New technology to connect isolated patients with their family

ABC News’ Will Carr reports on a new device that allows families to leave voice messages with loved ones who are isolated in the intensive care unit.
5:18 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New technology to connect isolated patients with their family
One of the most agonizing aspects of fighting an infectious diseases to self isolating experience can be not just for the patients but for their families and friends. It also puts even more pressure on medical professionals to become the go between stirring some extremely emotional times but. With some new technology that all could change our will Carr has more. Kobe continues to tear families apart across the United States leading many physically separated from their loved ones fighting for their lives inside had Dicey use. For safety reasons some families like fourteen year old Isaiah Garcia and his younger brother Nathan lost both of their parents to cope in nineteen. But for safety reasons they were unable to beat by their side in their final moments. I think it's. I you know that was very traumatic for our wrong because no one really knew the rules that Iraq doctors and nurses are trying everything from video streams to phone calls to help keep families in touch. It's very frustrated or Detroit it because. We like he said we have the technology I mean we send people power base for what god. We we death and get people to communicate. From you know why and room to another. To help Weill Cornell medicine one of the nation's top ranked medical schools help develop to his freeway to communicate. Doctors teamed up with the creators of relay. A walkie talkie that anyone can buy that comes with an app that lets you send messages to anyone anywhere. We had no idea that symbols eager could have such an impact on me. After relay donated a 160 walkie talkies doctor Tim at the spinster helped create voice low. Medically proves Darryl box that allows the device to be clipped to the hospital bed. Some families like in a Burke talky Renault could send messages to their loved ones through it. After Anthony's husband frank came down with coded key spent sixteen days on a ventilator. She wasn't allowed to be with them but was able to talk to him through voice law. One night that was really bad when they. And I got a call from the icu in his blood pressure had dropped significantly. Then we're having trouble bringing in hung up the phone the doctor. Got on my happen and should shrink back to me please come back and he will not ready to let you go. Two days later got a call from the doc urged saying that frank made a turnaround into the next debated him and. While frank doesn't remember the messages he does believe they played a part in his recovery. I didn't come out of B. Rob you know on through sedation with the com news others like piece of Iran remember hearing family members. Eason says he heard his daughter and his wife Nancy talking in what he thought were dreams. I use. Some. Employees of the McGwire and sound movement do the dishes what I meant no. I can't say English. You're worried area endures so there I can't tell AG LA Thursday in the Florida doctors were telling us if she doesn't wait we're gonna have to doing tracheotomy. I'm and monies I'm human messages. And we just went to challenge that machine and allegiance I didn't so much you. It didn't. Albert Paul Morris is using the device to talk to his -- short thirty years plus as a receivers. This is. He's either. She retired and no she's in the icu. Character oldest car and what does he should this time oldest mom has now been moved to an acute care facility Albert says he thinks the same message of strength every day. Just keep Craig is a mean thing that we Kirkland. And silly my moral cause she's a very religious person. Aaron just to keep praying every day and you'll get our risks. You wanna say it to people who went to device in your mom her. Does Quincy thank you so much I mean it's. The timing is a means he. But I mean just having this device so their per mile. So far boy slob has sent more than 45000. Messages to family members. I can't even wrap my hair out how much pain these families and you are months not a huge. They were using this lions'. Regular re talking. Continuously read and they are vehicle. It's cases are going down in some parts of the country some hospitals are now allowing visits for those who aren't that have the device patients can actually press a small little button once they regained consciousness to send messages back to their family members. Weill Cornell and Milwaukee target company are hoping to get that device and no more hospitals and more nursing homes. In the very near future. Such compassionate creativity our thanks to will.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr reports on a new device that allows families to leave voice messages with loved ones who are isolated in the intensive care unit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"72064291","title":"New technology to connect isolated patients with their family","url":"/Technology/video/technology-connect-isolated-patients-family-72064291"}