Dan Balz: Trump 'Can't Govern for Four Years by Executive Order'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
7:11 | 01/29/17

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Transcript for Dan Balz: Trump 'Can't Govern for Four Years by Executive Order'
Let's bring in the powerhouse roundtable Republican pollster and ABC news contributor Christian soul to Sanderson ABC news contributor and senior ESPN writer LC granderson and Washington post's chief correspondent. Down balls good morning to all of you what a week Dan it was supersonic as far as I'm concerned but it really did all come to ahead. On Friday with bat executive order there's been outrage over this but. This is what he probably. You know that the the first week of his presidency is a logical extension of the campaign he where he is he is covering the way he said he would do when he ran for president. For people who are his supporters I think they are thrilled with what he's been able to do in the first week or what he has set in motion for people who didn't support him I think there. Deeply alarmed by what they see both in terms of some of the policy changes that he's implementing. But also in terms of the way he's handling himself some of the distractions that he's created. Look one week is only one week we don't know what the what the outcome of all of this is going to be but he's he has set in motion. Dramatic changes. And now the rest of the country is gonna after an act at that. An NL's that is what your reaction to Friday and and the whole week could be a good week for Donald Trump. Go week for Donald Trump and his supporters. Urged jurors saying a bad week for basically everyone else can I went back to go listen to some of the campaign speeches he gave direct point six today. And once been a kind of recur over and over can was all let them protest and eventually go home. And in I have some conversations last night with a Republican. Senator who disapproves of this ban. And one refers he sits universal striking was that you know this can be exhausting opposing trump to the seems to be part of who he wants to be and how he wants to Garber. Richard critics get exhausted. And eventually believe you'll only to do what you wanna do the Christian has broken out the American people going to start protest. Krista one thinks he backed away from is is torture he said he believes in he said he thinks it works he said he's talked to people who say it works. And yet he said the he'll cede control basically to secretary mabus the new Defense Secretary. To think about the weight if he ran his campaign all the things he promised one of them was he's gonna bring in the best people and he's gonna listen to them and I think that's a piece of this that he has surrounded himself. With the cabinet where in many places he's got folks like general Mattis who I think he understands. He doesn't necessarily know everything about defense policy everything about foreign policy and wants to defer some of that. Two people that he trusts up but this is right in line with what he said he would do. On that that his brand with most American voters is that he somebody who. Can competently run a big organization he's trying to move into this role as CEO of America and so. If you give delegates should be moved should be moving gives facts. I think that it certainly is right in line with exactly what he said he would do that it getting corporate America you wanna make it change you can do things quickly. The wheels of government move more slowly and so that's what you're seeing a lot of this friction when Donald Trump is doing stuff that seems Boldin is really upsetting the apple cart that it is a it's changing the way that we're used to things with her being. Right things. Typically moves slowly to cook there are checks and balances announcement seemed as yet. You sort of skipped a lot of checks and balances didn't talk to department of health about what this Obama to decision would mean to the American middle sort of. There aren't a lot of folks who are about to suddenly become big fans of things like. Executive restraint making sure that we don't the time the power in the hands of the White House which is something that I think constitutional conservatives have believed in for awhile. About to become a lot more pipe and it what do you think we'll see him he'll. In the coming weeks. Well there will be resistance to a lot of what he's doing or he he can't govern for four years by executive order or executive action. We what he did yesterday in terms of asking for. A plan to defeat diocese is simply that is asking for a plan it is not a plan and he suggested this is the plan that will defeat nicest. It is a step in the process. The band he has put in place on immigration has real impact and we are seeing what that impact as in their unintended consequences of it and they're gonna have to deal with that I think they feel well I think that hill will push back on a number of these things. Then let let let's could did the world view here he one of the things he did announce this week is he's going to build that wall. Mexico seemed none too pleased with that idea and basically insisted they are not paying for it. Has that this is hurt him at all. Well it it it certainly has created a rift with Mexico when there was no need to create one right out of the box. And I think that the that the White House understood that. Which is why there was that hastily arranged telephone call between the Mexican president and Donald Trump. Probably to try to kind of put this back in a box of that this wouldn't get out of hand immediately but it was a sign of the way he's inexperienced in these things we know he's an experienced team he is a negotiator he's a deal maker but he's never done it in the context of diplomacy and national secured. And and LC amid all these executive orders was to look into. What he calls voter fraud unsubstantiated. Claims about voter for. Just one word. Attempt to try to. Protect the legitimacy of president Obama's legacy rightly note he was elected based upon this coalition. And he's long said that we're almost those people that vote you are legal and are you suggesting that recently lost the popular vote against the candidates made it sort of concept of voter fraud. Do you legitimizing scope of the people's presidency to make themselves feel better and that's when other aspects of its tech reporters that I think is really important to bring Garp. Of the nations that one on the list were nations that he has business types to. And this is part of the reason why would been harping on the conflict of interest issue with this president because he also leads North American people yes it is important keep a straight. But as a reason why Saudi Arabia is not on that list is because your business times because you honestly believed they don't their uncles and you're you've heard Sean Spicer saying it was because those countries were world. Flagged by the Obama administration as well. Terrible we also heard that through reason where he wants his bands because of potential terrorist threat what we know most amended attacked this country and I'm a weapon. Came from Saudi Arabia soldier is seems a bit inconsistent to suggest that you're following Obama illustration here but your own lives you know apartment on went through words. I think one of the things this administration needs to be careful of is on these issues whether it's something like. Making sure that American elections have integrity you're making sure that we're preventing people for coming to this country who need to do us harm. These are things that most Americans broadly agree with but its implementation and the gavel is in the details. Were you can go from an 80% support issue 240 or below until I think when it comes to something like for instance the voter fraud question. You have a lot of folks that believe we need to make sure that every vote cast in America is one that. Should be cast but when you start saying things like three to five million you open yourself up to a fight the unnecessary. When you start turning away people at the airports in creating these human story you open yourself up to criticism. For something where you could have significant majority support for the idea what you're trying to. Okay thanks to all of you will be right back.

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