University of Central Florida develops LED fabric

UCF is creating a threat that contains a microwire.
1:34 | 05/24/18

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Transcript for University of Central Florida develops LED fabric
It's just a woman's purse nothing that would necessarily draw the I but what a flick of a finger on an app. That person changes colors every thread contains a micro wire that conducts electricity. And as we apply a little bit of electricity and produced just a little bit of heat inside the fabric. Then that tiny amount of heat is enough to change the pigment but it's embedded inside the threat and it's also inexpensive because this is at the same size as existing threat in can be used on current sewing equipment. And a purse or backpack even the fashion industry is just the beginning. Errors medical use is and safety use is there is possible. Artistic hughes' defense uses. All kinds of uses across many different industries. The goal is to help take back America's textile industry according to the 2010 census nearly a 100% of American textiles are imported. Up 50% from the previous decade. Those numbers were part of the reason the Department of Defense gave UCF a grant to develop this fabric what does that say. That says that we. And desperately need to reinvent manufacturing in this country. US manufacturers can't compete with cotton clothing made by cheap labor overseas so they close their doors but there's hope this technology will bring that industry back. It's already started this threat was made into fabric used in a factory in Melbourne and the fashion design work is from a firm in Orlando. Which already makes this thread. So special we're hoping is create more high quality jobs in that industry that took so much damage in Orlando Jamie Holmes channel nine Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"UCF is creating a threat that contains a microwire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"55421201","title":"University of Central Florida develops LED fabric","url":"/Technology/video/university-central-florida-develops-led-fabric-55421201"}