laundry hamper but this is the start of something you can. And ten years from now when you're putting on your totally interactive. Jack did with displays and such and the going to be looking back at this point in saying while we were there when it started and this is the start with the fun little party thing. But those of us in the you know street we recognize it's the catalyst. For something completely new. And that just looks really I hit on horseback. And make. Yeah which which addition I mean should I can bring that I think I'll open my hat actually I feel like that's what I was rocked the passed the hat. Now wants a Nina I love me that Sokol yeah I want though I want us in the future. I'm I think we gonna get old jacket the beef industry in the debrief on nonstop so we can like. Walk around promoting the show no big deal beauty so they had an attack. We look like a leather jacket Avery yeah right we'll be like them we'll get the vehicle attempted. I think you both so much your Mena as Ali I love your updates from CES I just an Internet hacking into well I think you know I'm really excited that.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"The hybrid device, a mix between a phone and a tablet, can unfold into a massive 7.8-inch touchscreen display.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60263365","title":"Royale introduces the first foldable phone at CES 2019","url":"/Technology/video/royale-introduces-foldable-phone-ces-2019-60263365"}