Chris Christie: Democrats need 'a little bit more exciting' message to voters

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the potential for Democrats to make gains in the November midterm elections.
4:56 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Chris Christie: Democrats need 'a little bit more exciting' message to voters
And we are back with the roundtable. Let's talk a little about the mid-terms.amanda, leme begin wh you. In ka said. G to John ch Baldor the president to come to colum he just came, decided to come. This could be of the series the mid-terms righere. It's already about Donald Trump in many ways. The president is it about nald tru. The question is, iat good for repuicans or not? Here's the problem.donald tru isn't on E ot so dontrump may H in activate Republican base but here's what I'm worried about for reic thve big issues th energizing angering th democratic base that will drive notes. Charlottesvillla ma, me too, March for our lis, and Famy paration. I have not seen a good republicannswer those IST that is at I hear F people, ally suburbepublican women like ieas well. That plhe prident trum Look, m-terms eve Normal cycles are about the sittpresident. Is is not a Normal cycle. It'sot a Normal presidt. Is all Abt Donald tmp he wants it to be that way. Es, you'reight, he'sut there fueling it and he's fuith his ISES because he's trying to jack the base. So he could be talking about tax cuts, the economy, strong -- low unemployment, and this would be great for thrty. Instead, in order to get maximum excite from the base, he's tag about imgration D cre. Rape Yo wives. There's something else he's oud inrest see him do this in a district like Ohio. He's taking aboutaxine rs. A history of in after prominent erican figs in a way that he thinks is G to stir up anriicularly ns as somebody who was a political directorthe white us tough mid-termctions, th esident acalhe ballot. I rembe a disastrous race in 1994 when I S working for president clton, basicly tried tco off the trail in the last to yourty in the rstion. Clearly that's not going to be the here withresident trumd he seems very deined as he goes out there. The one HD he's helping their primary, but wl that wor the genera Well, we're going to see and I thinit's so dependent,s so vole, george,his entire mosphere Ivery volatile and what's goinghappen in a weekor two befe on, both whathe does and how people Rea to whathe president does may well rmine how is goes. But as a rlican, former republ governor,ormer chairman othhe great that I ha is sitting an listg to Jay ileur interview today put millions of Americans to sleep. His bie is to expand Al that's the bssue he sa theye going to run on across the country. Will tell U this, th decrats havecome up with something a little be exciting than expand health care and donaldmp's a narci which were his fst two points. You've G to come ubetter than that, especiallygovernor'saces. Congress is difft. Don't have much. Do's administration as rupt, the St corru adtion that anybody can me pretty good message for a mid-term. Now, by 20ing to have thave kind of worked out your identity es, but I think that you have plenty of exciment in neral in this . But T H Republican governors in blue states parcuyland, Massachusetts, and Vermont, who ha very high approval ratings themselves and Donald Trump. They paid attention to their states. They haven't gotteught in this tru trap. That's noy they're por. They'rpocause Charlie baker and Larry hogan have worked witmocratic legislators and gotten things donee Rauner has put great distance between himself and Donald Trump Andis popular right now in Illinois and faces an uphi race that not the dmining factor. Vernors are decided on what they do inir states. Hing to make that distinction when you're rng for house and senaeats. Agreed. Tthe poinyou lier about whether or not we will we already know. Thhio 12th St is won tt the previous incumbent won by over 20 ts. That the previo incumbent won by over 20 that th incumbenton by over 20 ts. Ankly it's dead heat N Donald Trump has to go to clear re sitting in the middle of a wave election at'alonald trump. We'll have to. If baldersons en if he ns by a sml amount, in. That's all we have time for toy.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the potential for Democrats to make gains in the November midterm elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57044031","title":"Chris Christie: Democrats need 'a little bit more exciting' message to voters","url":"/ThisWeek/video/chris-christie-democrats-bit-exciting-message-voters-57044031"}