Republicans 'certainly can' pick up seats in the House, says Kellyanne Conway

Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl interviews Kellyanne Conway, one of the president's top advisers, on "This Week."
15:13 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for Republicans 'certainly can' pick up seats in the House, says Kellyanne Conway
Elijah Cummings, thank you R . W let's br seniorounsellor to president,lyanne cony.k Jo Thank you. Want to a Y away about thallegations from omarosa. You've heahem obviouy. She says that she felt a growing relation that Donald was inde a bigot and a misonist. U seemed tbe close to lef you called her a very valued mber of outeam for aerng what do you maf what she say now? The first time I D her suggest those awful things about the present was inhiink that omaro unfortunely has dercuter own credibility, wheers in the np terview, confusing a centra ft T she has never heard those allegedapes and then S the tapes ly changed it for me. This is megave a star of "The apprentice," the candidatd indeed T president of the United States. She told Youn on, ABC news, the day R she was om house THA E had resied noshe's saying that she was D, that Dold trump not ra she said she never heard use E L you something. Two years agdarump asked mebe his can manai have word alongsidthat man for overwo straight years now without interruption I have angle time hrd M alr about anyone. that's changed is that she's now selling books. Look, I think omarosa is a tremendousist here because she should be taking credit F allat atesident hama respect to that low unemploymentbe african-er hisp-and others. She ake credit for T facthat in hisst month I office he took dec exuton on behalf of s,kforce devopment, reform Nohe drug ISES whi I've trie work on with Mr. Cummings anders on Hise of the ale. Thisresaying wit prison reform that if you've id your debty that you should be N a second chance, and th min availabljobs now I E trump ecomynt evybody of every background to have the skills, the training, the educ the opporty and the dignity of work if they desire. I feel likemarosa could haaken some edit for tt, id worked inhe Whitehouse for a and I got the ba rh the president, but that doesn't sell th settle scores I understd whether 'S 30 pieces of silver or a ven-figureook advance people do change their loyalties and changed. But I would refeu to omarosa's own common glowinpraisal ofhiesident's rks presids re the africaerican comnity. Omarosalso crized the congressionaack caucushile touse for refusing to meet wite prident. So just tbe clear, she says that she president use rely charged langua even in the white house including -- she never said that to us in the white house and I certainly have Nev heard it T why dn't she tell why not tell ABC newe day after shwas firethat that is in fact atssed. She was askeplicitly T importquyour ABC news, Jon, and shsa's not a racist. She saould not be I wouldn't be there. None of us would be E if that were ue totally agree with congressman Cummings that you should look atdo, and this ident has de tremendous gains on behalf of the African-American community and continues to. I do he to Corre tsaid that E president has never deunced whit suprac I want to read you his quote August 14 or using fm the conversation. And I quote,acism isev. All Tse who causence in it name are criminal ths,quote, incding the kkk, nenazi whitemacists other hate group that are repugnant to everything we hold dear in America. T presidentlso saidhere were very fine people on both sis lly. That was a ralnazis and white suacists. Nd he denounced them but you're not covering that. E said the were fine oes. Whys it matteth you're N taking the totality of his comments ovhe Jon? I THIT'on. Who were the very fine people on F the neo zi he's say hs the kkk, neo S, W supremacts and a those who cause . And yesterday in a verery ron he said that last year ereless dedivision. He's Cal for unity among a Americans, and he denounced all forms of bigotry acts of nd racism. Ll not spefically out the neo Nazi the white supremacists. Y jcover it. Does ABC even have the quote in you're E able to put now forll your ably not. But just read it -- I think the fact that he said very finpeople othides and on the sides was led by S and whitacists. Whom he denounced. He said they're criminalsand thugs. Who we the fine people marchwith the N Nazis? He denounced all of them. Re just nocovering I ou're not aning the question answered got to shell the notes to be F an N, a totally agree coressman Cummings. We sd see whateople's are. Why N' ato Chicago, to balte, to Philadelphia where the mayor of Philadelphia said we're no longer going to give information ia child wa sexually abused by an illegal alien shave been there. Why don'you cover E violence- we've Goan N homelessness, cr and violence in these major incities thaared by democratic mayoho have not lifted -- Kellyanne. -- Have not created the jobs had Kellyannearosa was E prominenthi african-an I west winon president tru F. O not person? Who is the most prominent level adser to president on the wesnght W? Africanmerican? . W that -- well, first of a, ally not covering the fact that O secretary of housing and urb development and world renown I asking Abt the white I'm asking a the president with everday. That's important. We, the present cretary Carson every day. The W hoe T now? Ve jeron who'sng a with Jared Kushner asident trump on prisoform. He's beethere frhe beginng. Ked with orosa and others us -- Doehe have an office in the west wing? An office he eop, absolutely, the executive office ofresident, yes. Ot in thwest whatoes that sayot a single senior adviser in the wing who's african-er I didn't say thatre H- Who Trenty of peoe -- if you're going by that ant byheofdent which yoably should, yoshould look at the fact that we have a nuf different rities, anthe facts th this president is doing weor alamerican promised non his electihe wrote it into hich.was there unit in. He said will be the president foicans, even those O port me and he said there Werre than a fe he saiin the W hours of novemb. He's madod on thatromise. You may T want to Ver it as mus it shoulbe coveredut the lowest -- histally low unemploy rate Amon-- E said that twice so far on the show. T say we D't I'morry but you're -- it doesn't get coveenough lik gave 24 sendage the vice president receiving the remains of americaldiers whfell decades ago irea.things don seem as portant asussia. One other question -- and I Russia -said she was offered 5,nth to worfor the trp campai if she signed a dument saying she would not speak about her timen the whithouse. We've also H the same number, $15,000,ered to tw R staffersving the wte house. Is the president in the habit ofng hush Mo people leavinthe white house? That's an insult and that T what W offered. If she had worked on the campaignnd she left white houscording toer with ABC news, Jon, on great term that the president quote, not aist and th she's proud of E work th sh him and all glowing appraisahe ofald trump'work over E years, most specificallye white housan campaign, why not ask R to go back to the campaign? It is typical and you know it to sign an nda -- excuse to sign an nda in any I'd behoed if you didn't one at abc.m told she signed them on "The apprentice certainly the campaign.we've gned them in the St wing. And why not haveebody -- yigned them ndisclosur We have confidentiality agreements in the west wing, absolutely we do. And why wouldne? Ou're a public emplo old on. Confidentiality is impli H thks for bing that up because I would be remiss in notmention song you DI't me. These reports that Oma taped converons in theest wing and indeed maybe even the oval officer what purse work. Why shouldn't we in the wing? Why shouent in the oval office the few times she was in thereh him? Look, po have lef and I can name them, you know on the campaign, I their talent and they've monstrated they get the president and continue T support him. That somethi omarosa TD ur colleags S the very day after she was. She said she resigned. Shanged th now in th book WHNO offer -- that not hush money. Everybody signs an nda. Sounds like she didn't wan si it and goac campai because S had a boo on her mind. Kellyanne, I know Y ou do, I wt to ask youabout the d-ions. The president tweeted, quote, as long as I mpaign and support senate and house candidithin reason will W. He is predicting a giant red, you a a post Een involv in campaigns for a long time. You don't think the Republicans E actuallyngred wave, that they're actually going ick up sea in the house,o you? They certainly can and here's why.first of a, Akes history,e doesn't peat history. He mak hnd.he doesn't fol. I uld think that the media got all the pollwrong, I kw yoguys wearing national pollich was irrelevant inaccurate. But got all the polling wrong, nkwin, probablyidn't want him to he'sng to go out there and put his own political Curren. Weon 8 out ial elections so far, Jon. That's aat track rod. Here's T problem F the Democrats. Who's in charge of their party? It Tom Perez who they don't respect? Is it the 28-year-old socialist? Is the -something-year-old socialist? She Geer facts wng utinely Abt basic cy issues. Is it abeth Warr who say that all law enforcement is forward and Wais it hilly Clinton who still can't get over her loss in 2016? Who is T leader ofhe party what is their message tly? They shown the government at the beginnin this yearl Ted agains getting bonuses or raises or both where our corporate tax rate has decreased. S more people. Lowest unemployment rate. %, Energy ve renegotiatinbalance, nonrecipcal, unfr -- Okay. Is the mesge? At4,000anufacturi jobs aren't a big deal? Eyes I went bk D read spes by presidenama at this point in 2010, it was all gloom a doom. For this prent it's Al economic boo damentally different message. We uerstand there are ou res, that's tough. See that E lower llgrievous less seat losses that oba S or the Clinton sfered? Nobody is predicting that right no Cou clarify thing. The presidwas again meeting about attorney general sessi erday sayiur scaredtiff andissi . This comes after the chairman of his cagngn manager saying is time fire sessions are sessions' days numbered as attorn general The pdent is frustrat that thettorney gera himself inar March of 2017 from anything having to do with campaign. At the predent really want--okof ts and don't cherry pick them, he wants to sure we're investing all sis of the so-called Russian coion. I've noticed thamedia is ent about these new revelationat Christoph LE and theumt the FBI, Peter and his we nellworking for fusion gps, I N't want ariget so D mess the essential point the pro-llary PEOP were so af that they needed to prop heup, that S was such mpelling, n-persuasive, pathetic candidate that they had to dig up dirtdonald tru eay on. UT to mystion, will Jeff sessions be the attorney ne by T end of thyear? How in the world will I know the answer to that? What do you think? We have the aign manager should be fired. Weave the prident say he missing in action Answering questions as to whwill be in the whi housatf that's a crazy question. You just want oll the Ta time. Think the fundamental point herethat the aorney general isoiork on law en oba mgs, on his W is the synthpie sk force, rk the new cting direct but hed himself . The president wants America to see this muelr investigation comes to a conclusion in a ti fashion. So farrussia colsion proven and you know it.u know I wasign manager R the wing the campaign. I NER O russia.ed to people in Mian and North Carolina, not Moscow. Know there nn. Paul mafort's trl has ebody not to even those word ellyanneway, thank you R joining us. Thank you, Jon. Ming up, house

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{"duration":"15:13","description":"Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl interviews Kellyanne Conway, one of the president's top advisers, on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57144644","title":"Republicans 'certainly can' pick up seats in the House, says Kellyanne Conway","url":"/ThisWeek/video/counselor-president-kellyanne-conway-57144644"}