How social media filters impact mental health

ABC News’ Erielle Reshef examines the hidden mental health impact of augmenting reality through the use of social media beauty filters.
5:37 | 04/30/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How social media filters impact mental health
Well this pandemic has definitely changed the way we passed time and that means our devices have seen a lot of action in just photos tick tock. And that of course means a lot of filters fancy effects and fun but is all that really healthy forests. Area where shift has the story. They're not real but they've never looked more like light and they can be fun. Sometimes the big scary and pop and at times beautiful. Hammer films are powered by augmented reality court JER at the fingertips of millions from evil give us that polished look. Somehow asking our filters creating a work standard of beauty. Recently a car dash Ian Stanley controversy sparked a national conversation. And non filtered photo of Chloe Kardashian in leaked to the public then the predictable pattern of harsh critiques and comments followed. Date later Chloe took to program I showing off her body while lamenting the pressure she fell to always a certain way on line. I have an opinion about click reaction and the leaked. Bikini photo. With nearly half a million followers tick toxins patients happy is known for her unvarnished opinions and say she prides herself on keeping it real. Filler underwrite filler eyelash extensions I am someone you grip on the Internet and it totally skewed. With my sentence. Confidence do you think it's completely lost touch with what a real body in a real face actually look like. I do you feel like we're losing touch with what reality looks like and it hurts me because I feel like reality is. You'd have thought it was cyborg is half human. And half technology act like we're already getting there a point where we're expecting people to look as on humanist. If fact even from some of the simplest filters are astonishing these filters can go from that cute. The suites. To the ridiculous. But are they creating a false sense of what we should actually look like. Lenses and filters like these are available on most popular social media platforms snapped chat to in mr. Graham. Users can now virtually applying makeup or enhance their appearance. I don't try to go. All her heart because. She and I'll martz. Manuel atop AAR artist went viable for his grinch filter but even with his quirky creations this when called Patricia. His line of work also comes with pressure to eat a certain demands. Although. Outside trend. Social psychologist Eric Vogel says beauty filters can be alienating and create a sense of unattainable perfection. Getting used to seeing themselves. Because filters are so grace now. Experts say what starts out making you feel good end up being damaging to self esteem we also got us our esteem boost from other people's reactions. The American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery cautions while beauty filters can be fun. They've also contributing to a surge in demand for cosmetic procedures. 62%. Of plastic surgeons reported air patients wanted to go under the night. Because of dissatisfaction with their social media profile. 57%. That their patients wanted to look better in self fees on social media. The association warns if the results don't match that of a beauty filter could trigger body it's morphed via. I get a lot of young girls and my GM's but and by young I mean my thirteen 1415. I started to share with me they couldn't post a photo of themselves or a video to their Ince and stories are. Grid or anywhere on such immediately out a filter on. We reached out to snap chat a leader in a our filters to see if they had any guidelines for usage the company saying it rejects any blended that many cosmetic surgery. FaceBook which owns mr. Graham telling ABC news we know people may feel pressure to look a certain way on social media. So we'd ban affects that clearly promote eating disorders or that encourage potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery procedures. If people see you still is on the planet they don't know where. Like the edited out. He even on TV. Even without filters model Naomi is no stranger to fighting preconceived beauty standards. Last year instant Graham apologized for mistakenly flagging her semi nude image because automatic censoring algorithms recognized her Kirby body differently. In an industry known for air brushing and touch ups she says putting these powerful tools in the hands of users as young as thirteen can be slippery slope. They can just changed ever they want more you know I mean aren't just continued to change things yet. A leader in the. For men while growing his platform means harnessing the opportunity to educate. I am able now to saying that trend and instead of hiding their beauty fields are now. These lyrics are terrible and he's skiing and T Scott. Talk to your children you cannot disregarded it is affecting other. How might affect the people that you look around you but he just haven't talked to them around and we can close the magazine and we can pad drive past a billboard but we are honored fountains and all the time. Aerial rash FA BC news New York.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"ABC News’ Erielle Reshef examines the hidden mental health impact of augmenting reality through the use of social media beauty filters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"77430937","title":"How social media filters impact mental health","url":"/Technology/video/social-media-filters-impact-mental-health-77430937"}