100 days ahead of midterms, GOP and Democratic campaign chairs talk who will win

DCCC Chair Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and NRCC Chair Rep. Steve Stivers debate what's at stake in the midterms on "This Week."
7:52 | 07/29/18

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Transcript for 100 days ahead of midterms, GOP and Democratic campaign chairs talk who will win
I just don't know any reason why we shouldn't do well the academy as the strongest ever and I think that's gonna have a very positive feedback and I am gonna work very hard I'll go restriction or seven days a week when where. Sixty days out. And I will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race and we think we're gonna bring them over the line. Confident president trump gearing up to campaign for fellow Republicans ahead of the November mid terms. With exactly 100 days to Election Day here to discuss what's at stake. The chairs of the house campaign committees congressman Steve Steiner's of Ohio who leads the Republican effort. And congressman Ben ray Lew kind of New Mexico believes the Democrats bid to win back the house. Representative starters I want it start with you were officially a hundred days from Election Day and Democrats are consistently. Leading in the generic ballot in polls. That ask if the election were held today. Given the history of the parties in power almost always losing seats in mid terms how can you close that gap and keep Democrats from taking the house. Well thanks Martha thanks for having me on I feel confident that we are gonna hold our majority because our message is working and our policies are working. The economy is growing at a faster rate than it's grown in years and years. And we're keeping people safe at home and abroad contrast that with the Democrat message. They want to take away your safety by getting rid of customs and border enforcement. They want to cut the military they're gonna raise your taxes and slow down the economy. I think we have a pretty clear message. And frankly. You know it's a vote between Nancy Pelosi is speaker or a Republican that'll keep the economy growing and keep us safe at home and abroad. But congressman staggers if you have such a clear message a mixed economy indeed president trump was having those GDP numbers why are the Republicans doing better. While those GDP numbers came out on Friday as you know. I believe and by the weighted generic ballot is moving our way. In the most recent Wall Street Journal NBC poll and moved our way by another point. Things are Louvre and our way October confident that we're gonna win in November. An encouragement live on one of the biggest criticisms of Hillary Clinton's 26 dean campaign is that they. Strong this mission message was just an anti trump. Message do you have a clear message this time or are you running into the same problems. While Martha good good to be with you as well and look my friends these divers I think he's one of the only people in America. That believes Republicans will hold on to the house. I'm confident that Democrats can and will bit win back the house we have extraordinary candidates with records of service. Veterans women small business owners led to incredible work all across America. We are connecting with a very personal message putting people first. Democrats have always been for the people. And the more that we can drive an agenda that helped to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs for the American people. An increase wages. The stronger we will be in the stronger we will do and so we have to continue to earn the trust of the American people. And that's something we're working on every day. And for the people is that message really getting through it doesn't seem that much different from messages of the past. Mark that this is personal this is not a slogan it's not just a message. This is talking about the real impacts that people are facing every day and while Republicans of my friend mr. stock Evers like to talk about national trends who matters most of the American people. Is what's happening to their pocketbooks. Under Republican control of the house of the senate and the White House. Republicans some have. Forced premiums to increase health care premiums increased on the American people out of pocket costs are skyrocketing. While stripping away pre existing condition protections the American people. And it's not just that house Republicans voted to take away. Preexisting conditions away from the American people now Republicans are suing to take that away. So this is very personals we talked about how we stand up for the people put people first and have a strong agenda that is built around for the people. And Margaret congressman my daughters go ahead yep Martha if I could just quickly any respond. You can this idea their slogan about put component putting people first. But what they're gonna do is put people in line they're gonna put people back in the unemployment line with their terrible economic policies. They're gonna put people in line for health care with their government takeover of health care. And we all saw with the VA scandal under present Obama. That some of those veterans died waiting in line. That is not the answer for health care. A government takeover of health care of single Payer system is not the answer it will put people in line it won't put people. First it'll put somebody's first a lot of people largest in line behind them. And kind of slow starters are you concerned about the president trumps trade policies. And that there could be a trade war. Well I think Martha we saw just last week the agreement with the European Union on soybeans I think that's the the way things are going to be going moving forward but what about is China. You're gonna see deals with NAFTA and I figured as he deals with China not I don't believe were headed for trade war I believe we're headed for a negotiated settlement. Well let me ask you about this president trump just tweeted saying I would be willing to shut down the government did the Democrats do not give us the votes for border security which includes the wall must get rid of lottery catch and release etc. And finally go to system of immigration based on Mary that we need great people coming into our country but let's go back to back. I would be willing to shut down the government what would that do for Republicans in the mid terms. Why don't agree to shut down the government. You know I think we're gonna make sure we keep the government open but we're gonna get better. Policies on immigration. The president I think wants us to have policies that work for America and work for Americans and I think that's what we are gonna move for. Forward with. We need border security we can't have open borders that the the opposing party is for we can't eliminate ice. That. Two thirds of the Democrats are on a resolution to. Eliminate our immigration enforcement system that keeps us safe from human trafficking that keeps us safe from drugs and terrorists that want to cross our border that is not the answer. August oh they're. I leave him about apple I don't know all that happened what about that Malone lavish divers. 2202 eggs I apologize Republicans don't. Well look Steve's divers know the Republicans don't have a record nor an agenda to run on his rhetoric around health care and what Republicans are doing is dizzying. Under Republican rule health care costs have skyrocketed under Republican rule of the house in the senate. Let Democrats want to work together in a bipartisan way when it comes to comprehensive immigration recall were slow and I want to go about it I suppose it is that a good west village for the Democrats. Abolishing Democrats want to. Democrats want to work on a bipartisan comprehensive immigration report packets. To just all of our issues across the country I think mistress divers would agree that we have to do that. It's under speaker Paul right and that Republicans refuse to bring the DREAM Act before refused to bring the USA act which is a bipartisan bill. To overturn president Chon son demeaning actions on dreamers that also includes border security protections. In addition to what we can deal with the DREAM Act itself. So look at the Democrats are standing strong when it comes to a comprehensive immigration reform conversation with the American people. That is spared that is tough and that will be good for America and mistress divers know that there is just hold and his argument today. Okay I'm gonna have to stop you both there I think it had a fair chance to make here are argued he didn't start out ice city. No he did not answer that question but thanks very much Italy joining us. We're we're gonna have to stop there.

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"DCCC Chair Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and NRCC Chair Rep. Steve Stivers debate what's at stake in the midterms on \"This Week.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"56896805","title":"100 days ahead of midterms, GOP and Democratic campaign chairs talk who will win","url":"/ThisWeek/video/100-days-top-gop-dem-campaign-chairs-debate-56896805"}