'(GOP) for the foreseeable future is Donald Trump's party': Margaret Hoover

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news on "This Week."
14:59 | 02/21/21

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Transcript for '(GOP) for the foreseeable future is Donald Trump's party': Margaret Hoover
I want to set the record straight on nursing homes, we created a void by not producing enough public information fast enough. I take responsibility for all of it, period. I flew down with my family last night. In hindsight, if I understood how it would be perceived, the reaction people would have had, obviously I wouldn't have done . It was a mistake. And drew Cuomo and Ted Cruz both facing political scandals this week and expressing some remorse for their actions. Let's talk about it with our roundtable. Rahm Emanuel. Margaret Hoover. Leah wright-rigueur and Chris Christie. Rahm, let me start with you, both Cruz and Andrew Cuomo have looked in the mirror and sees president. A couple of things I would say here, one, they violated a couple of rules, and number one rule, you can't say we're all in this together. You're all in this together. Also hypocrisy. There's a slightly larger point here which is, when trump was president, all the governors looked like unbelievable because they were getting measured against a failure. Right now, Biden's white house is doing unbelievably well. You got the governor of Texas not doing well. The governor of California with his own recall challenges. So I think there's real shift here because the measurement that's off the oval office, the oval office is doing really well and all the blemishes that have been covered up are coming out. They have a real problem here, these two, and they did the right thing in my view, first thing, get out, don't try to explain, own it. But, Margaret, how soon for Cruz to come out and say it was the media's fault? The repenitence of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy -- that's not me, so too little, too late. With Cuomo, in his situation -- this isn't much of the crime perhaps as it is the cover-up, just stop lying, right, stop saying that, you know, you were just afraid of the trump politics. Just Fess up and be honest about it. And stick with a line. It's the postering that's also undermining the trust with his voters. What did you read into AOC calling for an investigation into Cuomo? AOC is having a really good week, because, you know, she's raised millions of dollars for Texans. She's gone down -- she's going down to Texas, also she's one of only people in congress to say and speak out against, you know, a person of her own party, a very popular member of her own party and say, we need to have some kind of investigation, we all know that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Here that's what she's doing. She's also willing to take on that challenge. It's necessary for us to do that. When the dust settles, particularly in the aftermath of a moment of crisis, a major crisis, she wants to be on the right side of things, on the right side of history. And so if there are people within her party unwilling to do that, she's willing to call them out, but also willing to do the hard work of calling out Cuomo and saying that something needs to be done about. Governor, with Cuomo, it's not just the cover-up here, it's -- he so enjoyed being the star of the pandemic with those press conferences, his book, doesn't this also raise questions not simply about what he's done with the numbers but also the decisions he was making at the time when he was being lauded? Everyone's going to go back and do a postmortem on this, on all of decisions that were made by governors across the board. I think Rahm is right in one respect that, because the general view that president trump wasn't responding appropriately, quickly enough to the pandemic, that the governor's actions weren't really scrutinized. In my own state, governor Murphy signed the same executive order that governor Cuomo did on nursing homes three days later. You've heard nothing yet about governor Murphy. But you will. Listen, Rahm's cheerleading for the president, we all want to cheerlead for the president in terms of getting the pandemic under control. Lot of governors across the country who aren't being criticized right now. People like Larry hogan in Maryland, Charlie baker in Massachusetts, Jim justice in West Virginia. Those are three Republicans. Three Republicans. 245's fine. Jb pitzker in Illinois. He's gotten some very good notices on how well he's handling this. Lot of governors across the country that even since Donald Trump has left the white house are still being seen by their constituents as doing a good job. Hogan's approval rating in Maryland are still over 70%, he's telling the truth, he's out front, he's not overpromising. One thing, though, put aside the personalities, in Texas, let's get to the real crisis. In Texas you had a face off between climate change and unbridled free market. And climate change won. In this case, you have to have actually a very managed economy as it relates to climate change in this area. On covid, we've earned a lot as it relates on how to handle this. One shot can work, not two if you had it before. So I would say, in both cases as preparation for climate change, preparation for the next pandemic, the realism isn't about Cuomo and Cruz it's, what do we take away when the next crisis comes? We haven't seen the last of a pandemic. It was a little odd to hear governor Abbott come out and say it was the green new deal that was responsible for what happened. Yeah, and it's also a little odd -- I mean, we're a week into this, we don't have the full autopsy on why the electrical system, why the grid wasn't able to -- why the transmission lines didn't work. We know it wasn't the windmills just freezing. We know the transmission rinse -- lines didn't work. Regulatory apparatus ran free and was improperly managed by conservatives. So in order to prepare for the next pandemic let's be thoughtful and methodical about really analyzing why this is happening and of course we have to prepare for climate change. Of course as conservatives say be at the cost of the economy. I think preparing for climate change, I mean to have this point, preparing for climate change can be a boon for the economy, there was no regulation in Texas and that's part of the problem. On the pandemic we have to upgrade our entire public health system and have an early warning system, how to get to actually communities that are at risk. Those are investments and job opportunities. The opposite. This could be a real boon. Jon, what we should learn from this, though, is that this one size fits all on energy policy is a problem. One of the things that we don't have here is baseload support. Reliable way of doing this. Right now, no matter what you think of solar and wind, you can't store it. You can't store it. It's not going to supply the power that we need. So we need to being look at gas and natural gas as one of the ways to have a reliable baseload. We have to re-look at nuclear. Bill Gates gave an interview on "60 minutes" last week, we can't deal with climate change without nuclear. When I was governor, 53% of our electricity was supplied by nuclear in New Jersey and supplied safely without incident. We have to stop some of feel in the environmental movement, who want to deal with climate change and not deal with nuclear, we have to deal with nuclear because in instances like Texas, if you don't have a reliable supply of baseload this is what happened. But I want to get to this question of covid and the schools. How is Biden handling this? Clearly, a hard time with the messaging. They've had a hard time with setting the goals, with exactly what the guidelines are, what's your sense on this? So, I think the reality is that the pandemic has exposed the failures, the vast failures that are happening in America, in that several administrations not just the Biden administration, not just the trump administration on covid but on other issues as well has really struggled to do so. So now, everything, all of those weaknesses, all of those struggles are coming to the front with our discussion. The Biden administration, they're caught between a rock and a hard place. Needs to be investment in solving this. The thing is, there are no easy answers to what's going on with the schools, all right, there's no easy answers. I say this as a parent who has three children who should be in school, who I want to be in school, I don't know if it's safe for them to be in school. They're working through that right now and trying to think through what do we actually do about this. Anticipating the governor, isn't there an issue with teachers unions here? Every teacher needs to be vaccinated before schools reopen, in beaverton, even if they're vaccinated we got issues, isn't there a problem? Is Biden facing -- is Biden going to have to confront the teachers unions on this? Absolutely. He's married to a teacher. That's certainly part of the conversation. I do think the reality they're going to have to come up against, and that the Biden administration is going to have to deal with, they have to have a plan at the very least, that all teachers have to be vaccinated to be in the schools, they have to have a plan in place that allow teachers to feel safe going back into the classrooms. That's a legitimate question. Let's talk about the science and politics. Follow the science, from Joe Biden. The science tells us in the journal of American medical association that children and staff are less likely to be infected with covid in the classroom than they are in the community by eightfold. The science says get kids back in the classroom. The science says children have higher suicide rates. Kids have other mental health problems. The science says that kids need to get out of home and back into the classroom. That's Joe Biden said, until the ATF said we're not going to -- He still wants the majority of schools open. He has the CDC person do the backflip of the century, within 17 days she went from the science tells us that schools are ready to be reopen. The politics of this, Jon, this is a problem for president Biden. He's got the teachers union who has been a huge supporter of his. And expect him to be loyal. On the flip side, he won this election with suburban, white, educated voters, who, when they see this science they're already mad their kids aren't back at school, they're going to be even angrier. Clearly the Republicans see an opening here go ahead. Quickly, one more thing. Very quick. One, it's a cost on both sides. Kids in, has risks, got to mitigate them. Kids out, have risks if they stay out and they've got to be dealt with. Those are equities. The fact is, when he made the pledge 100 million vaccines, he could keep it. He could make a pledge about wearing masks, he can keep it. The school districts, he has no control. Two things, your commerce secretary, former governor of Rhode Island, had a great plan, do a Rhode Island plan for everyone. You're married to a teacher, send her into schools to greet kids on the first day, depoliticize it. You have a plan, your commerce secretary actually did a great job starting six months ago that should be the blueprint for every state and every city to follow. Margaret, before we go, we've heard now that Donald Trump is going to be his first speech at CPAC a week from today. What do you expect from trump? Is Lindsey graham right? Is he the leader of the party? Donald Trump was the leader of party and he continues to be the leader of the party. Is there a rift between the likes of Mitch Mcconnell and a minority of senate Republicans and Republicans in general? Yes. There's a rift within the party. Donald Trump hasn't been thrown into the dustbin of history. Donald Trump will continue to be the leader of the party and probably will run for president again. So, this party for the foreseeable future is Donald Trump's party. Until he decides it's not going to be. Governor, do you agree with that? Listen, anybody who tries to predict what Donald Trump is going to do would be a losing bettor each and every time. I will say this is, the problem for Donald Trump and the reason why we lost is not because of the issues we stood for, it was the way he conducted himself. Even his own pollster came out in the ten states that were the most contested states and said in aftermath the reason you lost was you, not the issues you were advocating. That's what we have to struggle with a party. But the reasons he continues to be the leader of the Republican party isn't because of the issues it's because of his personality. I'm with Joe Biden. Four years of him is enough. Let's focus with the American people. The best line at his town hall was exactly right. The country had enough of this guy. You don't want to move on, stay with him. We got to move on. The media is addicted. The media is addicted. He's sitting down at mar-a-lago -- Now, wait a minute. Jon Karl is addicted to Donald Trump. We're out of time. We'll be right back. Jon Karl is addicted to Donald Trump.

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