Testing the protection of bulletproof backpacks

Bulletproof backpacks are seeing an uptick in sales, companies say.
4:21 | 02/28/18

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Transcript for Testing the protection of bulletproof backpacks
It actually debuted more than ten years ago a company called bullet blocker introducing its version of the bullet proof backpack. After the 2007. Virginia Tech shooting. Since Parkland it's that sought after as it is startling. The company guard dog reporting six months' worth of bulletproof backpack sales in just three days. Parents wrestling with whether this should be a new normal. I would want my daughter to have one. For sure they can't put a price on your case definitely that's in line it's scary that week I come to that age that was news to think about that it's gone. Most models cost around 200 dollars and with most items on back order the I team able to acquire a guard dog backpack directly from the company's president. Thus enabling us to test its effectiveness and see firsthand how well it works verses a conventional backpack. Not designed to stop anything. The I team arranging a special visit to the triangle shooting academy. And bringing along lieutenant Mike Matthews from the private security firm capital special police. At first glance Matthews impressed by the bulletproof backpacks lightweight feel I think anything of it. I wouldn't think it would stop label we packed each bag likely would first student books folders even a lunch box. Then we hung them one at a time while Matthews prepared to fire close range the standards battle mayor. Or size and abuse at the white. Two rounds each from two different sides handguns. Look how the bullets went right through the one backpack not fit within a clean cardboard behind the guard dog and make. Civilian versions of this model struck and civilians by the police while shot well next up a twelve gauge. Watch those papers explode like fireworks and look at the giant hole in the back of the non bulletproof backpack the guard dog. The force knocked at that cold but the guard dog survived. After one counselor there. So these weapons being used so far we have the standard nine millimeter handgun a 45. And a shotgun. Which a senior look at the difference this is the nine millimeter cartridge project that was caught by the Kevlar in the guard dog back. Is the 45 same thing. And I'll take a look here at this one out slug. Totally stop that flattened by that catwalk. What we have not seen or tested yet is the AR fifteen this perhaps one of the more prominent weapons used in some of these shootings. Park would walk Vegas sandy hook. Heavier standard capacity magazine goes along with it holds thirty rounds. Here are two of those rounds you could see much longer narrower cartridges. And look at this very small but very powerful projectiles. We're not about supplier thirty of these but we will test if you right to taught. Three bullets three holes in the front and the back. This time the guard dog no match for this kind of power. Called you do it and not everybody. Carries. Armor to stop rifle fire. I mean it takes a lot to stop at around traveling that press. The armor necessary to stop a rifle a metal plate up to an inch thicker and up to ten pounds heavier. Swat officers tend to Havel a trauma plate that's probably about 68 inches by six to eight inches I don't think that. A child would need that large of a trauma plate but then it's a question of where they can hold that backpack if there is a shooting and they're trying to protect themselves Steve Gomez security consultant for ABC news and former FBI swat team. Explaining the extra armor is also a question of cost. That could price out many consumers. Still he says there's no downside to a bulletproof backpack even if it doesn't guarantee physical safety. Just carrying the backpack could offer children some emotional support. Right now students are afraid and you want them to feel confident that the at least have something that's gonna allow them to protect themselves. Until police chill up your parents come pick them up. And that they have that ability back control over their own survival.

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{"id":53428213,"title":"Testing the protection of bulletproof backpacks","duration":"4:21","description":"Bulletproof backpacks are seeing an uptick in sales, companies say.","url":"/Technology/video/testing-protection-bulletproof-backpacks-53428213","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}