Wii U Launch: President of Nintendo of America Hypes New Device

Dan Milano interviews Reggie Fils-Aime about launch games, upcoming features.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wii U Launch: President of Nintendo of America Hypes New Device
It's under Wii U has the game pad which offers a time new functionality what do you think is the most innovative of the -- everything that you can do you wanna act what tops your -- You know -- there's so many things -- to talk about but to me what's wonderful is the ability to be playing a game averaging two screens. And then -- -- someone wants to commandeered the TV it's like for -- the game completely in the game -- Right off -- Obama -- to your little -- you know and playing the game they're so many different features and innovations. That from a fittingly standpoint from a -- perspective. It's just so Smart so intuitive -- so seamless. It's all very I'm taking a trip to Nintendo man I got three friends with me what's the first attraction have to -- you have to do the -- right. Attraction. Metro blast and I see that because it's a multiplayer experience right up the fight people complain right. And one person is gonna be controlling the -- -- ship the other people going to be on the ground. The guy and the ship is trying to shoot you you're trying to shoot them. Huge fund along with the launch -- -- a couple of items of key functionality there is no intended TV that streams Hulu Netflix Amazon were also missing universal council transfer on any timetable on when those might be coming together. Sure so one of the things about Wii U is it's a living breathing system right there's always new things coming. As an example tonight when you log on -- and connect -- be able to get Netflix Netflix came on just in the last couple hours it's -- So what I can tell you is that a number of the key video features are going to be ready over the next upcoming days and weeks and I can tell you that -- TV is coming in December. And -- for us it's all about making sure it's perfect when one just we think integrity these huge idea. The ability to find to search to watch TV and then to be so -- about it all and a seamless way. And so we want to make -- it's right. And -- be right in December thereabouts -- even a little bit more third party titles. What's on the third parties do you think really utilized the new functionalities but the game. You know this is a really tough question it's like asking me which of my children -- -- love the most right but I have to say zombie you. And what they do with that game I think -- released back. Right we've gotten that like a zombie survival -- right there in the game baton use it to -- different areas you use it to select different items to use it it really bang up job so -- what you say to parents and we that are on the fence for this holiday season picking -- -- -- -- for the kids. So first thing all of those peripherals like the balance board the Wii -- all back -- -- compatible to the -- -- Etzioni to go buy those again. Second thing I would say is. You can play with your kids in whole new way it's right you can now sit side by side and -- new Super Mario Brothers -- and wonderful HD. You can have a great family experience we had some of the social features you could sit down and and utilize Nintendo TP. So what -- would say is for moms and -- out there this is a great way to spend time with your kids doing something hugely fun.

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{"id":17762670,"title":"Wii U Launch: President of Nintendo of America Hypes New Device","duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Milano interviews Reggie Fils-Aime about launch games, upcoming features.","url":"/Technology/video/wii-launch-president-nintendo-america-hypes-device-17762670","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}