TechBytes: iPhones, Hit Bliss

Apple executives say that Steve Jobs was involved in designing next two iPhones.
0:55 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for TechBytes: iPhones, Hit Bliss
In today's tech -- did -- jobs designed the next iPhone one apple executives said the company's founder develop the next two generations. There is speculation that a new iPhone launches this summer and a less expensive version by the end of the year. Would you be willing to watch TV ads in exchange for free access to video -- well that's the concept behind hit -- Users can earn cash than buying new movies or TV episodes to view them on their Mac or PC. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Barack likes this concept. Pretty good deal considering expand just ten or fifteen minutes up my time and was able to quickly watch some contents for free. -- -- is not currently available on mobile devices and a new iPhone app lets you create works of art while you sleep. It monitors your movements while you sleep and then it translates them into. Colorful masterpieces. And those they -- attacked by -- have a great day and Diana --

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{"id":18868075,"title":"TechBytes: iPhones, Hit Bliss","duration":"0:55","description":"Apple executives say that Steve Jobs was involved in designing next two iPhones.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-iphones-hit-bliss-18868075","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}